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    Routing number chase bank washington state

    routing number chase bank washington state

    The bank routing number on your checks may differ from the list below for your state, but you can use either number. Routing Number for Wire Transfers, ACH and. How to create JP Morgan Chase Bank Fractional Routing Number ; 45, 221971293, 9301 CORBIN AVENUE ; 46, 263189865, 2ND FLOOR ; 47, 267084131, 10430 HIGHLAND MANOR. For an international fund transfer in Chase Bank account, you will need a swift code too along with the Chase Bank routing number. State, Chase routing number.

    : Routing number chase bank washington state

    Routing number chase bank washington state
    Ameris bank routing number moultrie ga
    Routing number chase bank washington state
    routing number chase bank washington state

    Routing number chase bank washington state -

    Here’s How To Find Your Chase Routing Number Fast

    Looking for your chase routing number? If you don’t have an account with Chase or are looking for your routing number, you can find the Chase routing number using our chart broken down by state or video tutorial.

    When you set up a direct deposit for a new job, your employer will ask you for the routing number and account number from your bank account. A routing number is a 9-digit code that is assigned to a bank or credit union so that it can make transactions with other financial institutions.

    This number is used during money transfers to identify where the customer originally opened the account. It’s also used to distinguish banks or credit unions with similar names. You can find your Chase Routing Number at the bottom of your checks.

    Find Your Chase Router Number

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    Chase Routing Numbers by State:

    Here is a full list of the Chase routing numbers for each state:

    • Arizona: 122100024
    • California: 322271627
    • Colorado: 102001017
    • Connecticut: 021100361
    • Florida: 267084131
    • Georgia: 061092387
    • Idaho: 123271978
    • Illinois: 071000013
    • Indiana: 074000010
    • Kentucky: 083000137
    • Louisiana: 065400137
    • Michigan: 072000326
    • Nevada: 322271627
    • New Jersey: 021202337
    • New York – Downstate: 021000021
    • New York – Upstate: 022300173
    • Ohio: 044000037
    • Oklahoma: 103000648
    • Oregon: 325070760
    • Texas: 111000614
    • Utah: 124001545
    • Washington: 325070760
    • West Virginia: 051900366
    • Wisconsin: 075000019

    What is a Routing Number?

    An ABA routing transit number is a nine-digit code, used in the United States, which appears on the bottom of negotiable instruments such as checks to identify the financial institution on which it was drawn.

    Quickest Way To Find Your Chase Routing Number?

    Are you looking for your chase routing number for your Chase Bank Account? You can find your Chase Routing Number at the bottom of your checks.

    chase routing number
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    What’s The Routing Number for Chase Bank? State List

    The Routing Number for Chase Bank

    Chase Bank has a long list of routing numbers that vary depending on where you opened your account, the type of transaction you are performing, and the type of account you have.

    Why Do You Need the Chase Bank Routing Number?

    There are many reasons you may need to find the routing number of Chase Bank. Some of the most common reasons include:

    • You need to set up direct deposit to your Chase Bank account
    • You want to have the Chase Bank routing number in order to deposit your paycheck
    • You are sending a wire transfer to and from your Chase Bank account

    No matter the reason you are looking for it, we’ll help you find it. Here’s a list of all the routing numbers by state to make it as easy as possible for you.

    Chase Bank Routing Number by State List

    It is important to note that the routing number is tied to the location where you first opened your Chase Bank account, and not necessarily the state that you currently reside in. If you have moved since opening your account, make sure to use the routing number from the state where you opened your account.

    StateChase Bank Routing Number
    Chase Bank Alabama065400137
    Chase Bank Arizona122100024
    Chase Bank Arkansas044000037
    Chase Bank California322271627
    Chase Bank Colorado102001017
    Chase Bank Connecticut021100361
    Chase Bank Delaware083000137
    Chase Bank Florida267084131
    Chase Bank Georgia061092387
    Chase Bank Idaho325070760
    Chase Bank Illinois071000013
    Chase Bank Indiana074000010
    Chase Bank Iowa075000019
    Chase Bank Kansas103000648
    Chase Bank Kentucky083000137
    Chase Bank Louisiana065400137
    Chase Bank Maine083000137
    Chase Bank Maryland044000037
    Chase Bank Massachusetts021000021
    Chase Bank Michigan072000326
    Chase Bank Minnesota075000019
    Chase Bank Mississippi044000037
    Chase Bank Missouri103000648
    Chase Bank Montana044000037
    Chase Bank Nebraska103000648
    Chase Bank Nevada322271627
    Chase Bank New Hampshire083000137
    Chase Bank New Jersey021202337
    Chase Bank New Mexico044000037
    Chase Bank New York – Downstate021000021
    Chase Bank New York – Upstate022300173
    Chase Bank North Carolina072000326
    Chase Bank North Dakota044000037
    Chase Bank Ohio044000037
    Chase Bank Oklahoma103000648
    Chase Bank Oregon325070760
    Chase Bank Pennsylvania083000137
    Chase Bank Rhode Island083000137
    Chase Bank South Carolina072000326
    Chase Bank South Dakota044000037
    Chase Bank Tennessee065400137
    Chase Bank Texas111000614
    Chase Bank Utah124001545
    Chase Bank Vermont083000137
    Chase Bank Virginia044000037
    Chase Bank Washington325070760
    Chase Bank Washington, DC044000037
    Chase Bank West Virginia051900366
    Chase Bank Wisconsin075000019
    Chase Bank Wyoming044000037

    Source: Chase Bank

    Can Routing Numbers for Chase Bank Change?

    Yes. Depending on the size of a banking institution they can be assigned one or more routing numbers. Chase Bank is headquartered in New York, but they have branches all across the United States. As they grew it happened through the opening and the acquisition of new locations. Along the way instead of wiping out the infrastructure of the smaller banks they acquired, they instead absorbed it into their own. Which leads to many routing numbers. It’s also beneficial to have a lot of routing numbers because it increases the speed at which a transaction can be routed and processed. If you are unsure about the routing number for your location, the best option is to call your branch and ask a Chase Bank employee.

    The Routing Number for Chase Bank 1

    Additional Chase Bank Routing Numbers

    Chase Bank Routing Numbers for Wire Transfers

    Wire transfers sound fancy, right? All they really are is a quick way to move money electronically directly from one account to another. They are also known as bank transfers or bank wires. A wire transfer is most like paying someone on Venmo or Zelle but is usually used for larger sums of money.

    The routing numbers for wire transfers are separate from the other routing numbers to give priority to wire transfers in the queue of money that needs to be moved from account to account.

    Chase Bank Domestic (Inside the United States): 021000021

    Chase Bank International (Outside the United States): CHASUS33 (SWIFT Code)

    Note: For all international transfers, the Chase Bank SWIFT code should be used and not a routing number.

    What is a Routing Number?

    A routing number is a nine-digit code that is derived from the location and financial institution where an account was originally opened. You will frequently hear it referred to as the ABA Routing Transit Number (ABA RTN).

    The American Bankers Association created the ABA transit numbers in 1910 to determine check processing endpoints. In the following 100+ years, those numbers uses have expanded to:

    • Clear checks between financial institutions
    • Facilitate online banking
    • Automate clearinghouses

    The last digit of the routing number is actually the result of a complex mathematical equation known as a checksum. The checksum is there as a safety precaution. If the checksum doesn’t add up correctly the transfer is actually marked for manual processing, which as you can guess takes a lot longer.

    The Routing Number for Chase Bank 2

    What Do You Use a Routing Number For?

    A routing number is used to help identify where money should be transferred to and from during a financial transaction. Here are a few examples of transactions that require a routing number to be performed:

    • Wiring money via wire transfer
    • Setting up direct deposit (to get your paycheck)
    • Connecting financial services together (Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, etc)

    How Do I Find My Chase Bank Routing Number?

    If you were unable to find the routing number you needed here are a few other places to look.

    1. The first nine-digit number in the bottom left corner of a check
    2. Using the Chase Bank website
    3. Locating it on your monthly bank statement
    4. Using the Chase Bank app
    5. Calling the Chase Bank customer service line
    6. The Federal Reserve Banks’ E-Payments Routing Directory

    The Routing Number for Chase Bank 3

    Using the Chase App

    You can easily use the Chase App to find your routing number as well. To do so follow these steps:

    1. Open the Chase App (iOS or Android)
    2. Sign in to your account
    3. Navigate to your account (sometimes this is the main screen)
    4. Tap with your finger where it says “Show details”
    5. The screen will now display the correct routing numbers and account numbers

    ACH vs Wire Transfer Routing Number

    ACH and Wire Transfer Routing Numbers are both nine digits long, but they mean very different things. The ACH numbers are the majority of the numbers provided above. Wire transfer routing numbers are usually one number per institution for domestic wires, and one number for international transactions. Wires usually have a higher cost associated with them, but arrive a lot faster. Most financial institutions will not charge you for ACH transfers, but they usually will take a few days longer than a wire.

    The Routing Number for Chase Bank 4

    Double-check Your Routing Number

    Before you proceed with any financial transaction, make sure to check and double-check your routing number. If you get the routing number incorrect, your money will go to the wrong place and nobody wants that. Always feel free to call the 24/7 Chase Bank support line. Better safe than sorry!


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    On this post you’ll find a complete list of chase bank routing number for wires and for savings account as well of different states in the United States.

    Chase Bank is a subsidiary of J.P. Morgan Chase, a massive financial institution with more than $2.5 trillion in assets and a history that dates back to 1799, which they claims over 5,100 branches and 16,000 ATMs.

    Led by influential CEO Jamie Dimon and headquartered in New York, this bank is a powerhouse.

    In fact, the original subsidiary (The Manhattan Company) was founded in 1799 by the third vice president of the United States, Aaron Burr.

    Through a series of mergers and acquisitions, Chase and its subsidiaries have operated under names including Chase National Bank, Chase Manhattan Bank, Chemical Bank, J.P. Morgan & Co., Bank One Corporation, and Washington Mutual, among others.

    They offers something for everyone, including personal and business banking like the online and mobile banking, credit cards, loans, and investments.

    Chase bank offers so many accounts which includes some of the following accounts below;

    • Chase Total Checking
    • Chase Sapphire Checking
    • Chase Premier Plus Checking
    • Chase Savings
    • Chase Premier Savings
    • Chase Certificates of Deposit (CDs)
    • Credit Cards
    • Mortgages and Other Loans
    • Investing

    Chase bank routing number for wires.

    Before going into the topic of today’s post, which is chase bank routing number for wires and savings account, first let’s understand what a routing or ABA number is, and it’s purpose.

    What is a Routing Number

    You can say routing or ABA or a transit number as well, they all mean the same thing.

    An ABA routing transit number (ABA RTN) is a nine-digit code, used in the United States, which appears on the bottom of negotiable instruments such as checks to identify the financial institution on which it was drawn.

    The sole purpose of the routing number is to help identify a bank in order to facilitate wire transfer domestic or international.

    Without the routing transit number, wire transfer cannot go through.

    Routing number is only used in the United States, while swift or bic code is used in the United States, United Kingdom and in many countries including Canada, Nigeria, New Zealand, Australia etc.

    So if you want to send or receive money from a foreign country (abroad) you need to provide your chase bank routing number else the wire transfer won’t go through.

    Chase bank routing number for wires.

    How to find Chase Routing Number

    There are different ways which you can find chase bank ABA or routing transit number, i’ve explained them below.

    Through Check(chase routing transit number)

    You can find chase routing number on a check, in the bottom of your personal bank Check, you can find three numbers printed side by side.

    On a check, the first number you see is the routing number, the second is the bank account number and the third is the check number.

    Chase bank routing number for wires.

    You can understand more from the Pic below;

    Chase bank routing number for wires

    Through Chase Online Banking

    Chase bank routing number for wires.

    Online banking is another way to find chase bank routing number, if you have enrolled for it I recommend that you do that.

    To find chase RTN follow the steps below;

    1. Simply open the chase bank online banking page, login to your account. 
    2. Click on the My Accounts option and go to the Account Details Page.
    3. Scroll down in the account details page to find the Account Information section.
    4. You can see that the Routing number is present in that section.

    Mobile Banking App

    If you didn’t enroll for the online or internet banking, another way to find chase bank routing transit number is through the mobile banking app.

    All you have to do is to log in to your Chase Bank App and select your Account.

    Scroll to find the Account Summary Tab, wherein you can find your Routing Number.

    Chase bank routing number for wires.

    Statement of Account

    If the three methods above isn’t available for you, then this option should. Finding your chase ABA number by requesting for your account statement.

    In this case, you must not wait for the bank to send it to you(if it is urgent), all you have to do is to contact the customer service and request for your statement of account.

    Read Also Chase bank teller withdrawal limit

    When they do, open message, check the top right column where your account number is displayed.

    In your account number starting from the 3rd or 4th digit you can acquire the chase bank routing number.

    If you don’t want these methods but want to have your chase bank routing number, don’t worry as i’ve provided it based on the different state we have.

    The list goes below;

    Chase bank routing number for wires.

    But please i would like you to know that jpMorgan chase bank have different codes for their wire transfer, for example domestic and international wire transfer.

    Chase bank routing number for wires.

    Chase Bank Wiring Numbers
    Domestic Wire Transfer21000021
    International Wire Transfer21000021

    The above table is the chase transit routing number for domestic and international wire transfer and the chase swift code included.

    You may not use the chase bank routing number for New York, Texas, California, Florida, Utah etc, but instead opt to use the above codes for wires.

    They are the general domestic and international routing number for jpMorgan chase bank.

    Chase bank routing number for wires.

    For more inquiries about your routing number, i recommend that you contact chase bank with the following details.

    US Resident 1-800-242-7338

    Non-US Resident 1-713-262-3300

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    Chase bank routing number for texas

    What time does chase bank close (Saturdays)

    What Is Chase Bank Hours Of Operation (Saturdays)

    How to find Chase bank sccount number

    With the numbers above, all the necessary information that you want to get including the chase bank routing transit number will be provided to you.

    This is where i round it up on chase bank routing number for wires. Don’t forget to use the share buttons to share the post.


    Chase Bank Online Banking

    Chase Bank offers online money transfer services for personal banking customers through Chase QuickPay, which is powered by the clearXchange payment network. This service allows customers to transfer money simply by providing the recipient’s email address or cellphone number. For business customers, Chase offers online wire transfer services for both domestic and international transfers.

    Routing Numbers

    California322271627New Jersey021202337
    Colorado102001017New York – Downstate021000021
    Connecticut021100361New York – Upstate022300173
    Louisiana065400137West Virginia051900366

    Swift Code

    Routing Number On Check

    Customers will need to know their routing number to set up direct deposits to their accounts. Routing numbers are used by banks to track money transfers. You can find your routing number on the bottom left-hand of the checks given to you by your bank, as shown in the image below.chasecheck

    How to Wire Funds

    Chase QuickPay

    To transfer funds with QuickPay, customers first need to enroll. To do this, they should login to online banking. They will then need to click ‘Payments and Transfers’ and select ‘Chase QuickPay’ and click ‘Enroll Now.’ They will then verify this information:

    To send money, they will need this information about the recipient:

    • Email
    • Cellphone number
    • Name
    • Amount to wire

    They will then verify this information and click ‘Submit’ to send the transfer

    Online Wire Transfers

    To complete a wire transfer, business customers need to login to online banking, click ‘Payments and Transfers’ and select ‘Wire Transfer.’ They will then need to click ‘Add a Wire Recipient’ and provide this information:

    • Recipient
      • Name
      • Nickname
      • Address
      • City
      • State/Province/Region
      • Zip/Postal code
      • Country
      • Account number
    • Bank
      • Routing number/Swift code
      • Address
      • City
      • State/Province/Region
      • Country
      • Sort Code

    You will then verify this information, click ‘Make a Wire Transfer’, select your recipient, and provide this information:

    • Account to debit
    • Amount to wire
    • Date to wire

    Verify this information, and then click ‘Wire Money in U.S. Dollars.’

    Domestic and international wire transfers use the same system.



    What is Washington routing number?

    The Bank of Washington’s Routing Number is: 081902198.

    What bank is routing number 322271627?

    322271627 – Chase routing number in California.

    What bank has routing number 021409169?

    ACH Routing Number 021409169 – JPMORGAN CHASE

    Routing Number021409169
    Address3RD FLOOR

    Is Washington Mutual and chase the same bank?

    Washington Mutual Inc. All WaMu branches were rebranded as Chase branches by the end of 2009. The holding company, WaMu, Inc., was left with $33 billion in assets, and $8 billion in debt, after being stripped of its banking subsidiary by the FDIC.

    What bank has routing number 122235821?

    U.S. Bank
    The Southern California checking and savings routing number for U.S. Bank is 122235821.

    Why did Washington Mutual bank fail?

    The second reason for WaMu’s failure was that it expanded its branches too quickly. As a result, it was in poor locations in too many markets. As a result, it made too many subprime mortgages to unqualified buyers. The third was the August 2007 collapse of the secondary market for mortgage-backed securities.

    Did Chase Bank buy Washington Mutual?

    Who Took Over Washington Mutual. On September 25, 2008, the FDIC took over the bank and sold it to JPMorgan Chase for $1.9 billion.

    What is the routing number for Washington Mutual?

    Below is a list of routing number for Washington Mutual Bank. This partial list is categorized by the state by which the account was opened up in. The Routing Number is an international designation by which money can be transferred through bank networks, and the US Federal Reserve.

    Where can I find a bank routing number in Oregon?


    Where can I find the Wafd bank routing number?

    Contact a branch near youor call1-800-324-9375or email us [email protected] What is WaFd Bank’s routing number? The WaFd Bank routing number is 325070980for all transactions, including wire transfers, automatic or direct deposits, Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions and ordering checks.

    What is the WaMu routing number for Florida?

    Just called Wamu (now/soon part of JPMorganChase) and confirmed that the Washington Mutual Routing Number for Florida is indeed 267084131 🙂 Thanks! THE ROUTING NUMBER FOR TX ENDS WITH A 6, YOUR MISSING THAT DIGIT.

    routing number chase bank washington state

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