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    How to activate bank of commerce credit card

    how to activate bank of commerce credit card

    You can use your card at ATMs, POS machines as well as e-commerce sites. MTB Visa Business Debit Card is exclusively designed for a business. Find out more about how Visa Debit cards work including security protection to help prevent fraud. How to activate your Visa Debit card. To activate a Debit Card using an ATM Machine, follow these steps- · Gently open the sealed envelope to get your 4 digit PIN provided to you by.

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    Activate your Credit Card today I Bank of Maharashtra
    how to activate bank of commerce credit card

    BoM Credit Card

    BoM Credit Card

    BoM Credit Card Features:

    • Welcome Offer:

      100 Bonus Reward Points on 1st Retail Spend of Rs.1,000/- or above.

    • Rewards:

      Earn Rewards Points for every purchase made using BoM Credit Card. One Reward point for every Rs.100/- or multiple there off. Convert your rewards into mercantile.

    • Fuel Surcharge Waiver:

      Fuel Surcharge Waived for fuel transactions done between Rs.500/- and upto Rs.4,000/- across all fuel stations in the country (Maximum waiver Rs.200/- per Billing Cycle).

    • Card Liability Cover:

      In an unfortunate event of loss of Credit Card, you carry zero liability on any fraudulent transactions made by with card after reporting the loss to the bank. Also, you are protected against card counterfeit / skimming and online frauds.

    • Contactless Card and Usage:

      Use your BoM Credit Card to make quick, secure and easy payments by just tapping the card and paying at participating merchants without entering Credit Card PIN for amount of transaction up to Rs.5,000/.

    • Insta-EMI:

      Convert all your transactions worth Rs.5,000/- and above to EMI options for selected tenures of your choice by simply choosing EMI option in your Credit Card Self Care Portal (

    • Add-on Cards:

      Offer your BoM Card benefits to your loved ones, through our Add-on card offering. What’s more? Your Add on card comes free for lifetime! So, go ahead and avail it.

    Fees & Charges:

    Annual How to activate bank of commerce credit card Membership Fee Free for First Year.

    For 2nd Year onwards, If usage in card is for Rs.30,000/- or more then annual charges will be waived.

    Eligibility Criteria:

    Primary Card Holder between the age of 21 Years and 65 Years and Add-on Card Holder must be more than 12 Years.

    For more details, visit our nearest Branch or call 1800-233-4526 / 1800-102-2636 or write to us at [email protected]

    How to activate our Credit Card using Customer Self Care Module (CSCM) of Bank?

    The credit card will be delivered to you without physical PIN and in ‘Inactive’ status for the security reasons and avoid any misuse of card. All customers are required to register themselves on the Customer Self Care web portal This is mandatory step to be done for activating the credit card, generating green PIN. The following channels will be inactive how to activate bank of commerce credit card default but has to be activated by customer:

    1. Electronic- Commerce (E-com)
    2. Near Filled Communication (NFC- Tap and pay/Contactless payment)
    3. International Transactions

    Card activation: Process flow

    Login card activation portal via web browser →New User Registration→ enter details → Continue→ enter OTP received on Mobile/email →Validate→ Type Passcode → Submit

    How to use Forget Password facility?

    Login on the self Service web portal → Forgot Password →Type User Id →continue → Enter OTP → Validate → Type New Passcode → Submit

    Whether EMI facility is available on Bank of Maharashtra Credit Card?

    • Yes. The minimum transaction amount that can be converted to EMI is Rs. 5,000/.
    • Customers can repay EMI within the different tenures, i.e. 3/6/9/12/18/24 months.

    Is there any Toll free number/ Grievance portal for resolving the customer’s issues?

    Yes, the Toll Free No. is 1800 233 4526/ 1800 102 2636 through which Card can be instantly blocked by the customer in case of any loos/theft/misuse of card.

    BoM Credit Card Bill Payment

    Most Important Terms and Conditon of BoM Credit Card

    Download application here (Link for downloading of application)


    The Most Important Terms and Conditions (MITC) and all information herein is  applicable to all "JK Bank Credit Cards" card holders/ applicants of Credit Cards/ customers of the Bank/Members of general public evincing interest in the Credit Card product of JK Bank, with immediate effect. The MITC are subject to change at the discretion of Bank and the regulations as applicable from time to time. The said MITC are in addition to and are to be read along with the terms and conditions (as mentioned on the credit card application form) of cardholders 'Agreement with the Bank'.

    1. As www walmart one com part of transaction monitoring, to secure the interests of card holder, the Bank may stop or restrict the card transactions from certain geographical locations across the globe or at certain ecommerce sites. In such cases the customer transaction fails. Accordingly the card holder hereby authorizes the Bank to stop or restrict the card transactions in any manner whatsoever at the sole and exclusive discretion of the Bank and without any notice to the card holder.
    2. In the event any changes are made in the card limit/withdrawal limit either on request of the card holder or on account of any product related changes, the card holder agrees and undertakes to be bound by any such change and be liable for any transactions carried pursuant to such changes over and above the original limit. In no case the card holder shall be entitled to dispute any such transaction.
    3. These terms and conditions are only indicative. Exhaustive terms and conditions governing the use of card are available on the website of the Bank at which may be updated/amended/modified/changed/varied/altered etc. by the Bank from time to time without assigning any reason and without any notice to the card holder. The card holder hereby agrees and undertakes to be bound by such terms and conditions and any updations / amendments / modifications / changes / variations /alterations etc. thereof. In case of any inconsistency between these terms and conditions and those notified on the website of the Bank (including updations / amendments / modifications / changes / variations /alterations etc. thereof), the terms and conditions notified on the website of the Bank shall prevail. The card holder in his own interests is requested to go through the terms and conditions.
    4. The Bank shall not be liable for any transaction failures due to any technical reasons or due to failure at any ATM, merchant location (POS and e-commerce), etc.
    5. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the terms and conditions or agreed otherwise between the Bank and the Card Holder, the Bank shall not be liable for any indirect, punitive, special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with any decline/failure in transactions due to technical faults etc., whatsoever.
    6. The card holder hereby fully acknowledges, agrees and confirms that any deductions made to the related account of card holder pursuant to subscription of any services over internet or otherwise, including transactions for which the installments are automatically debited, are valid transactions duly authorized and mandated by the card holder. The card holder shall be solely and exclusively responsible for all such transactions and no such transaction shall be called into question/disputed by the card holder on any ground, whatsoever.
    7. The card holder agrees and undertakes to abide by all the regulations/terms and conditions issued by the card issuer as may be amended from time to time.

     Fee and Charges

    I. Joining fee for primary card holder and for add-on card holder:

    Renewal fee, annual fee, joining fee and add-on fee as per Schedule of Fee and charges (at the end of this brochure)

    II. Annual membership fee for primary and add-on card holder:

    The charges shall be applicable as per schedule of Fee and charges at the end of this document. The Bank, however, exclusively retains the right to alter any/ all charges or fee from time to time or to introduce any new charges or fee structureas it may deem     appropriate, upon issuing at least a 30 day prior notice to the Cardholders of such change/ alteration in the charges or fee. It is clarified that the said change may be indicated/ communicated to the Cardholder through any media chosen exclusively by the Bank in its sole discretion.

    III. Cash Advance Fee

                   As per Schedule of Fee and Charges.

    IV. Service charges levied for certain transactions

    Cash Advance fee, finance charges and all other charges applicable on Credit Card are detailed in the Schedule of Fee & Charges. 

    V. Interest free (grace) period:
    The Interest free credit period could range from 20 to 50 days. However, this is applicable only on retail purchases and provided the previous bill outstanding balance has been cleared in full. Interest free grace period is not applicable if the Cardholder has withdrawn cash from ATM.

    Illustrative Example for Grace Period Calculation:
    For a statement for the period 21st March to 20th April, the Payment Due Date is 10th May. If your previous month's dues in full, the grace period would be:

    • For a purchase on 21st March, interest free grace period is 21st March to 9th May: 50 days.
    • For a purchase dated 1st April, Interest-free grace period is 1st April to 9th May: 39 Days.
    • For a purchase dated 10th April, Interest-free grace period is 10th April to 9th May: 30 Days.

    Thus, the grace period can vary depending upon the date of the purchase. However, if you have not paid the previous month's balance in full or if you have availed of cash from an ATM, then there will be no interest-free period.

    VI. Interest for both the revolving credit and cash advance
    Interest are payable on both i.e., revolving credit and cash advance at the monthly percentage rate on all transactions from the date of transaction in the event of card holder choosing not to pay his balance in full and on all cash advances when taken by the card holder from ATM till they are paid back. Interest, if payable are debited to the Card holder's account till the outstanding on the card is paid in full. 

      • Interest on cash advances is applicable from the date of transaction until the payment is made in full.
      • When the customer carries forward any outstanding amount or avails of Cash Advance, interest calculated by average Daily Balance Method, will apply to balances carried forward and to fresh usage.
      • If a Cardholder avails of the revolving credit facility of the Credit Card and hence chooses to pay an amount less than the total amount due reflected in the monthly billing statement, the entire outstanding amount would attract interest and all new transactions will also attract interest, till such time as the outstanding amount are repaid in full.
      • Late Payment charges will be applicable if Minimum Amount Due is not paid by the payment due date. Clear funds need to be credited to JK Bank Card account on or before the payment due date to avoid Late Payment Charges, applicable as per Schedule of Fee and charges.

    Illustrative Example for Interest Calculation:
    Assuming that you purchased a Watch for Rs.1200 on 1st April and a Finger Ring for Rs.800 on 10th April, and you have made minimum payment due that is Rs.100 on 10th May.
    The interest will be calculated as under:

      • Billing cycle 21st to 20th.
      • Payment Due Date 10th
      • Minimum Payment Due Rs.100.
      • Payment of Rs.100 made on 10th May.
      • Balance carried forward (Revolved Amount) Rs1900.

    Interest Calculation:
    Interest Calculated = (Outstanding Amount X 3.00% X 12 Months X No. of Days)/365

    • Interest on Rs.1200 for 39 days (from 1st April to 9th May) Rs.46.16.
    • Interest on Rs.800 for 30 days (from 1oth April to 9th May) Rs.23.67.
    • Interest on 1900 for 11 days (from 1oth May to 2oth May) Rs.20.61.

    Total interest charged in Billing Cycle from 21st April to 20th May is Rs.90.44 + applicable Tax.
    Total Outstanding Rs.1990.44.
    Please note that the interest and other charges are subject to change at the discretion of J&K Bank. Also, please note that if the Cardholder exceeds the Credit limit of the account, over limit Charges will be levied on the account. For a list of charges that may be levied at specific instances, please refer to the Schedule of Fee and Charges.
    Note: Making only the minimum payment in any month would result in the repayment stretching over subsequent months with consequent interest payment on your outstanding balance. i) Drawal Limits
    Credit Limit and Cash Limit are assigned to Cardholders based on internal J&K Bank credit criteria (Add on cardholders share the same limits as that of the Primary Account Holder). These limits are communicated to the cardholder at the time of card delivery. The credit limit and how to activate bank of commerce credit card limits are communicated to the cardholder in every statement. The Available Credit Limit (i.e. the Credit Limit available for use) at the time of the statement generation is provided as a part of the statement. Cardholders seeking to have their credit limit increased can do so by applying at their respective branches of J&K Bank and providing financial documents declaring their income. J&K Bank may at its sole discretion and based on such new documents provided, increase the Credit Limit of the Cardholder.

    Billing and Statement

    • Billing Statement-periodicity and mode of sending:

    J&K Bank will send by e-mail a monthly e-statement to the Card holder showing the payments credited and the transactions debited to the Cardholder's Account since the last statement. Also, e-statements are readily available on Bank's website If the balance outstanding is NIL, no statement will be issued.

    Credit Card" offer the Card holder the facility of revolving credit. The Card holder may choose to pay only the Minimum Amount Due printed on the statement. The balance outstanding can be carried forward to subsequent statements. The Card holder can also choose to pay the Total Amount Due or any part of the amount above the Minimum Amount Due. Such payment should be made before the Payment Due Date. Clear funds need to be credited in JK Bank Card account on or before payment due date to avoid Late Payment Charges. Card holders are advised to drop local cheques at least 4 working days before the
    Payment Due Date to ensure payment reflects on the card account within the Payment Due
    Date. Any unpaid Minimum Amount Due of the previous statements will be added to the Card holders current Minimum Amount due in addition to the outstanding exceeding the Card Holders Credit Limit.

      • Payments made towards the Card outstanding are acknowledged in subsequent statements.
      • Payments received against the Card holders outstanding will be adjusted against all taxes, fee and other charges, interest charges, purchases  and cash advances in that order.

                   Credit card dues can be paid through any of the following methods:

    Cash payment:- 

    Cash payment can be made at any Business Units of J&K Bank

    Online Mode:
    The bill can be paid through online mode from your J K Bank Ebanking portal or Mobile Banking application. The payments can be made through NEFT/IMPS also to your 16 digit Credit Card account number. The IFSC code to be used for interbank transactions for credit card payment is how often should you drink kombucha for health benefits IFSC JAKA0SWITCH

    Cheque/ Draft:
    Make Cheque/draft in favor of JK Bank Credit Card account No. 5555 XXXXXXXXXXXX (sixteen digits) and deposit the same with any Business Unit of J&K Bank. Please ensure to write your name and contact number on the reverse of the cheque. Clearing Cheques will not be accepted.

    Auto Debit:
    In case of an account holder of J&K Bank, auto debit instructions for payment of Credit Card dues on monthly basis can be registered with the Card Issuing Business Unit either for payment of 'Minimum Amount Due' or 'Total Amount Due'.

    Billing Disputes:
    All the contents of the statement will be deemed to be correct and accepted if the Card holder does not inform J&K Bank in writing of the discrepancies within 15 days of the Statement Date.

    • Contact Particulars of J&K Bank 24-hour Customer Helpline number:

    The Card holder can contact toll free Customer Care helpline number 1800 890 2122 or +91-1942481936/2482463 or Telephone numbers notified by J&K Bank from time to time.

    In the rare event of not being satisfied with the response from any of the recent contacts with the Bank, you can contact our Grievance Redressal Officer as under:
    Grievance Redressal Officer
    Corporate Headquarters, M.A. Road; Srinagar Telephone no: +91 1942502685
    e-mail:[email protected]

    • Complete postal address of Card Issuing Bank:

    The Jammu And Kashmir Bank Ltd, 
    Digital and Alternate Channels,
    Corporate Headquarters,
    M. A. Road, Srinagar-190001. (J&K) India

    For the convenience of the Credit Card customers and as a risk mitigation factor, all the customers having recorded mobile numbers on application forms shall receive SMS Alerts from the bank as follows:

    • All transactions when concluded through JK Bank credit Card shall follow with an SMS alert for immediate information/ confirmation.
    • When Card is first dispatched.
    • Statement alerts.
    • If due date is missed.

    Note:  Card holders are requested to register their mobile numbers with the concerned Business Units.

    MasterCard Secure Code:
    J&K Bank for securing domestic internet transactions offers Secured online payment service with your existing Credit Card which will confirm your identity while you make purchases on internet. This service through a simple checkout process, confirms your identity when you make purchases on the internet. MasterCard Secure Code helps you process a password to protect your online transactions.

    The total Outstanding on the Card account, together with the amount of any charges affected but not yet charged to the Card Account will become immediately due and payable in full to J&K Bank on the occurrence of any of the following events, which shall be deemed as an instance of default:

      • The card holder fails to pay the amount due to the bank within the stipulated period (Billing cycle).
      • Cardholder becomes insolvent or there is any material adverse change in the financial condition of the cardholder, which in bank's opinion affects the interest of the bank.
      • Death of cardholder or total permanent disability.
      • Any Court grants a garnishee order.
      • Any representation made by the card holder proves to be incorrect, misleading, false or incomplete including but not limited to income and /or identification paper/ document forwarded to the bank, being proved incorrect, incomplete and or contain false / fraudulent information.
      • Cardholder generally does or omits to do anything, which may prejudice Bank's right in terms of cardholder agreement or cause bank to suffer any loss/ damage.
      • Any payment Instruments including cheques and / or Standing instructions delivered to the Bank are not encashed / acted upon for any reason whatsoever on presentation being made, If cardholder is involved in or charged in criminal activities.
      • In case of default in performance of any obligations under terms of any other loans / facilities provided by J&K Bank.
      • On bankruptcy or death of the Primary cardholder, Cardholder's estate will be responsible for settling any Outstanding on the Card Account and should keep J&K Bank indemnified against all costs, including legal fee and expenses incurred in recovering such Outstanding. Pending such repayments, J&K Bank will be entitled to continue to levy service charges at its prevailing rates.
      • In the event that the Cardholder delays or is unable to settle the outstanding of his/ her monthly statement of the Card in terms of Cardholder agreement, J&K Bank will exercise the right of lien and set off the amount outstanding against any monies payable / deposits/ accounts maintained in cardholder's name with the Bank.
      • In the event of default, the Cardholder will be sent reminders from time to  time by representatives of J&K Bank including third parties appointed by J&K Bank for settlement of any outstanding on the card account, by post, fax, telephone,  electronic mail, SMS and/or engage its representatives to remind, follow up and collect dues. Any third party so appointed, shall adhere to the code of conduct on debt collection as applicable from walmart hours tonight to time.
      • In the event that cardholder delays or is unable to settle the outstanding even after issuing reminders and notice, his/her name will be reported as defaulter to CIBIL, any other Credit Information Company authorized by RBI or published in print media with photograph. Any notice given by J&K Bank will be deemed to have been received by the cardholder within 7 days of posting to the Cardholder's address last notified in writing to J&K Bank or, where specifically requested, within 24 hours of sending the same via e-mail at the e-mail address specified by him/ her. Any notice may also be sent by fax or communicated verbally and confirmed in writing by post or fax. J&K Bank shall not be held accountable for delays in receipt of notices by post.
      • In the event of any change in cardholder's e-mail and/or employment and /or offices and /or residential address and/or telephone/ mobile numbers, the cardholder shall inform J& K Bank promptly in writing or by e-mail and must confirm the same by mail or fax.

    Withdrawal of Defaulter Report from Cibil

    The bank, at its sole discretion, shall withdraw any default report issued to CIBIL in the following events:

    • The defaulter has liquidated his entire outstanding dues with the bank or settled his dues with the Bank.
    • A court verdict has been received by the bank instructing the Bank to de-list the cardholder.  The decisions will be taken by the bank on a case to case basis upon individual review.

    Termination / Revocation of the Card Holder ship

    i). The Cardholder may terminate the Cardholder ship at any time by writing to J&K Bank at the following address: Jammu And Kashmir Bank, Digital and Alternate Channels Department, Corporate Headquarters M.A. Road, Srinagar-190001 (J&K)" or the concerned business unit where from the card was obtained, along with the card/s cut diagonally to pieces. All the cards including the add-on cards will be terminated on the basis of written request. Termination will be effective only after payment of all amounts outstanding to the card account. No annual, joining or renewal fee shall be refunded on a pro-rata basis.
    ii). JK Bank may also restrict, terminate or suspend the use of the Credit Card at any time without prior notice, if the Bank reasonably believes it necessary for business or security reasons. JK Bank can suspend the facility on the Credit Card, if the Cardholder defaults on the payment due or exceeds the credit limit extended. The Card must not be used after the Agreement ends or if the card account is suspended.
    iii). In such how to activate bank of commerce credit card situation, the Cardholder must (subject to any default or other notice required by law) immediately pay J&K Bank the total outstanding Balance on the Account. This includes all amounts due to J&K Bank under the Agreement, including all transactions and other amounts not yet charged to the Account. The card will not be considered as closed until the Cardholder has paid all such due amounts.

    Loss /Theft / Misuse of Card

    • The Cardholder must notify the 24-Hour Customer Helpline number immediately if the primary or any Additional Credit Card is misplaced, lost, stolen, mutilated, not received when due or if he/she suspects that the Credit Card is being used without Cardholder's permission. Once a card is reported lost, it should not, under any circumstance be used if found by the Cardholder subsequently. As the Add-on-Card is an extended facility given on the primary Card Account, the Add-on-Card is rendered invalid when the primary card is reported lost.
    • The Bank is not liable or responsible for any transactions incurred on the card account prior to time of reporting of the loss of the Card, and the Cardholder will be fully liable for the same. After the receipt of proper notification of the loss by the Bank, the Cardholder's subsequent liability is Nil. In addition to notifying J&K Bank about the loss or theft of the Card, the Cardholder must report loss or theft of Cards to the Police and lodge an FIR.
    • The Cardholder will be liable for all losses in case of misuse of the card by someone who obtained the PIN/CVV/MasterCard Secure (M Secure) or the card with the consent of Cardholder or an Add-on Cardholder.
    • If the Cardholder has acted fraudulently without reasonable care, the Cardholder shall be liable for all losses incurred.
    • J&K Bank may, without referring to the Cardholder or any Add-on-Cardholder, give the police or other relevant authorities any information that J&K Bank consider relevant about the loss, theft or misuse of a Card or PIN/ CW/ MasterCard Secure (M-Secure).


    Type of information relating to Card Holder to be disclosed with and without approval of Card holder:

    • The cardholder acknowledges that J&K Bank is authorized to share cardholder information including but not limited to card holder current balance, payment history, etc. along with demographic details with any existing or future credit bureau without any notice to this intent to the Cardholder, and such information may pertain to positive or negative performance or default by the Cardholder as per the Credit Information Companies Regulation Act, 2005.
    • The Credit Information Bureau (India) Ltd. (CIBIL) is an initiative of Government of India and Reserve Bank of Chime link debit card (RBI) to improve the functionality and stability of the Indian Financial System. This is in line with RBI’s efforts to provide an effective mechanism for exchange of information between Banks and Financial Institutions, thereby enabling cardholders to avail of better credit terms from various institutions.
    • The cardholder further acknowledges that J&K Bank is authorized to share Cardholder information, including default in payments with Financial Institutions, employer and to other third parties engaged by J&K Bank for proper operation of card accounts, verification and other administrative services. union bank philippines 24 hour customer service Bank may also share Cardholder information with any parent, subsidiary, affiliate or associate of JK Bank for the purposes of marketing and offering various products and services of J&K Bank or its group companies, subsidiaries, affiliates and/ or associates.
    • All information in this communication is correct as on 1st February 2020 and is subject to change at the discretion of J&K Bank.
    • The Bank will not be liable for any deficiency in services or to perform any obligation there under where such failure is attributed, directly or indirectly to any malfunction of ATM, Network, Card, POS, SMS/email delivery, temporarily insufficiency of funds, any dispute or other circumstances beyond its control.

    Reward Points:
    The Cardholder will earn 1 reward point (equal to Rs. 1) on every Rs. 200.00 spent on the Card except on fuel purchase and cash withdrawal transactions. The validity of Reward Points is 3 years from the date of issuance of fresh/renewal card. The reward program is subject to change at the discretion of the Bank.


    Schedule of Fee: (GST shall be applied to all charges / fees/ interest as per applicable rates)

    Type Of Fee / Charge



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    Entrance Fee primary/add on card





    Annual Fee primary/add-on card





    Renewal Fee primary/add-on card





    Card replacement Charges  primary/add-on card





    Product Upgrade Charges





    Limit Enhancement Fee  for primary/add-on card





    Minimum Purchase amount requirement for Waiver of Annual fee.

    Above 50,000

    Above 75,000

    Above 2,00,000


    Tariff of Charges: (GST shall be applied to all how to activate bank of commerce credit card / fees/ interest as per applicable rates)



    Maximum Interest Free Credit period (only on full payment, on or before the due date)

    Up to 50 days

    Finance charges / interest rate (Purchase / Cash)

    3% per month and APR (Annualized
    Percentage Rate of 36%)

    Minimum Payment Due on Revolving credit

    5 % of the actual balance in the month or 5% of the Card limit + 100% of over the limit usage

    Statement Date

    20th of every month

    Payment due date

    9th or 10th  of succeeding date and
    12th in case of Feb

    Cash advance on credit limit

    20% of the credit limit

    Cash advance charges at our Bank ATMs From the date of transaction.

    3 % of the amount with a minimum of Rs. 300/- for each transaction.

    Cash advance charges at other bank ATMs in India From the date of transaction.

    3% of the amount with a minimum of what time does pickup close at walmart Rs.300/- for each transaction.

    Cash advance charges (Overseas) from the date of transaction

    3 % of the amount with a minimum of Rs: 300/- for each transaction.

    Late payment fee

    Rs. 100/-

    Charges for over the credit limit usage

    2.5%     of     overdrawn    amount      or
    minimum Rs. 400/- for each occasion

    Retrieval of Charge slip

    Rs. 100/- or the actual charges incurred whichever is higher

    PIN Replacement fee



    As applicable from time to time

    Fuel Surcharge 

    Applicable @1% plus GST & Waiver of 1% upto purchase of Rs.5000/- per month.

    Hot listing Charges 


    The charges are subject to change*


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    • CrediMax B.S.C.

      CrediMax B.S.C.


    • Prime Bank

      Prime Bank


    • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd.

      Industrial and Commercial
      Bank of China Ltd.


    • China CITIC Bank

      China CITIC Bank


    • China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd.

      China Minsheng
      Banking Corp., Ltd.


    • China Everbright BankCo., Ltd.

      China Everbright Bank
      Co., Ltd.


    • Bank of Shanghai Co., Ltd.

      Bank of Shanghai Co., Ltd.


    • Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co., Ltd.

      Shanghai Pudong Development
      Bank Co., Ltd.


    • China Construction Bank

      China Construction Bank


    • China Merchants Bank

      China Merchants Bank


    • AEON Credit Service (Asia)Co., Ltd.

      AEON Credit Service (Asia)
      Co., Ltd.

      Hong Kong

    • The Bank of East Asia, Limited

      The Bank of East Asia, Limited

      Hong Kong

    • PT. Bank Central Asia Tbk.

      PT. Bank Central Asia Tbk.


    • PT. Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk.

      PT. Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk.


    • PT. Bank Mandiri Tbk.

      PT. Bank Mandiri


    • PT. Bank Maybank Indonesia Tbk.

      PT. Bank Maybank Indonesia


    • PT. Bank Negara Indonesia(Persero) Tbk.

      PT. Bank Negara Indonesia(Persero)


    • PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia(Persero) Tbk.

      PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia(Persero)


    • BC Card Co., Ltd.

      BC Card Co., Ltd.


    • KB Kookmin Card Co., Ltd.

      KB Kookmin Card Co., Ltd.


    • KEB Hana Card Co., Ltd.

      KEB Hana Card Co., Ltd.


    • Lotte Card Co., How to activate bank of commerce credit card Card Co., Ltd.</p><p>Korea</p></li><li><p><img src=

      National Agricultural
      Cooperative Federation





    • Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao <a href=Fake bank of america account balance Pour Le Commerce
      Exterieur Lao Public


    • Phongsavanh Bank Limited

      Phongsavanh Bank Limited


    • BDO Unibank, Inc.

      BDO Unibank, Inc.


    • RCBC Bankard Services Corp.

      RCBC Bankard Services Corp.


    • Gazprombank Joint Stock Company

      Gazprombank Joint
      Stock Company


    • Taishin International Bank

      Taishin International Bank


    • Taiwan Shin KongCommercial Bank Co., Ltd.

      Taiwan Shin Kong
      Commercial Bank
      Co., Ltd.


    • Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank

      Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank


    • Krungsri ayudhya Card

      Krungsri ayudhya Card


    • Krungthai Card Public Company Limited

      Krungthai Card
      Public Company Limited


    • Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade

      Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial
      Bank for Industry and Trade


    • Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam

      Joint Stock Commercial
      Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam


    • Sai Gon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank

      Sai Gon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank


    Issuer list

    1. *1

      [email protected] TM & (C)2001-2016 MEDICOM TOY CORPORATION. All rights reserved.

    JCB cards in Japan

    Premium cards


    For greater customer satisfaction, JCB The Class and JCB Gold Cards provide high added-value services including dedicated service desks and free travel insurance.
    JCB The Class is invitation-only. It is the most prestigious JCB card, affording special status and exclusive services and support to a select group of JCB cardmembers.

    Our Flexible Corporate Card

    • JCB Platinum Corporate Card

      JCB Platinum
      Corporate Card

    • JCB Corporate Card

      JCB Corporate Card

    Suitable for various cases, from large-scale corporate card schemes to
    self-employed individuals / business owners.

    Affinity Cards to suit
    your interests and lifestyles

    We offer Affinity Cards that can combine Credit card
    features with the partner organisation's services.

    Debit Card

    JCB Debit Cards withdraw transaction funds how to activate bank of commerce credit card
    from your savings account at the point of use.
    They can be used at JCB merchants all over the world.

    • AEON Bank, Ltd.

      AEON Bank, Ltd.


    • The Akita Bank,Ltd.

      The Akita Bank,Ltd.


    • au Jibun Bank Corporation

      au Jibun Bank Corporation


    • The Awa Bank,Ltd.

      The Awa Bank,Ltd.


    • The Chiba Bank, Ltd.

      The Chiba Bank, Ltd.


    • The Chugoku Bank, Ltd.

      The Chugoku Bank, Ltd.


    • The Ehime Bank, Ltd.

      The Ehime Bank, Ltd.



      THE BANK Goibibo customer care FUKUOKA, LTD.





    • The Higo Bank, Ltd.

      The Higo Bank, Ltd.


    • The Hiroshima Bank, Ltd.

      The Hiroshima Bank, Ltd.


    • The Hokuriku Bank, Ltd.

      The Hokuriku Bank, Ltd.





    • The Juroku Bank, Ltd.

      The Juroku Bank, Ltd.


    • The Kagoshima Bank, Ltd.

      The Kagoshima Bank, Ltd.


    • The Kiyo Bank, Ltd.

      The Kiyo Bank, Ltd.


    • The Kumamoto Bank, Ltd.

      The Kumamoto Bank, Ltd.


    • The Bank of Kyoto,Ltd.

      The Bank of Kyoto,Ltd.


    • Minna Bank, Ltd.

      Minna Bank, Ltd.


    • Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

      Mizuho Bank, How to activate bank of commerce credit card src="" alt="MUFG Bank, Ltd.">

      MUFG Bank, Ltd.


    • The Bank of Nagoya, Ltd.

      The Bank of Nagoya, Ltd.





    • North Pacific Bank,Ltd.

      North Pacific Bank,Ltd.


    • The Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, Ltd.

      The Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, Ltd.


    • The Bank of Okinawa, Ltd.

      The Bank of Okinawa, Ltd.


    • Rakuten Bank, Ltd.

      Rakuten Bank, Ltd.





    • The Senshu Ikeda Bank, Ltd.

      The Senshu Ikeda Bank, Ltd.


    • Seven Bank, Ltd.

      Seven Bank, Ltd.





    • The Toho Bank, Ltd.

      The Toho Bank, Ltd.


    • The Yamaguchi Bank, Ltd. Momiji Bank, Ltd. The Kitakyushu Bank, Ltd.

      The Yamaguchi Bank, Ltd.

      Momiji Bank, Ltd.

      The Kitakyushu Bank, Ltd.


    • The 77 Bank, Ltd.

      The 77 Bank, Ltd.


    • Prime Bank

      Prime Bank


    • The Bank of Khyber

      The Bank of Khyber


    • Sviaz Bank

      Sviaz Bank


    • Hua Nan Commercial Bank Ltd.

      Hua Nan
      Commercial Bank Ltd.


    • Vietnam Export Import Commercial Joint Stock Bank

      Vietnam Export Import
      Commercial Joint Stock Bank


    Issuer list

    Prepaid Card

    JCB Prepaid Cards can help you control your spending,
    as only the pre-charged balance can be spent in transactions.
    They can be used at JCB merchants all over the world.

    • KOMERI CAPITAL Co., Ltd.

      KOMERI CAPITAL Co., Ltd.


    • Rakuten Bank, Ltd.

      Rakuten Bank, Ltd.


    • Omnipay Inc.

      Omnipay Inc.


    • Asia Commercial Bank

      Asia Commercial Bank


    Issuer list

    Other Card (Japan only)

    • QUICPay



    • ETC card

      ETC card


    • Loan card

      Loan card





    • JCB PREMO card

      JCB PREMO card


    • JCB-QUO card

      JCB-QUO card


    Credit Limit:
    Equivalent to 3 (Three) Months Basic Salary for Officers of How to activate bank of commerce credit card, Semi-Government, Autonomous organizations.

    For officers of Sonali Bank Limited are america first credit follows:

    i) General Manager and Above

    Tk. 3,00,000.00

    ii) Deputy General Manager & Assistant General Manager

    Tk. 2,00,000.00

    iii) SEOTk. 1,50,000.00

    iv) Executive Officer

    Tk. 1,00,000.00

    iv) Senior Officer & Officer

    Tk. 75,000.00

    v) Credit limit for customer is equivalent to 3 months basic salary.


  • Yearly charge for Credit Card (Customer) Tk = 575.00 (Including VAT)

    Yearly charge for Credit Card (Bank Employee) Tk = 345.00 (Including VAT)

  • Only TIN holder is eligible for Credit card facility.
  • Credit card holder can enjoys 100% of loan limit either from ATM or POS.
  • Rate of interest is 1.50% on daily product & monthly basis.
  • Charge will be applicable for remote on-us transactions.
  • Incase of POS no interest will be charged if outstanding liabilities is paid within the stipulated time. This time is 50 days from date of statement.
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