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    Simmons first credit card payment

    simmons first credit card payment

    If a person has a ONLY a Simmons Bank Visa Card, Simmons Bank Bankcard manager was an option when Quicken used the old Bill Pay program. We are proud to offer the advantage of our preferred lender, First United Credit Card Balances and Info, Installment debt, Balance and payment info for. Access to exclusive events, rewards and more with Synchrony Bank Credit Cards from your favorite regional and national retail stores.
    simmons first credit card payment

    : Simmons first credit card payment

    Simmons first credit card payment
    Simmons first credit card payment
    Simmons first credit card payment

    Welcome to the Business Office

    The Business Office is here to provide student account assistance along walmart grocery near me phone number various university cashiering functions.

    Contact Information
    Location: Second Floor Sandefer Memorial
    Mail: P.O. Box 16010, Abilene, TX, 79698
    Phone: 325-670-1001
    [email protected]

    Hours of Operation
    General: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday
    Cashier Window: 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday

    CASHNet Online Bill Pay

    Monthly statements are available through CASHNet Online Bill Pay. Students can go directly to CASHNet where you can pay your bill online.

    Payment Methods

    • Check
    • Cash
    • Online payment via Cashnet
    • Additionally, international students may make payments using PayMyTuition.
      PayMyTuition is specifically for international students and is the only preferred method for international student payments.

    Payment Options
    Please see the student handbook for the official payment plan details, however below summarizes the payment options for each term.

    A student may create a Parent PIN to allow parents, guardians and other authorized users to access his/her account information. A Parent PIN must be created by the student before it can be used. Once a PIN is created parents can login here.

    Fall and Spring Semesters

    1. Pay 100% of the balance not covered by financial aid by the Payment Due Date
    2. Enroll in a payment plan on CASHNet and make the first payment by the Payment Due Date

    HSU offers a payment plan, for an enrollment fee of $80, which allows students to pay their outstanding balance with four equal payments or six equal payments. The payments are due as follows:

    Fall 2021
    4 payments
    Fall 2021
    6 payments 
    Spring 2022
    4 payments
    Spring 2022
    6 payments 
    August 2July 1January 5January 5
    September 1August 2February 1February 1
    October 1September 1March 1March 1
    November 1October 1April 1April 1
    November 1May 2
    December 1June 1

    A late fee of $80 will be charged for all payments made more than 5 days after the scheduled payment dates above.

    There is an Automatic Draft Payment plan option that will draft the selected account on the above dates; however, please be advised that the automatic draft is calculated as a proration of the outstanding balance on the payment date. The payments drafted will change if there is a change in registered classes, financial aid simmons first credit card payment, book charges or other charges that are applied to the account.

    About Get Funds

    Get Funds is a place where students (and parents) can manage their Cowboy Cash accounts, find places to eat and more. Get Funds provides valuable information about account balances and spending history, and enables you to report a lost or stolen card at any time of day or night. Login Here

    For Parents

    Get Funds allows you to deposit funds into your student’s Cowboy Cash account. Login Here

    For international payments Hardin Simmons University has partnered with PayMyTuition for international tuition payments. With PayMyTuition, you can pay your tuition payments from any bank, in any country in any currency at better than bank exchange rates. 

    PayMyTuition allows you to choose from several payment options and currencies including wire transfers, e-wallet payments, bill payments and credit card payments. You can pay your tuition payments in your home currency at better nearest capital one bank location bank exchange rates. PayMyTuition is fast, simple and cost effective.

    Follow the step by step instructions to begin your transfer. Please ensure to make your payment before union bank philippines 24 hour customer service transfer date.

    Benefits of using PayMyTuition:

    • Don’t overpay your bank on currency exchange. PayMyTuition will save you money.
    • PayMyTuition is fast, secure and easy to use.
    • Create, fund and track your payments from start to finish using PayMyTuition’s online dashboard.
    • Access multilingual customer support available any time.
    • Opening an account is easy and only takes a few minutes.

    Make a Payment

    Additional Information on PayMyTuition:

    Contact PayMyTuition

    Toll free U.S. and Canada:            1.855.663.6839

    US Local:                                              +201.209.1939

    Canada Local:                                    +905.305.9053

    Email:                                                   [email protected]


    Additional britannica great books of the western world ebay

    TIP: PayMyTuition also offers personal transfers with real time exchange rates and lower transfer fees than banks.  Setting up recurring payments to manage and pay for your monthly expenses including books, meals, rent is quick and easy.  Contact us and one of our friendly customer support team members who will be happy to assist.

    Title IV Funds

    Title IV refunds result from students receiving Title IV government funds, such as, Pell Grant, subsidized and unsubsidized loans in excess of charges on their account. Title IV refunds are processed once Financial Aid has posted aid to the student account after the 8th class day.  The business office will process all Title IV refunds within 14 days after financial aid has posted the funds to the student account. The Business Office processes any Title IV refund from a report that it runs weekly to determine the existence of credit balances.

    The Business Office will process Title IV refunds one of two ways: (1) direct deposit through BankMobile or (2) by check. The only way a student receives their refund by check is if they specifically request it in the Business Office. Unless otherwise stated, the refund will be sent via BankMobile and processed electronically based upon how the student requested to receive it. Once BankMobile receives the refund, the student will receive an email notification stating the funds are available.

    Parent Plus Loans

    The Parent Plus Loan is another Title IV fund that must also follow government refund regulations. Instead of the student receiving the refund, the parent will receive the refund for any credit on the account up to the amount of the Parent Plus Loan for that semester.  If the parent wants the student to have the refund, the parent must specify this desire in writing at the loan origination.   Once the refund appears on the student’s account, we will look at the Parent Plus Loan application and mail the refund check to the parent name and address on the loan file. These checks will be sent via mail following the day the refund is processed on the student account. If the parent indicated to refund the student, the refund will be sent to the student via BankMobile. The student will receive an email stating they have a refund and how to proceed to receive the refund.

    Non-Title IV (Remaining Credit Balances After Full Title IV Refunds)

    A non-Title IV refund can come from an leon vs america live stream, outside scholarships, or private loan to an account. Generally, these refunds occur in accounts receiving no Title IV funds paid to the students’ accounts in the current semester. However, a credit balance can result after a student receives a full Title IV refund if one of the above situations occurs.  These refunds can also be completed upon request once a credit is shown in the student’s account. A non-Title IV refund can be returned to the student either by check or BankMobile. If the student would like to receive their refund via check, they need to contact the Business Office to specify this. If they do not request a check, the refund will be sent via BankMobile. BankMobile will then contact the student when the refund is ready to be deposited in their selected refund preference. For more information about BankMobile, visit this link:


    Simmons Bank

    Find the perfect credit deal for your personal needs among the Simmons Bank credit cards presented online for your review. With a good/excellent credit score, you'll enjoy the lowest interest rates on purchases and balance transfers, no annual or transfer fees and an interest-free grace period.

    All of that is designed to help you save on everyday shopping while maximizing convenience and safety when making purchases online or at a local store. Some of the best Simmons Bank offers have additional benefits including emergency cash and card replacement, car rental loss and damage waiver, travel accident insurance and travel rewards. In addition to Platinum and Gold benefits, you'll also enjoy Visa's standard programs (such as the "Verified by Visa" protection for online purchases) and the advantages of the Visa brand name such as global acceptance and top-quality customer service, anywhere, 24/7.

    For consumers with good credit, Simmons Bank Visa credit cards are invaluable in terms of low rates and high services, irrespective of the purpose, time and place of use. You can apply to have access to additional credit to optimize your daily financial decisions or to pay off extremely high interest rate balances that have accrued on your other cards.

    Making a balance transfer onto a Simmons Bank Visa card is really a smart financial strategy since it comes with a low APR and no transfer fee, so you can move the debt free of charge and repay it at a low rate for as long as you want. All bank credit offers featured online are for personal use only, offering Platinum and Gold member benefits together with a low regular APR on purchases and no fees. Start making sound financial decisions by applying for a Simmons Bank Visa online today.


    Were You Hit with Simmons Bank’s Overdraft Fees?

    Overdraft fees are assessed for every transaction.

    Consumer attorneys are investigating a number of financial institutions, including Simmons Bank, for bank overdraft fee practices. Founded in Arkansas in 1903, Simmons Bank now operates in several states, including Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. Simmons Bank refers to its overdraft program as “Simmons Bank Overdraft Privilege,” under which any overdrawn transaction will be charged a $35 fee. Under the bank’s policy, an account can be overdrawn up to $500, which includes any overdraft fees that were charged in the process.

    What Exactly is an Overdraft Fee?

    Consumers have the option to sign up for an overdraft protection plan simmons first credit card payment their bank or credit union. This means that if their account is overdrawn (they withdraw more money than the available balance) they are able to complete the transaction. For this service, the customer is charged an overdraft fee amount set by the bank, usually about $35. It’s important to note that overdraft fees compound— a fee is assessed for every transaction that overdraws the account —and can add up quickly.

    Banks make a significant profit from charging overdraft fees, so they have an incentive for hiking overdraft rates and charging frequent fees. The Center for Responsible Lending (CRL) released a report saying that in 2017, big banks collected $11.45 billion in these fees. Unfortunately, overdraft fees are on the rise. Nine billion of the $11.45 billion was reportedly shared by just 20 banks that charged customers the highest volume of fees.

    This staggering figure does not include overdraft fees charged by smaller banks and credit unions, meaning Americans paid even more in overdraft fees in 2017. Unfortunately, both banks and credit unions charge overdraft fees, so it’s difficult to escape.

    How To Avoid Overdraft Fees

    According toNerd Wallet, there are several ways consumers can avoid overdraft fees, including:

    • Opt-Out of Overdraft Protection: Banks can only charge overdraft fees if account holders have opted-in to overdraft protection. By opting out of these programs, consumers won’t be charged overdraft fees. However, a lack of overdraft protection can open up consumers to other fees such as NSF fees. In cases where the benefits of overdraft protection outweigh the risks, consumers can instead focus on minimizing the fees they are charged.
    • Keep an Eye on Account Balances: With the rise of mobile banking, it’s easier than ever to monitor account balances. Checking these balances frequently can help consumers avoid over-drafting accounts with unnecessary transactions.
    • Set Up Low Balance Alerts: In addition to checking balances regularly, consumers may be able to set up low balance alerts. These alerts notify consumers are real cherries good for you email or text when their account balance falls below a certain threshold.
    • Use Direct Deposit: By setting up direct deposit for paychecks, consumers can avoid the downtime of waiting for physical check to be deposited. This keeps account balances in the positive and, in turn, prevents over-drafting accounts.
    • Get a Prepaid Debit Card: Using a prepaid debit card helps limit spending and ensures account balances won’t go into the negative.

    Unfortunately, even if consumers follow these and other tips to avoid overdraft simmons first credit card payment, they may still find themselves assessed several overdraft fees. In some cases, the fees may stem from unfair bank practices.

    Computer overdraft keyProblems with Overdraft Fees

    While overdraft protection programs can be helpful for some consumers, they may actually pose a problem for others, especially those whose account balances are consistently low in the first place. On top of this, some financial institutions may engage in deceptive or unfair practices, making these fees more detrimental to consumers.

    According to CRL Senior Researcher Peter Smith, the way we experience overdraft fees now is different than 15 or 20 years ago. Reportedly, the fees used to be an “occasional accommodation” for a low balance, but are now a major profit maker for financial institutions.

    A problem with overdraft fees is that they hit low-income consumers the hardest, charging fees to those who have no money in their account. According to Responsible Lending, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reports that just 8% of banking customers pay 80% of all overdraft and NSF fees. The median number of fees incurred by consumers in this frequent-overdraft-fee category is 37 overdraft fees per year, which adds up to around $1,300 annually. Unfortunately, a person who is charged an overdraft fee can easily get trapped in a cycle of incurring more fees.

    In some cases, a bank or credit union may charge as many overdraft fees as possible by reordering transactions from highest to lowest. In doing so, each subsequent transaction is increasingly likely to overdraw the account, which will then incur and compound the highest possible number of overdraft fees.

    Another way consumers are hit with unexpected overdraft fees is by online bank account balances being different than the available balance. There may be some lag time between when a purchase is made and when the charge hits the account, resulting in unexpected overdraft fees charged to consumers who believed they had enough money in their account to cover a transaction.

    Filing an Overdraft Fee Lawsuit

    If you have been subjected to these or other unfair or deceptive overdraft practices or unexpected NSF fees by your bank or credit union, you may be able to file a lawsuit and pursue compensation.

    Filing a lawsuit can be a daunting prospect, so Top Class Actions has laid the groundwork by connecting you with an experienced attorney. Consulting an experienced attorney can help you determine if you have a claim, navigate the complexities of litigation, and maximize your potential compensation.


    Simmons Rewards Visa Signature Review

    Who Should & Shouldn’t Consider Simmons Rewards Visa Signature?


    Other Considerations for Simmons Rewards Visa Signature

    Having a clear idea about how you intend to use your credit card plays a large part in whether you should continue with your Simmons Rewards Visa Signature application. Failing to consider several things could lead to challenges in terms of managing your credit.

    Things to Consider if This is Will Be Your First or Only Credit Card

    If you plan to make the Simmons Rewards Visa Signature card your first or only credit card, you’ll want to consider the rewards structure and whether or not it will work for your spending habits. Otherwise, if you need a solid card that offers a consistent rewards rate regardless of your spending, this card may be a good option.

    You’ll also want to take into account the foreign transaction fee if you plan to travel and use the card while doing so. If you plan on doing a considerable amount of traveling, a different card with lower foreign transaction fees may be a better option for you.

    Things to Consider if This is Will Be an Additional Card in Your Wallet

    If you already have other cards, it’s best to see how to use a new one alongside those you already have.

    You can use the Simmons Rewards Visa Signature if you want to transfer existing balances from other cards. Since you have 0% APR for 12 months, you can save money during this period. It’s also an opportunity to decrease your balance incrementally without having to worry about interest.

    Another option is to use your Simmons Rewards Visa Signature for regular payments since you earn 1.25 points for each dollar purchase you make. Additionally, are td banks open on labor day can use it for costlier transactions if you can’t pay them off in full and on time since its regular APR is lower than most credit cards.


    Simmons Bank grew out of a string of small family-run financial institutions that emerged in the 1900s throughout Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. They came under one bank holding company in the 1990s. These banks later merged in 2004 as Landmark Bank. Today, the bank still serves these communities with everything you’d find at a major national bank. You can open checking accounts, savings accounts, certificates of deposit (CDs) and more. Staying true to its community roots, the bank even offers a special checking account to veterans, police officers and other service members. It also offers a variety of retirement plans from traditional individual retirement accounts (IRAs) to 401(k) plans designed for self-employed individuals. 

    The following rates and terms are current as of July 2018 and are subject to change. Contact a local Simmons Bank branch for more information

    Products Offered

    ProductKey Features
    Savings Account
    • One option with a low monthly service fee, which can be waived by meeting a minimum balance requirement
    Certificates of Deposit
    • Several types of CDs including special options that allow you to transfer money on a recurring basis
    • Special CDs with high interest rates offered periodically
    Money Market Accounts
    • One option with tiered interest rates
    • Choose from Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs and SEP IRAs
    • Traditional and Roth solo 401(k)s for the self employed also available
    Checking Accounts
    • Several options including accounts that collect interest 

    Simmons Bank Interest Rate Comparison

    Personal Savings

    Key FeaturesDetails
    Minimum Deposit$100 or $10 if under the age of 18
    Access to Your Savings AccountOnline, mobile and physical branches.
    SecurityFDIC insurance up to the maximum amount allowed by law. 
    Fees$3 monthly service fee unless you meet minimum balance requirements 
    Current Terms and Rates0.05% APY

    This is the basic savings account that Simmons Bank offers. It collects interest on all balances. However, it currently offers an annual percentage yield (APY) that dips far below the national average interest rate for savings accounts. So it won’t generate as strong as a return as the best savings accounts out there. 

    Still, the account has its up sides. For starters, its $3 monthly service fee is far smaller than those you’d see at major banks. You can even waive it by maintaining a minimum balance of $300. Thus, it’s fairly simple to manage and won’t require too much maintenance. 

    And unlike the main savings accounts offered by several other banks, Simmons's option is available to minors. In fact, customers younger than 18-years-old can open an account with as little as $10. 

    In addition, all Personal Savings Account holders can make up to three free withdrawals per month. Each following withdrawal would incur a $2 fee. 

    Federal law limits certain savings and money market account withdrawals to six per statement cycle. These cover pre authorized withdrawals, automatic or telephone transfers, checks, drafts and debit card or other similar transactions. 

    Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

    Key FeaturesDetails
    Minimum Deposit
    • For Traditional CDs: $500
    • For Dream Saver CDs: $25
    Access to Your CD AccountOnline, mobile and physical branches.
    SecurityFDIC insurance up to the maximum amount allowed by law. 
    FeesNo monthly fee, but early withdrawal penalties may apply.
    Current Terms and Rates
    • 3 Months: 0.14% APY
    • 6 Months
      • For balances of $500 - $4,999.99: 0.12% APY
      • For balances of $5,000+: 0.22% APY
    • 12 Months 
      • For balances of $1,000+: 0.55% APY
    • 18 Months
      • For balances of $500 - $4,999.99: 0.28% APY
      • For balances of $5,000+: 0.38% APY
    • 24 Months
      • For balances of $1,000+: 0.77% APY
    • 48 Months
      • For balances of $1,000+: 0.85% APY
    • 60 Months
      • For balances of $2,500+: 2.47% APY
    • Dream Saver CDs 

    Simmons Bank offers a variety of certificate of deposit (CD) options. It find bmo near me traditional CDs, Dream Saver CDs and Special CDs. 

    You can open a traditional CD for terms stretching from three months to 60 months or five years. However, you can’t deposit any more money after you lock in your initial deposit into your traditional CD. 

    Those interested in making recurring transfers may be attracted to one of Simmons Bank’s Dream Saver CDs. You can open a Dream Saver CD for terms ranging from six months to five years. These options can take recurring transfers on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis. However, you must establish at least a $25 recurring  monthly transfer into your Dream Saver CD. In addition, the maximum you can deposit into a Dream Saver CD is $25,000. 

    But if these rates don’t suit you, you may find significantly generous options at Simmons Bank if you drop by at the right time. The bank occasionally offers Special CDs with higher interest rates than the ones it offers on a regular basis. You should ask a banker or call a branch for more information. 

    But at any time, you may find options that can meet your specific goals by comparing CD rates throughout the banking industry. 

    Compare Simmons Bank to Other Competitive Offers

    Personal Money Market Account

    Key FeaturesDetails
    Minimum Deposit
    • $50 or by establishing direct deposit
    Access to Your Money Market AccountOnline, mobile and physical branches.
    SecurityFDIC insurance up to the maximum amount allowed by law. 
    Fees$10 monthly service fee unless you meet certain minimum balance requirements
    Current Terms and Rates
    • $0 - $1,000: None
    • $1,000.01 - $100,000: 0.05% APY
    • 100,000.01 - $250,000: 0.10% APY
    • $250,000.01 - $750,000: 0.18% APY
    • $750,000.01 - $2 Million: 0.21% APY
    • $2 Million+: 0.25% APY

    Simmons Bank offers a fairly simple money market account (MMA). It’s relatively easy to manage. You can avoid its monthly service fee of $10 by maintaining a minimum balance of $1,000. Keeping an average daily balance of $2,500 will also waive the charge. These requirements may encourage you to stick to a healthy savings habit as monthly fees can add up and take a significant bite out of what could have compounded over time. 

    However, the rates tied to Simmons Bank's money market account aren’t necessarily the best. To generate its current peak APY of 0.25%. You may find higher rates with lower minimum balance requirements by comparing money market accounts from multiple banks.  

    Better Free Checking 

    Key FeaturesDetails
    Minimum Deposit$50
    Access to Your Checking AccountOnline, mobile and physical branches.
    SecurityFDIC insurance up to the maximum amount allowed by law. 
    FeesNo monthly Service fees

    This no-hassle checking account won’t generate any interest, but it stands as Simmons Bank’s most inexpensive and manageable option. First, you don't have to worry about any monthly maintenance fee. You also get a free Visa debit card, overdraft protection and automatic bill pay service. So if you’re looking for a bare bones checking account with no hidden fees or requirements, Simmons Bank has you covered. 

    Better Interest Checking

    Key FeaturesDetails
    Minimum Deposit$50 
    Access to Your Checking AccountOnline, mobile and physical branches.
    SecurityFDIC insurance up to the maximum amount allowed by law. 
    Fees$6.99 monthly service charge unless you meet certain requirements
    Current Terms and Rates 0.05% APY

    Although it may not offer the best interest rate, this checking account offers some appealing benefits. For instance, the bank won’t charge you a fee self storage west valley city utah using an out-of-network ATM machine in the United States. You can also waive its $6.99 monthly service charge by maintaining a minimum balance of $1,000 or a $2,500 average daily balance. Furthermore, you get a 50% off discount on a Simmons safe deposit box, and one free box of bank logo checks.

    But if growth is your goal, you may find accounts with better rates and benefits by examining the best checking accounts we’ve simmons first credit card payment on the market today.  

    Better Investment Checking

    Key FeaturesDetails
    Minimum Deposit$50
    Access to Your Checking AccountOnline, mobile and physical branches.
    SecurityFDIC insurance up to the maximum amount allowed by law. 
    Fees$15 every statement cycle unless you meet specific requirements
    Current Terms and Rates
    • $0 - $9,999: None
    • $1,000 - $25,000: 0.03% APY
    • $25,000.01 - $50,000: 0.05% APY
    • $50,000.01 - $ 100,000: 0.07% APY
    • 100,000.01 - $250,000: 0.10% APY
    • $250,000+: 0.16% APY

    The Better Investment Checking account is designed for the more affluent customer. It’s tied to a tiered interest rate, which means your Simmons first credit card payment climbs with your balance. But even its peak APY of 0.16% isn’t significantly high and you’d need at least $250,000 in your account to get it. 

    Plus, Simmons Bank will charge you $15 every statement cycle if your daily balance during any day in that time period dips below $5,000. 

    But it may appeal to those who frequently travel. The Better Interest Checking account comes with a free Visa Debit Concierge Card that offers the following benefits: 

    • 90 days worth of purchase security to replace, repair or reimburse eligible purchases made with your card
    • Up to $100,000 in travel accident insurance when you purchase common carrier tickets. 
    • Travel and emergency assistance 

    But keep in mind that these offers come with their specific terms and conditions. You should speak to a Simmons banker to discuss how these may apply to you and when. 

    Community Hero Checking 

    Key FeaturesDetails
    Minimum Deposit$50
    Access to Your Checking AccountOnline, mobile and physical branches.
    SecurityFDIC insurance up to the maximum amount allowed by law. 
    FeesNo monthly service fees
    Current Terms and Rates0.01% APY

    Staying true to supporting its local citizens, Simmons Bank offers a special checking account to veterans, police officers, firefighters, teachers and simmons first credit card payment in other service professions. It offers the same benefits as the Better Free Checking including zero monthly maintenance fees. But it also collects interest. 

    If you’re in any of these fields or a similar one, you should contact a local branch to see how this account may apply to you.

    Retirement Accounts

    Key FeaturesDetails
    Minimum Deposit$500
    Access to Your IRAOnline, mobile and physical branches.
    SecurityFDIC insurance up to the maximum amount allowed by law. 
    FeesNo monthly service fee, but you may face early withdrawal penalties
    Current Terms and Rates
    • For Traditional, Roth, Rollover and SEP IRAs
      • 24-Month
        • $500 - $499,999: 0.33% APY
        • $5,000.00+: 0.44% APY
      • 60-Month
        • $500 - $499,999: 0.33% APY
        • $5,000.00+: 0.43% APY
    • 12-Month Variable: 1.85% APY
    • 401(k) for the Self-Employed: Varies 

    Simmons Bank offers a variety of retirement-focused accounts for those looking to start investing in their golden years or those looking to rollover a well-supported nest egg. 

    You can open a traditional individual retirement account (IRA), Rollover IRA or a Roth IRA. When you contribute, toward a traditional IRA, your pre-tax dollars grow tax deferred until you make eligible withdrawals when you’re at least age 59.5. With a Roth IRA, your contributions are after-tax. So your withdrawals may be tax-free. 

    You can also open a SEP IRA, which helps business owners contribute to their employees and their own retirement savings. The bank even offers traditional and Roth 401(k)s designed for the self-employed. 

    Terms and conditions vary across accounts, so you should contact a Simmons Bank representative for specific information about how you may benefit from any of these accounts based on your individual situation. 

    But whenever you’re contemplating retirement-planning decisions, you should contact a qualified financial advisor. You can use our find a financial advisor tool to connect with someone near you. It asks you a few simple questions before linking you with up to three advisors in your area based on your preferences and simmons first credit card payment goals. You can then review their credentials and even set up interviews before choosing a financial advisor to work with.


    Branch Locations 

    Simmons Bank manages branches serving more than 28 communities in Missouri, Texas and Oklahoma. You can reach Simmons by dialing 1-800-618-5503. You can reach customer service representatives any day of the week between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

    Financial Statistics & Bank Health Rating

    Simmons Bank holds $2.80 billion in assets and $1.69 billion in loans, according to FDIC data. In addition, it has deposits of $2.50 billion. But if you’re wondering about whether it’s safe to work with Simmons Bank, you can review its Texas Ratio. This industry metric measures a bank’s reliability. It is determined by dividing the amount of non-performing assets (unbacked current loans and real estate owned) by the sum of the bank’s tangible equity capital and its loan loss allowances. Financial institutions with Texas Ratios of less than 5% are deemed to be exceptionally reliable. Simmons Bank’s ratio stands at 5.19%, which lands it in the "very good" category 

    The preceding rates and terms are current as of July 2018 and are subject to change. Contact a local Simmons Bank branch for more information


    From Simmons First, an account just for young crowd

    Alex Carriles, chief digital officer at Simmons First National in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, tallied up the frustrations of young, underbanked customers when his team started devising a new checking account for this audience last year.

    For one, Generation Z and young millennials prefer banking on their mobile devices — but the small screen isn’t so friendly to the multistep account-opening process. They get puzzled when identity verification questions refer to mortgage payments they don’t have or loans for cars they have never owned. They may hit a wall when it comes time to fund the account if they have no existing bank account from which to transfer money.

    Enter Coin Checking, an account that the $23 billion-asset parent of Simmons Bank launched in its home state in jack lemmon and judy holliday first quarter and then the other five states it serves on July 1. The account was designed from the get-go to solve many of the snags Carriles had documented and, in the process, hook prospective Gen Z and young millennial customers.

    “We tend to skew to an older demographic,” said Carriles. “We wanted to bring younger customers to make this their first bank and stay with us for the rest of their lives.”

    Alex Carriles, chief digital officer at Simmons Bank

    Traditional banks often find it a challenge to create banking products that compete with dedicated apps developed by fintechs.

    “If you want to grow and have a good funding base long-term, this is a great niche to try to target,” said Stephen Scouten, managing director in equity research at Piper Sandler. “Banks are facing a path where fintech companies or startups that are targeted toward the underbanked could theoretically cannibalize their business over a longer period of time.”

    Certain features of the account-opening product that the bank developed, including its design and the method with which it validates customer identities, stand out for a bank of Simmons's size, said Scouten.

    The initial step taken to appeal to young demographics was the mobile-first layout of the website. Simmons built Coin Checking to be navigated on a smartphone first and foremost.

    “We didn’t design a website and then make it little,” said Carriles. “It was designed to look great on this screen and looks the same way but larger on the desktop.”

    That means users can scroll vertically through bite-size pieces of information about the account, rather than britannica great books of the western world ebay left and right or zooming in and out.

    The account application is broken into a few digestible steps per screen. For example, after clicking Open Now, users get a list of three things they need to open Coin Checking: a driver’s license or state ID, their Social Security number and five minutes of their time.

    “When you are talking about opening a checking account on your phone, the degree to which you can make it more seamless for the consumer, the better hit rate you will get of someone clicking, opening an account and moving money,” said Scouten. “That is the right way to think about it instead of retrofitting your existing setups.”

    Simmons also did away with the typical questions used to verify a customer’s identity, which can confuse customers with thin credit histories who find themselves repeatedly clicking “none of the above” to multiple choice simmons first credit card payment application asks for a few pieces of information: email, employment status, employer and Social Security number. Customers scan their driver's licenses or state identification cards. A third-party solution called IDscan, which is integrated with Jack Henry’s OpenAnywhere digital account-opening process via application programming interfaces, scans the card, takes a picture of the user and analyzes and validates the data. Then it transmits the data to the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators to validate the authenticity of the driver’s license or state ID.

    Scouten says he has not heard of other banks deploying this method, especially banks of Simmons’s size. But he expects others will be fast followers when their core providers allow it.

    The bank also inserted some humor into the process. When it comes time to read the terms and conditions, the bar at the top reads “Let’s shake hands.” Underneath, the application elaborates, “help keep our lawyers happy and agree to these terms.”

    “That’s something you would expect to see in other apps for this age group,” said Carriles.

    When it is time to fund the account, customers can transfer money from an existing bank account. But if Coin Checking is their first account, they can also wait up to 45 days to fund the account, with as little as 1 cent, by mobile deposit or by direct deposit from their employer. The bank sends new Coin Checking customers a welcome kit that includes a direct deposit form, a debit card, a wireless power bank, a charger cord and tips for using the Simmons Bank app.

    Coin Checking is Simmons’ first fully digital account, meaning no human intervention is required from the bank's side from beginning to end. Carriles hopes to digitize other aspects of account opening in the near future, expanding the possibilities for Simmons to open customer accounts at their workplaces or on college campuses. He also wants it to be as seamless at a branch as it is with Coin Checking.

    Right now, “you spend 20 minutes looking at the back of the head of the banker typing away as you wait for him to finish entering all of the information,” said Carriles.

    “They are thinking about everything the right way and trying to be more proactive simmons first credit card payment implementing mobile and digital into their customer acquisition strategy,” said Scouten.


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