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    First national bank of wellston ohio

    first national bank of wellston ohio

    First Financial Bank, National Associat Hamilton Small Business Lending Institutions in Ohio Using Call Report Data, June 2012. Small Business Lending. Minnesota 3565 First National Bank. Wellston Ohio 3566 First National Bank. Yazoo City Mississippi 3568 Pasadena National Bank. Pasadena California. MCARTHUR, Ohio — An Ohio bank says a bad GPS navigator is the reason it Barnett wants the First National Bank of Wellston to give her.

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    Ohio Family's Home Mistaken for Foreclosed Property Across the Street

    July 26, 2013 — -- A woman in McArthur, Ohio, about 70 miles south of Columbus, said a bank mistakenly cleared items from her home, confusing it for a foreclosed house across the street, then demanded receipts when she asked to be compensated for her missing possessions.

    Katie Barnett, 36, a nurse, said her family had left for about two weeks last month and returned to find the locks on their home had changed and many of their belongings had been taken.

    "We called the cops and they first national bank of wellston ohio they thought it was a squatter," she said.

    Two dressers and clothing for her five children were taken, as well as items from outside their home, including pool cleaning supplies and patio furniture, she said.

    Weeks later, she said, police told her that a bank representative had contacted them, saying someone was living in a foreclosed home: the Barnett's one-story, three-bedroom home.

    "Obviously I wanted to find out what bank it was. I was mad about the whole situation," said Barnett.

    She later learned First National Bank in Wellston, of which she is not a customer, had mistaken her home for a bank-owned property across the street.

    A bank employee told 10TV News that the bank is trying to come to an agreement with Barnett.

    "A GPS had led them to my house, the president of the bank told me," Barnett said. "They also said my grass hadn't been mowed so they just assumed that was the house."

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    Barnett explained that her address number, 514, is clearly marked on her mailbox, as is the address of the foreclosed home, 509.

    "I have a house across the street from me; the house that should have been repossessed is two houses down from them," she explained.

    Barnett's home is not the first that a bank has mistaken for a foreclosed property. Two weeks ago, a couple in Fort Worth, Texas, discovered their home was confused for a vacant home, then mistakenly demolished.

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    She asked the bank for compensation for the missing items, which she estimated were worth $18,000. The most expensive items were two car engines and parts worth about $9,000, Barnett said.

    "He told me that I would probably need receipts for everything that they took and they were not paying retail," she said. "I told him I wasn't running a yard sale and asking them to make me an offer. I told him I don't keep receipts around for everything I have just in case a bank comes by and steals my stuff. And if I did, where do you think it would be? With the stuff that you threw away."

    First National Bank did not respond to multiple requests for comment. In a message on its website, the bank explained its side of the story.

    First National Bank president and CEO Anthony Thorne wrote that "two representatives of the First National Bank of Wellston first national bank of wellston ohio assigned to clean and refurbish a bank-owned residential property." Thorne said a GPS locator "led them to the wrong home, which was located on the same street as the target property (we have since retraced their route using the same GPS, and it again took us to the same wrong location). As we discovered later, the property to which they were directed actually belonged to another individual."

    Thorne explained, "This situation was a mistake on the part of our bank and – as we have done previously – we sincerely apologize to the homeowner for the inconvenience and concern it may have caused. In addition, we communicated to the homeowner our desire to compensate her fairly and equitably for her inconvenience and loss."

    "However, the first national bank of wellston ohio list of items that she provided to us – and the value she assigned to those items – is inconsistent with the list and descriptions of items removed that was prepared by the employees who did the work, and with the list and values of missing items provided by the homeowner herself as recorded in an earlier telephone conversation with one of our representatives," Thorne wrote. "In a meeting with me in my office, I indicated to the homeowner that we wanted to compensate her but would have to look further into the differences in the lists. We heard nothing more from her or otherwise about this situation until being contacted by a local television station, which subsequently broadcast a story that, from our perspective, did not accurately reflect the facts or the good faith actions of the First National Bank to resolve the situation."

    Barnett said she has an attorney and plans to bring a lawsuit.

    "We are definitely going to bring a lawsuit," she said. "I gave them a chance and they are not willing to work with me."

    In the meantime, Barnett and her family are living in the home with the furniture that was left behind, including their beds. The Barnetts moved into the home in 2001.

    "I've had to purchase clothes for the kids to wear. We are unable to use the pool this summer. I can't afford to get that stuff again with the pool. I've been doing what I can."

    Her children, ages 6 to 18 have passed the time on their summer break without the pool.

    "It's kind of ruined their summer, that's for sure," she said.


    First National Bank Automated

    Main SIC Category

    • Real estate agents and managers
    • Business Services
    • Educational services
    • Membership organizations
    • Eating and drinking places
    • Miscellaneous Services, Not Cla.
    • Non
    • Engineering, accounting, resear.
    • Miscellaneous retail
    • Home furniture, furnishings, an.
    • Wholesale trade
    • Printing and publishing
    • Building construction
    • Social wells fargo bank branch locations near me and recreation services
    • Health services
    • Personal services
    • Hotels, rooming houses, camps. .
    • Building materials, hardware, g.
    • Construction
    • Executive, Legislative, and Gen.
    • Nondepository credit institutions
    • Insurance agents, brokers, and .
    • Automotive dealers and gasoline.
    • Communications
    • Post Service
    • Depository institutions
    • Legal services
    • Security and commodity brokers.
    • Motor freight transportation an.

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    First National Bank Automated is a company Located at Wellston,Ohio,United States with a telephone number 7403842146, (740)384-2146.Provided Depository institutions products and service.

    Contact Info

    • First National Bank Automated
    • SIC Code: 602101 - Banks
    • SIC Category:Depository institutions
    • Country :United States
    • City:Wellston
    • State:Ohio - OH
    • Address:101 E A St
    • Zipcode:45692-1211 (45692)
    • Tel:7403842146, (740)384-2146


    Map of First National Bank Automated, address:101 E A St,Wellston,Ohio,United States.


    The First National Bank Of Wellston, Wellston (Ohio) 45692, 101 East A Street

    The First National Bank Of Wellston, Wellston (Ohio) 45692, 101 East A Street

    Name (Branch)): The First National Bank Of Wellston
    Address(Branch): 101 East A Street
    Zip Code (Branch): 45692
    City (Reported)(Branch): Wellston
    County Name (Branch): Jackson
    State Name (Branch): Ohio

    Institution Name: FIRST NB OF WELLSTON
    Address (Institution): P. O. Box 188
    Zip Code (Institution): 45692
    Institution Headquarters, City: Wellston
    County Name(Institution): Jackson
    State Name (Institution Headquarters): Ohio

    Total Assets: 83,306,000 USD (Eigthy-Three Million Three Hundred and Six Thousand $)
    Total Domestic Deposits: 72,265,000 USD (Seventy-Two Million Two Hundred and Sixty-Five Thousand $)
    Total Domestic Deposits for the institutions: 72,265,000 USD (Seventy-Two Million Two Hundred and Sixty-Five Thousand $)
    Deposits (Branch) (in thousand of dollars): 60,968,000 First national bank of wellston ohio (Sixty Million Nine Hundred and Sixty-Eight Thousand $)
    Industry Specialization Description: CONSUMER LENDING

    The National Bank Of Adams County Of West Union (The National Bank of Adams County of West Union)
    28 North Market
    45693 West Union
    Ohio (Adams)
    50,171,000 USD (Fifty Million One Hundred and Seventy-One Thousand $)

    The National Bank and Trust Company (The National Bank and Trust Company)
    48 North South Street
    45177 Wilmington
    Ohio (Clinton)
    109,495,000 USD (One Hundred and Nine Million Four Hundred and Ninety-Five Thousand $)

    The Citizens National Bank Of Woodsfield (The Citizens National Bank of Woodsfield)
    143 Main Street
    43793 Woodsfield
    Ohio (Monroe)
    43,514,000 USD (Fourty-Three Million Five Hundred and Fourteen Thousand $)

    The Wayne County National Bank Of Wooster (The Wayne County National Bank of Wooster)
    Public Square
    44691 Wooster
    Ohio (Wayne)
    167,898,000 USD (One Hundred and Sixty-Seven Million Eight Hundred and Ninety-Eight Thousand $)

    Xenia Central Branch (Keybank National Association)
    120 North Detroit Street
    45385 Xenia
    Ohio (Greene)
    73,653,000 USD (Seventy-Three Million Six Hundred and Fifty-Three Thousand $)

    Springfield Downtown Branch (Keybank National Association)
    1 South Fountain Avenue
    45501 Springfield
    Ohio (Clark)
    68,672,000 USD (Sixty-Eight Million Six Hundred and Seventy-Two Thousand $)

    Federal Plaza Branch (Sky Bank)
    23 Federal Plaza
    44501 Youngstown
    Ohio (Mahoning)
    144,626,000 USD (One Hundred and Fourty-Four Million Six Hundred and Twenty-Six Thousand $)

    Youngstown Main (Bank One, National Association)
    6 Federal Plaza West, 1st Fl
    44503 Youngstown
    Ohio (Mahoning)
    207,496,000 USD (Two Hundred and Seven Million Four Hundred and Ninety-Six Thousand $)

    Downtown Zanesville Branch (Unizan Bank, National Association)
    422 Main Street
    43702 Zanesville
    Ohio (Muskingum)
    308,593,000 USD (Three Hundred and Eight Million Five Hundred and Ninety-Three Thousand $)

    Zanesville-Main Branch (National City Bank)
    11 North Fourth Street
    43701 Zanesville
    Ohio (Muskingum)
    39,647,000 USD (Thirty-Nine Million Six Hundred and Fourty-Seven Thousand $)

    Waynesville Branch (The Lebanon-Citizens National Bank)
    9 North Main Street
    45068 Waynesville
    Ohio (Warren)
    46,750,000 USD (Fourty-Six Million Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand $)

    The First National Bank Of Waverly (The First National Bank of Waverly)
    107 North Market
    45690 Waverly
    Ohio (Pike)
    74,060,000 USD (Seventy-Four Million Sixty Thousand $)

    The Second National Bank Of Warren (The Second National Bank of Warren)
    108 Main Avenue, S.W.
    44482 Warren
    Ohio (Trumbull)
    180,804,000 USD (One Hundred and Eigthy Million Eight Hundred and Four Thousand $)

    Wapakoneta Branch (Bank One, National Association)
    16 East Auglaize Street
    45895 Wapakoneta
    Ohio (Auglaize)
    32,499,000 USD (Thirty-Two Million Four Hundred and Ninety-Nine Thousand $)

    Wadsworth Branch (The Huntington National Bank)
    129 High Street
    44281 Wadsworth
    Ohio (Medina)
    108,884,000 USD (One Hundred and Eight Million Eight Hundred and Eigthy-Four Thousand $)

    Troy Main Branch (U.S. Bank National Association)
    910 West Main Street
    45373 Troy
    Ohio (Miami)
    60,607,000 USD (Sixty Million Six Hundred and Seven Thousand $)

    102 East Main Street Branch (Community First Bank & Trust)
    102 East Main Street
    45891 Van Wert
    Ohio (Van Wert)
    54,978,000 USD (Fifty-Four Million Nine Hundred and Seventy-Eight Thousand $)

    The Citizens National Bank Of Urbana (The Citizens National First national bank of wellston ohio of Urbana)
    1 Monument Square
    43078 Urbana
    Ohio (Champaign)
    59,365,000 USD (Fifty-Nine Million Three Hundred and Sixty-Five Thousand $)

    Champaign National Bank (Champaign National Bank)
    N. Main & E. Court St.
    43078 Urbana
    Ohio (Champaign)
    65,310,000 USD (Sixty-Five Million Three Hundred and Ten Thousand $)

    Wharton Branch (The First Citizens National Bank of Upper Sandusky)
    101 West Sandusky Street
    43359 Wharton
    Ohio (Wyandot)
    6,608,000 USD (Six Million Six Hundred and Eight Thousand $)

    The Milton Banking Company (The Milton Banking Company)
    123 South Ohio Avenue
    45692 Wellston
    Ohio (Jackson)
    33,459,000 USD (Thirty-Three Million Four Hundred and Fifty-Nine Thousand $)

    Wellston Branch (Union Planters Bank, National Association)
    6313 Dr. Martin Luther King
    63133 Wellston
    Missouri (St. Louis)
    43,715,000 USD (Fourty-Three Million Seven Hundred and Fifteen Thousand $)

    Wellston Branch (Stroud National Bank)
    215 Second Street
    74881 Wellston
    Oklahoma (Lincoln)
    12,018,000 USD (Twelve Million Eightteen Thousand $)

    Wellston Branch (Lake-Osceola State Bank)
    17222 Caberfae Highway
    49689 Wellston
    Michigan (Manistee)
    9,872,000 USD (Nine Million Eight Hundred and Seventy-Two Thousand $)

    Wellston Branch (Oak Hill Banks)
    109 North Ohio Ave
    45692 Wellston
    Ohio (Jackson)
    9,902,000 USD (Nine Million Nine Hundred and Two Thousand $)

    Hobe Sound Branch (Bank of America, National Association)
    11900 South East Federal Hig
    33455 Hobe Sound
    Florida (Martin)
    60,968,000 USD (Sixty Million Nine Hundred and Sixty-Eight Thousand $)

    3823 South Osprey Avenue (World Savings Bank, FSB)
    3823 South Osprey Avenue
    34239 Sarasota
    Florida (Sarasota)
    60,968,000 USD metro city bank suwanee Million Nine Hundred and Sixty-Eight Thousand $)

    Jackson Branch (The First National Bank of Wellston)
    590 East Main Street
    45640 Jackson
    Ohio (Jackson)
    11,297,000 USD (Eleven Million Two Hundred and Ninety-Seven Thousand $)

    Cameron Branch (Branch Banking and Trust Company)
    21 Main Street
    26033 Cameron
    West Virginia (Marshall)
    18,086,000 USD (Eightteen Million Eigthy-Six Thousand $)

    207 Main Street Branch (Peoples Bank, National Association)
    207 Main Street
    26155 New Martinsville
    West Virginia (Wetzel)
    40,283,000 USD (Fourty Million Two Hundred and Eigthy-Three Thousand $)

    Sistersville Branch (Union Bank, Inc.)
    700 Wells Street
    26175 Sistersville
    West Virginia (Tyler)
    14,952,000 USD (Fourteen Million Nine Hundred and Fifty-Two Thousand $)

    Elm Grove Branch (Wesbanco Bank, Inc.)
    2207 National Road
    26003 Wheeling
    West Virginia (Ohio)
    154,677,000 USD (One Hundred and Fifty-Four Million Six Hundred and Seventy-Seven Thousand $)

    106 West Main Street Branch (Wesbanco Bank, Inc.)
    106 West Main Street
    26537 Kingwood
    West Virginia (Preston)
    85,873,000 USD (Eigthy-Five Million Eight First national bank of wellston ohio and Seventy-Three Thousand $)

    Lewisburg Branch (City National Bank of Britannica great books of the western world ebay Virginia)
    109 South Jefferson Street
    24901 Lewisburg
    West Virginia (Greenbrier)
    57,573,000 USD (Fifty-Seven Million Five Hundred and Seventy-Three Thousand $)

    By-Pass Plaza Branch (Bank One, West Virginia, National Association)
    1650 North Eisenhower Drive
    25801 Beckley
    West Virginia (Raleigh)
    64,765,000 USD (Sixty-Four Million Seven Hundred and Sixty-Five Thousand peoples bank 24 hour number

    First Century Bank, National Association (First Century Bank, National Association)
    500 Federal Street
    24701 Bluefield
    West Virginia (Mercer)
    100,967,000 USD (One Hundred Million Nine Hundred and Sixty-Seven Thousand $)

    Bluefield Branch (First Community Bank, National Association)
    211 Federal Street
    24701 Bluefield
    West Virginia (Mercer)
    140,798,000 USD (One Hundred and Fourty Million Seven Hundred and Ninety-Eight Thousand $)

    Buckhannon Main (Bank One, West Virginia, National Association)
    32 East Main Street
    26201 Buckhannon
    West Virginia (Upshur)
    142,183,000 USD (One Hundred and Fourty-Two Million One Hundred and Eigthy-Three Thousand $)

    Original information:
    # FDIC Certificate Number: 6727
    # FRB ID Number: 325824.00000000
    # OTS Docket Number: 13924.00000000
    # Institution Name: FIRST NB OF WELLSTON
    # Institution Name: The First National Bank of Wellston
    # FRB ID Number (Band Holding Company): 0.00000000
    # Multi-Bank Holding Company flag: 0.00000000
    # No Bank Holding Company flag: 1.00000000
    # One Bank Holding Company flag: 0.00000000
    # Unit Bank flag: 0.00000000
    # Primary Federal Regulator: OCC
    # Primary Insurance Fund: BIF
    # OAKAR flag: 0.00000000
    # Charter Agent Code: OCC
    # Charter Agent Name: Comptroller of the Currency
    # FRB District Number: 4.00000000
    # Institution Class: N
    # Class Number: 3
    # QBP Region Number: 3.00000000
    # QBP Region Name: Central
    # FDIC Region Number: 9
    # FDIC Region Name: Chicago
    # Federal Reserve District Name: Cleveland
    # OCC District Number: 3
    # OCC Region Name: Central District
    # OTS Region Name: Central
    # OTS Region Number: 3.00000000
    # State Code: OH
    # State Name (Institution Headquarters): Ohio
    # State Number (Institution): 39
    # County Name(Institution): Jackson
    # County Number (Institution): 79.00000000
    # State and County Number (Institution): 39079.00000000
    # Institution Headquarters, City: Wellston
    # Institution Headquarters, City (USPS): Wellston
    # Address (Institution): P. O. Box 188
    # Zip Code (Institution): 45692
    # Place Code Number: 0.00000000
    # FIPS CMSA Code (Main Office): 0
    # Td bank online business banking login Code (Institution): 0
    # FIPS Country Name: United States
    # New Brick and Mortar flag: 0.00000000
    # Federal Charter flag: 1.00000000
    # State Charter flag: 0.00000000
    # TFR Report flag: 0.00000000
    # Call Report flag: 1.00000000
    # Insured Commercial Bank flag: 1.00000000
    # Insured Savings Institution flag: 0.00000000
    # Insured Institution flag: 1.00000000
    # Insured FDIC flag: 1.00000000
    # Escrow Accounts (TFR): 0.00000000
    # International Banking Act entity flag: 0.00000000
    # U.S. branches of foreign institutions flag: 0.00000000
    # SASSER flag: 0.00000000
    # Demand Deposit in Insured Branches: 0.00000000
    # Time and Saving Deposit in Insured Branches: 0.00000000
    # Total Domestic Deposits for the institutions: 72265.00000000
    # Total Domestic Deposits: 72265.00000000
    # Deposits (Branch) (in thousand of dollars): 60968.00000000
    # Total Assets: 83306.00000000
    # Assets Size Indicator: 3.00000000
    # Assets 100M to 300M flag: 0.00000000
    # Assets Over 10B flag: 0.00000000
    # Assets 1B to 3B flag: 0.00000000
    # Assets Under 25M flag: 0.00000000
    # Assets 25M to 50M flag: 0.00000000
    # Assets 300M to 500M flag: 0.00000000
    # Assets 3B to 10B flag: 0.00000000
    # Assets 500M to 1B flag: 0.00000000
    # Assets 50M to 100M flag: 1.00000000
    # CENCODES C,E,N, or M: M
    # Branch Domicile Indicator: 1.00000000
    # SOD Region Book Number: 3
    # Domestic Institution flag: 1.00000000
    # Office Number: 0
    # Office Type: MO
    # Main Office Designation flag: 1.00000000
    # Branch Designation flag: 0.00000000
    # Unique Identification Number (Branch): 4509.00000000
    # Name (Branch)): The First National Bank Of Wellston
    # State Code (Branch): OH
    # State Name (Branch): Ohio
    # State Number (Branch): 39
    # County Name (Branch): Jackson
    # Country First national bank of wellston ohio (Branch): 79.00000000
    # State and County Number (Branch): 39079
    # City (Reported)(Branch): Wellston
    # City (USPS)(Branch): Wellston
    # Address(Branch): 101 East A Street
    # Zip Code (Branch): 45692
    # FIPS CMSA Code (Branch): 0
    # MSA Code (Branch): 0
    # FIPS Country Name (Branch): United States
    # Branch Service Type: 11
    # Consol/Estimated/Non-Dep: 0
    # FDIC Region Number Branch): 9
    # FDIC Region Name (Branch): Chicago
    # Call Report flag (Branch): 1.00000000
    # TFR Report flag (Branch): 0.00000000
    # Report Date: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
    # Report Date (YYMMDD): 2003-06-30
    # Report Date (YYMM): 2020-03-06
    # Data First national bank of wellston ohio Identifier: SIMS_I
    # GEO_Census_Block_Group: 390799573002
    # Combined Statistical Areas (Institution): 0
    # Core Based Statistical Areas (Institution): 0
    # Metropolitan Statistical Areas (Branch): 0
    # Combined Statistical Areas (Branch): 0
    # Core Based Statistical Areas (Branch): 0
    # Metropolitan Divisions Flag (Branch): 0
    # Metropolitan Divisions Flag (Branch): 0
    # Micropolitan Divisions Flag (Branch): 0
    # Metropolitan Statistical Areas (Institution): 0
    # Metropolitan Divisions Flag (Institution): 0
    # Metropolitan Divisions Flag (Institution): 0
    # Micropolitan Divisions Flag (Institution): 0
    # Industry Specialization Group: 6.00000000
    # Industry Specialization Description: CONSUMER LENDING
    # New England County Metro Areas (Branch): 0.00000000
    # New England County Metro Areas (Institution): 0.00000000


    Bank Wrongfully Repossesses Ohio Woman Katie Barnett's Home, Refuses To Pay Her Back

    Ohio resident Katie Barnett is understandably furious after she came home from a two-week trip only to find her house had been accidentally repossessed.

    Barnett became suspicious of something when her key would no longer open her door. She was forced to crawl through a window into her house. Once inside, she saw that everything was gone.

    Barnett soon found out that First National Bank in Wellston, Ohio had accidentally repossessed her home.

    “They repossessed first national bank of wellston ohio house on accident, thinking it was the house across the street,” Barnett said. “They told me that the GPS led them to my house. My grass hadn’t been mowed and they just assumed.”

    As if having all of your belongings taken from you isn’t bad enough, Barnett says the bank is now refusing to pay her back enough money to replace her items, most of which have been thrown away or sold by the bank.

    Barnett estimated that she would need $18,000 to replace her belongings, but the bank won’t pay up.

    “[The bank president] got very firm with me and said, ‘We’re not paying you retail here, that’s just the way it is,’” Barnett said. “I did not tell them to come in my house and make me an offer. They took my stuff and I want first national bank of wellston ohio back.

    “Now, I’m just angry,” Barnett said. “It wouldn’t be a big deal if they would step up and say ‘I’m sorry, we will replace your stuff.’ Instead, I’m getting attitude from them. They’re sarcastic when they talk to me. They make it sound like I’m trying to rip the bank off. All I want is my stuff back.”

    Ohio news station 10-TV tried to reach someone from First National Bank for comment, but no one could be reached.

    The story is developing, but if the bank doesn’t pay up, they may find a lawsuit coming their way asking for a lot more than $18,000. 

    Sources: 10-TV



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    (まとめ)コクヨ クリヤーブック(ウェーブカットポケット·固定式)B4タテ 10ポケット 背幅10mm ダークグレー ラT554DM 1(4冊)(×3Single Wake Alarm Clock with 0.7" Green LED Displayトーシンコーポレーション ライト RAILEY(ライリー) ホワイト ML-F21-WH 代引き不可 宅配便 メーカー直送(ギフト対応不可)【法人様限定】メーカー直送 ライフ セクショナルキッチン RAタイプ [RAN-90□□(R/L)] 流し台左右水槽有り 幅900 奥行550三菱 換気扇 ダクト用 中間取付形ダクトファン 低騒音タイプ 【V-25ZM5】 [$]Big Teeth ゴルフアイアンヘッドカバー 11個 ゴルフクラブプロテクター ブルー ラッキークローバー ナンバータグ付き[アネロ] 2WAY 拡張 ボストンバッグ 撥水 大容量 キャリーオン CROSS BOTTLE ATC3333R ネイビーオデッセイ (ODYSSEY) 右用 パター EYE TRAX DOUBLE WIDE PSTL 34インチ メンズロールカーテン付配膳車 TH69-54S ストッパー無GOAL ゴール P-2510-5 BS25 同一キー2個セット DT25·38ネオン サイン TN2522『星と月 山』NEON SIGNネオン管 ディスプレイ ボード カフェ 喫茶店 広告用看板 クラブ インテリア 10*8インチUNION(ユニオン) UK022-002S シリンダー錠MCS01007付 ドアノブ[イノヴ]Large Woman Laptop Tote Bag - Welcome Summer Time Canvas Shoulder Tote Bag日東工業 PNL15-24-SP5JC アイセーバ標準電灯分電盤HiKOKI(ハイコーキ) 18V コードレス 掃除機 1段サイクロン式 ハンディ スティック クリーナー 最大吸い込み仕事率2ダイケン ポスト 集合郵便受 屋内仕様 2戸用 CSP-205-2Dコイズミ コタツ用 ヒーターユニット 500W 遠赤消臭ヒーター KHH-5660ねこの城 スター·ウォーズ ストームトルーパー 戦闘服 衣装 ハロウィン仮装 イベント仮装 学園祭仮装 コスプレ用 クリスマス プレゼントSRK25SY-W 三菱重工 ルームエアコン 壁掛形 8畳程度 シングル 標準省エネ 単相100V ワイヤレス 室内電源 SYシリーズ(業務用100セット) プラス シンプルクリアファイル 〔A4〕 40ポケット タテ入れ FC-240SC 橙ブルーノ ハイブリッドUV加湿器 BRUNO CALM MIST BOE062 [ グラスグリーン ]シチズン 電波時計(掛置兼用) (4RY707‐003)フェス(fes) バッグ(トート)【ネイビー/**】KAMUI カムイ KP-01 ドライバー/ファイヤー エクスプレス マックスプラス/Fire Express MAX Plus シャフト(まとめ)キングジム キングホルダーポケットマチなし A4タテ 乳白 780-10 1パック(10枚) 〔×20セット〕モルトビー モダンクラシック(Maltby Modern Classic) ヘッドカバー (4個セット(DR/FW/FW/UT))Formosa Design Hardware 4ピース バスルームハードウェアキットAZROF(アズロフ) クラブケース - セルフスタンドバッグ AZ-SSC02 115 アーバンカモグリーン 重量 約1.0kgカスタム プロギア 05 アイアン 8本組 PRGR 横浜ゴム MCI シルバー 90 フジクラシャフトアプリケーションからネットワークに至る各階層の中で、当社はitインフラ構築技術を中心として、4つのサービスをご提供致します。各サービスについては、設計フェーズから運用フェーズまで対応しております。お客様のニーズに適したサーバの活用を提案させて頂きます。各種サーバの単体構築から分散環境の一元化、更にはクラウドの活用まで幅広く対応させて頂きます。

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