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    Esmeralda con lupita ferrer y jose bardina

    esmeralda con lupita ferrer y jose bardina

    ESMERALDA TELENOVELA REALIZADA POR VENEVISION DE VENEZUELA EN EL AÑO DEL MUNDO SUS PROTAGONISTAS FUERON - LUPITA FERRER Y JOSE BARDINA. 1970 Esmeralda (Lupita Ferrer; Jose Bardina) 1972 Maria Teresa (Lupita Ferrer; Jose Bardina) 1997 Maria Isabel (Adela Noriega;. Esmeralda. Plot: Esmeralda is a Mexican telenovela produced by Salvador MejÃa Lupita Ferrer and José Bardina starred as the main protagonists.

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    Telenovela Esmeralda - Lupita Ferrer

    Amor Descarado


    Prisionera is a telenovela made by Telemundo and Caracol Televisión. This telenovela was aired in 16 countries around the world.

    Cuando Seas Mía is a Mexican telenovela produced by TV Azteca. It is a remake of the 1994 Colombian telenovela Café, con aroma de mujer, and the second reunion for Silvia Navarro and Sergio Basañez as protagonists.


    Camaleones (Chameleons) is a 2009/2010 Mexican neo-noir vigilante heist thriller telenovela produced by Televisa. The soap opera premiered on Mexico's Canal de las Estrellas, replacing the completed TV series Verano de Amor. Camaleones is produced by Rosy Ocampo, who has produced several popular telenovelas, such as Amor sin Maquillaje, Las Tontas No Van al Cielo and La Fea Mas Bella. Filming took place in Mexico City and Xochitepec in June 2009, and lasted approximately 7 months. The telenovela premiered on Univision in the United States on May 4, 2010.

    <i>Mujeres engañadas</i>

    Mujeres engañadas is a Mexican telenovela produced by Emilio Larrosa for Televisa in 1999-2000. The telenovela tells the story of four couples who live in the same apartment building.

    <i>Entre el amor y el deseo</i>

    Entre el Amor y el Deseo is a Mexican telenovela by TV Azteca. It premiered on 2010. The protagonists are the international stars Lorena Rojas and Victor Gonzalez Reynoso. Grand actors such as Fernando Lujan, Hector Bonilla, Alvaro Guerrero, Veronica Merchant, Paco de la O and Gina Morett also included as cast members. This telenovela will be produced by Maria del Carmen Marcos, after her successful work in La Loba. Shooting of this series will start on 9 August 2010. The series premiered on 27 September 2010, at 10pm, sharing La Loba's timeslot.

    <i>Corazón valiente</i>

    Corazón Valiente, originally known as Caídas del Cielo, is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by United States-based television network Telemundo Studios, Miami, featuring an ensemble cast. Adriana Fonseca, Ximena Duque, José Luis Reséndez and Fabián Ríos starred as the main protagonists, with Aylin Mujica and Manuel Landeta starred as the main antagonists.

    María Elisa Camargo

    María Elisa Camargo is an Ecuadorian actress and activist. She began her career competing in The X Factor Colombia. From that moment she knew she would devote her life to entertainment. Having studied theatre during her childhood, she decided to knock on doors and began participating in musical telenovelas. This led to her first star role in Latin America, Maria Alegria for "Mark of Desire" (Telefutura/Univision).

    <i>Flor Salvaje</i> American telenovela

    Flor Salvaje is an American telenovela that premiered on Telemundo on August 2, 2011, and concluded on March 2, 2012. The telenovela is produced by Hugo León Ferrer, and created by Perla Farías based on La novia oscura original by Laura Restrepo. The show is deloveped by RTI Producciones and Telemundo Studios, and distributed by Telemundo Internacional. It stars Mónica Spear as the titular character.

    Pedro Moreno, is a Cuban actor and model. He lives in Miami with his wife and 3 children.

    <i>Rosa diamante</i>

    Rosa diamante is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by United States-based television network Telemundo Studios, Miami and Mexican Argos Comunicación. It is a remake of Argentinian telenovela Perla Negra, written by Enrique Deposit cash into usaa checking account. Carla Hernández, Mauricio Ochmann, and Lupita Ferrer are starring in this telenovela.

    <i>Amores de mercado</i> (Chilean TV series)

    Amores de mercado is a Chilean television series created by Fernando Aragón and Arnaldo Madrid, that aired on TVN and TV Chile from August 6, to December 28, 2001, starring Álvaro Rudolphy, Ángela Contreras, Luciano Cruz-Coke, and Alejandra Fosalba.

    <i>Dama y obrero</i> (American TV series) American television series

    Dama y obrero is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by United States-based television network Telemundo Studios, Miami. It is a remake of the Chilean telenovela of the same title produced by TVN in 2012. Ana Layevska and José Luis Reséndez stars as the protagonists, while Fabián Ríos, Felicia Mercado and Sofía Lama stars as the antagonists.

    El amor no es como lo pintan is a Mexican telenovela produced by Juan David Burns and Elisa Salinas for TV Azteca. It was broadcast on Azteca Trece from September 4, 2000 to May 4, 2001 for 175 episodes and the first Mexican version of the popular Colombian telenovela, Yo soy Betty, la fea.

    Amor Del Bueno is a 2004 telenovela produced by Venevisión and Iguana Productions. Venezuelan actors Coraima Torres and Ricardo Álamo star as the main protagonists.

    Sergio Sendel

    Sergio Sendel Santealla is a Mexican actor, most notable for playing villainous roles in Mexican telenovelas.

    <i>Hasta el fin del mundo</i>

    Hasta el fin del mundo, is a Mexican telenovela premiered on Canal de las Estrellas on July 28, 2014, and concluded on April 19, 2015. The series is produced for Televisa by Nicandro Díaz González and adapted by Kary Fajer, based on the Argentine telenovela produced by Telefe, entitled Dulce amor.

    Amor de nadie is a Mexican telenovela produced by Carla Estrada for Televisa in 1990.

    <i>¿Quién es quién?</i> American television series

    ¿Quién es quién?, is an American telenovela produced by Gemma Lombardi, Joshua Mintz and Carmen Cecilia Urbaneja for Telemundo. It is an adaptation of the telenovela produced in 2003, Amor descarado.

    Prisionera de amor is a Mexican telenovela produced by Pedro Damián for Televisa in 1994.

    Salud, dinero y amor is a Mexican telenovela produced by Emilio Larrosa for Televisa in 1997–1998. Is a sequel of 1995 Mexican telenovela El premio mayor.

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    Delia Fiallo: 'Mother of the Latin American Soap Opera' Dies at 96

    Cuban writer Delia Fiallo, known as the "Mother of Latin American Soap Opera," died at the age of 96.

    According to Daily Mail, which Fiallo's daughter confirmed, the Cuban writer died at the comfort of her home in Coral Gables in Miami, Florida on Tuesday, June 29.

    Speaking to the Televisa channel, the sons of the "Mother of the Latin American Soap Opera" confirmed that she died peacefully surrounded by her loved ones. However, the Cuban writer's relatives did not mention the cause of Fiallo's death, BBC reported.

    Venezuelan actress Lupita Ferrer has also confirmed the passing of Fiallo.

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    Some of the Latin American artists and networks expressed their thoughts on Fiallo's passing.

    Venezuelan actor and television personality Orlando Urdaneta recalled how he met the "Mother of the Latin American Soap Opera," and described her as a "thousand hits writer and lovable being."

    Nos dejó Delia Fiallo. Escritora de mil éxitos y adorable ser. La conocimos cuando Jose Bardina y Amelia Roman, tuvieron la generosidad de invitarnos a Chelo y a mi a una cena privada para que ella nos conociera. Con Bernardo su marido, divertido y seductor, nos amistamos de una

    — Orlando Urdaneta (@orlandourdaneta) June 29, 2021

    Meanwhile, television network Venevision also expressed their sympathies on the Cuban writer's passing, offering their condolences to the woman who shaped "great unforgettable stories."

    Desde #Venevision nos unimos al sentido abrazo de condolencias para los familiares y amigos de #DeliaFiallo, gran escritora que nos dice adiós tras 96 años de vida dando forma a grandes historias inolvidables.

    — Venevision (@venevision) June 29, 2021

    Delia Fiallo: 'Mother of the Latin America Soap Opera' and Her Works

    Delia Fiallo's career peaked during the 1970s and 1980s, with her famous soap operas including "Esmeralda" and "El Privilego de Amar." 

    Fiallo's last original story was entitled "Cristal," which aired in 1985 and 1986. Her first story to air outside Cuba was "Lucecita," which aired in 1967. Her works dominated Spanish and Latin American television. Fiallo's works also captivated a global audience.

    El Siglo De Torreon highlighted that apart from being the "Mother of the Latin American Soap Opera," she was also one of the maximum representatives of the contemporary rose novel. 

    This was because Fiallo's stories were adapted from different parts of the world, such as Argentina, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the United States.

    As one of the pillars of Latin American soap operas, Delia Fiallo also blasted the writers who followed her footsteps in the industry.

    Citing Televisa, Daily Mail reported that Delia Fiallo criticized writers for destroying the soap opera as they focus on action, violence, and drug trafficking. She noted that the writers are "forgetting about feelings."

    Delia Fiallo's Career

    Delia Is caffeinated coffee good for you studied Philosophy and letters hello is it me you re looking for remix Havana and started her career as a radio soap writer in the Cuban Capital in 1949. 

    She then fled with her family in Miami, Florida in 1966, as she wrote soap operas for television networks in Mexico and Venezuela.

    In the years of being an active television writer, Delia Fiallo was known to write 35 pages of scripts every day to keep her bosses in the company happy. The "Mother of the Latin American Soap Opera" retired from writing in 1985.

    Fiallo's hard work in writing paid off when she was honored by Miami's Cuban Cultural Heritage Organization in 2018.

    Delia Fiallo was supposed to turn northwest savings bank online login on July 4. She married radio director Bernardo Pascual in 1952 and retained her marriage with the director until Pascual died in 2019.

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    WATCH: Escritora Delia Fiallo: "La Telenovela Murió Como Género" - From Presna Libre

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    Delia Fiallo is a Cuban author and screenwriter who lives in Miami, Florida. She is one of the most distinguished representatives of the contemporary romance united airlines customer service number, dabbling in various genres which appear in her literary output.
    Due to the contributions she made to the rise of the melodrama genre in the late 1970s and mid–1980s, she is considered to be the "mother of the Latin American telenovela". In all, bank of america cd rate of return 80 successful adaptations have been made of her soap operas in different countries and languages.


    People by status
    Living people

    1. Biography
    Fiallo studied philosophy and literature in Havana, receiving a doctorate in 1948. She began writing radionovelas in Havana wells fargo bank branch locations near me 1949, making her first adaptation to a telenovela with Soraya, which was released in Cuba in 1957. She left the country, together with her family, in 1966, for exile in Miami, where she would write most of her novels.
    She lived for a time in Venezuela, to supervise productions of her works by Venevision and later Radio Caracas Television. Thanks to her compatriot Enrique Cusco, she was able to contact the owners of the former, who broadcast her first telenovela in that country, 1967s Lucecita.
    Fiallo has not written an original telenovela since Cristal in 1985, since the last project she worked on, La Felicidad, was never completed and she decided to retire. At that time, she sold the rights to her works to Televisa. Their adaptations, as she has declared on several occasions, she has not liked.

    2. Personal life
    She has been married to radio director Bernardo Pascual since 1952. She is mother to five children four girls and one boy, and has 13 grandchildren. She currently resides in Miami, Florida.
    By Fiallos account, she has not visited Venezuela since the election of former President Hugo Chavez in 1998.

    3. Telenovelas
    Mi mejor amiga
    Mi mejor amiga – Venezuela 1981 with Flor Nuñez and Felix Loreto
    Mi hermana gemela by Delia Gonzalez Marquez
    Mi hermana gemela – Venezuela 1975 with Lupita Ferrer and Jose Bardina
    Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
    Cumbres Borrascosas – Venezuela 1976 with Elluz Peraza and Jose Bardina
    Laura y Virginia by Enrique Jarnes
    Laura y Virginia – Venezuela 1977 with Mary Soliani, Alejandra Pinedo, and Luis Abreu

    3.1. Telenovelas El angel perverso
    The protagonist of the original radionovela is Angelina, a wicked woman who impersonates where can i pay my ugi bill in person invalid to retain her husband Gustavo, and finally, after being discovered, is devoid of truth. However, in order to meet the standards of telenovelas, in which the protagonist must be good, Fiallo was forced to introduce a new character into the first teleplay – Lucecita, an illegitimate peasant daughter of Angelinas father. She starts working as a maid in the house and has a love affair with Gustavo.
    The story was intended to end after the death of Angelina 1330 e 53rd st chicago il 60615 an accident, with Gustavo and Lucecita happily married with a daughter, but because of its success, Fiallo wrote an extension in which Gustavo is left with amnesia after an accident, and Angelinas nurse Mirtha who had secretly been in love with him takes him and the girl from the country to make him believe she his wife. Meanwhile Lucecita, without losing hope of finding her husband and daughter, comes to serve at the house of the Aldamas, a family of miserable millionaires who regain their happiness through Lucecita. Five years later, Gustavo, Mirtha, and the girl return, and Lucecita starts working as a maid in their house to be near her daughter. Gustavo, still amnesiac, falls in love with Lucecita not knowing that she is actually his true wife. This first citizens bank routing number florence sc of the story is the one which has remained in all subsequent adaptations, all very successful.
    Virginia – Venezuela 1984 with Alba Roversi and Miguel Angel Landa very loose adaptation
    Lucecita – Venezuela 1967 with Marina Baura and Jose Bardina
    Lucerito – Colombia 1992 with Linda Lucia Callejas and Guillermo Galvez
    Estrellita mia – Argentina 1987 with Andrea del Boca and Ricardo Darin
    Estrellita, esa pobre campesina – Argentina 1968 with Marta Gonzalez and German Krauss
    Lucecita – Argentina 1976 film
    Lucecita – Venezuela 1972 with Adita Rivera and Humberto Garcia
    Luz Maria – Peru 1998 with Angie Cepeda and Christian Meier

    3.2. Telenovelas La señorita Elena
    Elena, a beautiful teacher, arrives at the mansion of an elegant judge to serve as governess. She works wonders, inspiring his children and changing the course of things, bringing true love through help and understanding.
    La señorita Elena – Venezuela 1967 with Marina Baura and Jose Bardina
    Vivo Por Elena – Mexico 1998 with Victoria Ruffo and Saul Lisazo
    Atrevete – Venezuela 1986 with Caridad Canelon and Pedro Lander
    La señorita Elena – Venezuela 1975 with Ada Riera and Jose Luis Rodriguez "El Puma"

    3.3. Telenovelas Lisa, mi amor
    A secretary to a successful businessman secretly loves her boss and gives him loyalty, understanding, and support. It comes as a great surprise when he feels the same way about her.
    Buenos dias, Isabel – Venezuela 1980 with Flor Nuñez and Jose Bardina
    Ines Duarte, secretaria – Venezuela 1990–1991 with Amanda Gutierrez and Victor Camara
    Amor Secreto – Venezuela 2014 with Alejandra Sandoval and Miguel de Leon
    Secretos del alma – Mexico 2008 with Ivonne Montero and Humberto Zurita
    Lisa, mi amor – Venezuela 1970 with Marina Baura and Jose Bardina

    3.4. Telenovelas Esmeralda
    The daughter of a powerful family is exchanged at birth with a poor country orphan. She is blind but very beautiful, td bank hours friday holds proof of her origin and fortune in the form of emerald earrings.
    Esmeralda – Venezuela 1971 with Lupita Ferrer and Jose Bardina
    Esmeralda – Mexico 1997, with Leticia Calderon and Fernando Colunga
    Sin tu mirada – Mexico 2017-2018 with Claudia Martin and Osvaldo de Leon
    Esmeralda – Brazil 2004–2005 with Bianca Castanho and Claudio Lins
    Topacio – Venezuela 1985 with Grecia Colmenares and Victor Camara

    3.5. Telenovelas Maria Teresa
    A beautiful girl selling flowers meets a pianist who is actually a rich kid hiding a grudge against a women he thinks murdered his father, and who turns out to be the lost aunt of Maria Teresa.
    Primavera – Venezuela 1988 with Gigi Zanchetta and Fernando Carrillo
    Rosalinda – Mexico 1999 with Thalia and Fernando Carrillo
    Rosalinda – Philippines 2009 with Carla Abellana and Geoff Eigenmann
    Maria Teresa – Venezuela 1972 with Lupita Ferrer and Jose Bardina
    Rosangelica – Venezuela 1993 with Sonya Smith and Victor Camara very loose adaptation

    3.6. Telenovelas Peregrina
    A stepmother gets rid of her husbands granddaughter, delivering her to esmeralda con lupita ferrer y jose bardina circus. Years later the circus comes back to town, bringing this woman who inspires crazy love in their two spoiled and rebellious twins.
    Kassandra – Venezuela 1992 with Coraima Torres and Osvaldo Rios
    Peregrina – Mexico 2005–2006 with Africa Zavala and Eduardo Capetillo
    Peregrina – Venezuela 1973 with Rebeca Gonzalez and Jose Bardina
    La muchacha del circo – Venezuela 1988 with Catherine Fulop and Fernando Carrillo

    3.7. Telenovelas Una muchacha llamada Milagros
    A girl goes on after being the product of rape – a somewhat strong story at the time.
    Cuidado con el angel – Mexico 2008–2009 with Maite Perroni and William Levy
    Mi amada Beatriz – Venezuela 1987 with Catherine Fulop and Miguel Alcantara
    Una muchacha llamada Milagros – Venezuela 1974–1975 with Rebeca Gonzalez and Jose Bardina

    3.8. Telenovelas Mariana de la noche
    Mariana is seen in the village as a future black widow because she has inexplicably bad luck with her suitors. What is actually happening is that her wicked stepfather is responsible for getting rid of them until her true love arrives to fight for Mariana.
    Selva Maria – Venezuela 1988 with Mariela Alcala and Franklin Virguez
    Mariana de la Noche – Mexico 2003–2004 with Alejandra Barros and Jorge Salinas
    Mariana de la noche – Venezuela 1976 with Lupita Ferrer and Jose Bardina

    3.9. Telenovelas La Zulianita
    A pretty girl, for reasons beyond her control, leaves her village for the city, becoming the maid of a wealthy family. She meets her true love, creating a passionate triangle that involves the whole family.
    La zulianita – Venezuela 1977, with Lupita Ferrer and Jose Bardina
    Maria de nadie – Argentina 1985, with Grecia Colmenares and Jorge Martinez
    Un refugio para el amor – Mexico 2012, with Zuria Vega and Gabriel Soto
    Morelia – Mexico–US 1994–1995, with Alpha Acosta and Arturo Peniche
    Maribel – Venezuela 1989, with Tatiana Capote and Luis Jose Santander very loose adaptation

    3.10. Telenovelas Rafaela
    Always ready to overcome, though her mother was very unlucky in love and lives mired in poverty, Rafaela becomes a doctor and meets the love of her life, discovers she is the daughter of a wealthy doctor, and lives happily.
    Roberta – Venezuela 1987 with Tatiana Capote and Henry Zakka very loose adaptation
    Alejandra – Venezuela 1994 with Maria Conchita Alonso and Jorge Schubert
    Rafaela – Mexico 2011 with Scarlet Ortiz and Jorge Poza
    Rafaela – Venezuela 1977 with Chelo Rodriguez and Arnaldo Andre esmeralda con lupita ferrer y jose bardina

    3.11. Telenovelas Maria del mar
    Maria Celeste grows up alone without the protection of a father or mother. She does not know that banks with best cd rates in ny mother lost esmeralda con lupita ferrer y jose bardina mind after being raped by the evil Leonidas Parra Montiel and wanders the village streets desperately searching for her daughter. The handsome Victor Manuel Galindez arrives, and falls in love with Maria Celeste. At the same time, Victor Manuel rescues a beautiful but strange woman from the sea.
    Mar de amor – Mexico 2009–2010 with Zuria Vega and Mario Cimarro esmeralda con lupita ferrer y jose bardina Maria del Mar – Venezuela 1978 with Chelo Rodriguez and Arnaldo Andre

    3.12. Telenovelas Ligia Sandoval
    Because of the irresponsibility of a man who cheated, Ligia Sandoval becomes a single mother and lives in a humble residential area with her godmother and a teenage sister. To everyone, Ligias son is her younger brother. The male protagonist is Luis Gerardo, a young doctor devoted to research who has a fling with Lissette, who manages to bring him to the altar. The marriage is doomed from the beginning. He decides to divorce, but unfortunately a car accident blinds him and his wife.
    Todo Por Tu Amor – Venezuela 1997 with Jeannette Rodriguez and Jean Carlos Simancas very loose adaptation
    Ligia Sandoval – Venezuela 1981 with Lupita Ferrer and Jose Bardina

    3.13. Telenovelas Mi mejor amiga
    Mi mejor amiga – Venezuela 1981 with Flor Nuñez and Felix Loreto

    3.14. Telenovelas La heredera
    Cristina, an orphan girl, leaves her humble village for Caracas and the house of her wicked aunt Luisa Zambrano and her cousins. She hopes to become a successful puppeteer in the orthopedic childrens hospital, despite having a disability in one foot. She does not know she is the daughter of Ezequiel Zambrano, a powerful businessman who has been desperately searching for her for years. Zembrano takes her esmeralda con lupita ferrer y jose bardina meet the love of her life, the lawyer Alfredo Mendez who seeks vengeance for his past which haunts him day and night.
    Milagros – Peru 2000 with Sonya Smith and Roberto Mateos
    La heredera – Venezuela 1982 with Hilda Carrero and Eduardo Serrano
    Adorable Monica – Venezuela 1990 with Emma Rabbe and Guillermo Davila very loose adaptation
    Guadalupe – US–Spain 1993–1994 with Adela Noriega and Eduardo Yañez

    3.15. Telenovelas Querida mama
    This story was brought to the screen for the first time when Venezuela had a law limiting the number of chapters in telenovelas. Its success caused a sequel to be planned but it was, in the end, not made, leaving the telenovela with an open and incomplete ending. In later versions the unpublished second part was added, telling the whole story.
    Marielena – US–Spain 1992–1993 with Lucia Mendez and Eduardo Yañez
    Querida mama – Venezuela 1982 with Hilda Carrero and Eduardo Serrano
    Soledad – Peru 2001 with Coraima Torres and Guillermo Perez

    3.16. Telenovelas Siempre te he querido
    Marta y Javier – Venezuela 1982 with Mayra Alejandra and Carlos Olivier very loose adaptation
    Extension of Cuidado con el angel – Mexico 2008–2009 with Maite Perroni and William Levy

    3.17. Telenovelas Leonela
    This telenovela was presented, in its first screen version, in two parts with different titles – Leonela and Miedo al amor. In the later version, the two parts were adapted into one telenovela.
    Leonela, muriendo de amor – Peru 1997–1998 with Mariana Levy and Diego Bertie
    Leonela – Venezuela 1984 with Mayra Alejandra and Carlos Olivier
    Miedo al amor – Venezuela 1984–1985 with Mayra Alejandra and Carlos Olivier

    3.18. Telenovelas Cristal
    Cristal lives with her friends and dreams of becoming a model. She achieves this at a prominent fashion house, where she happens to find the love of her life in the arms of the owners stepson. The owner turns out to be her mother, who has spent years searching for her since his paternal grandmother took her away.
    Cristal – Brazil 2006 with Bete Coelho, Bianca Castanho, Dado Dolabella, and Giuseppe Oristanio
    Triunfo del amor – Mexico 2010–2011 with Victoria Ruffo, Maite Perroni, William Levy, and Osvaldo Rios loose adaptation
    Cristal – Venezuela 1985–1986 with Lupita Ferrer, Jeannette Rodriguez, Carlos Mata, and Raul Amundaray
    El Privilegio de Amar – Mexico 1998–1999 with Helena Rojo, Adela Noriega, Rene Strickler, and Andres Garcia
    Bellisima – Venezuela 1991–1992 with Emma Rabbe, Victor Camara, and Nancy Gonzalez very loose adaptation

    3.19. Telenovelas La mujer que no podia amar
    Te sigo amando – Mexico 1997 with Claudia Ramirez, Luis Jose Santander, and Sergio Goyri
    La que no podia amar – Mexico 2011 with Ana Brenda Contreras, Jose Ron, and Jorge Salinas
    Monte calvario – Mexico 1986 with Edith Gonzalez, Arturo Peniche, and Jose Alonso

    3.20. Telenovelas Mi hermana gemela by Delia Gonzalez Marquez
    Mi hermana gemela – Venezuela 1975 with Lupita Ferrer and Jose Bardina

    3.21. Telenovelas Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
    Cumbres Borrascosas – Venezuela 1976 with Elluz Aaa credit card payment login and Jose Bardina

    3.22. Telenovelas Laura y Virginia by Enrique Jarnes
    Laura y Virginia – Venezuela 1977 with Mary Soliani, Alejandra Pinedo, and Luis Abreu

    3.23. Telenovelas Pobre diabla by Alberto Migre
    Pobre diabla – Peru 2000 with Angie Cepeda, Salvador del Solar, Arnaldo Andre, Rossana Fernandez Maldonado, and Vanessa Saba
    Pobre diabla – Argentina–Venezuela 1990 with Jeannette Rodriguez and Osvaldo Laport

    and playwright Delia Fiallo born 1924 Cuban romance novelist and screenwriter Delia Garces 1919 2001 Argentine film actress Delia Gonzalez born
    original story, written by Delia Fiallo has inspired several variations and adaptations through the years, most of them by Fiallo both for television and
    is based on the credit karma com login page La señorita Elena written by Cuban writer Delia Fiallo Caridad Canelon and Pedro Lander starred as the protagonists. Caridad
    Doña Barbara 1967 1968 is a Venezuelan telenovela written by Delia Fiallo and based on the novel the novel written by Romulo Gallegos. The telenovela
    Wuthering Heights is a Venezuelan telenovela written and adapted by Delia Fiallo for Venevision in 1976, based on the 1847 novel Wuthering Heights by
    in 2004 and 2005. was based on Venezuelan telenovela of same name by Delia Fiallo in 1970. Esmeralda - a Venezuelan telenovela produced by Jose Enrique
    in 1987 based on the telenovela Mariana de la noche by Cuban writer Delia Fiallo This remake was adapted by Gustavo Michelena. Mariela Alcala and Franklin
    Buenos dias, Isabel is a Venezuelan telenovela written by Cuban writer Delia Fiallo and produced by Venevision in 1980. Flor Nuñez and Jose Bardina as the
    1983. It is based on the radionovela Siempre te he querido written by Delia Fiallo with this free version adapted by Ligia Lezama. The telenovela ran for
    It is based on an original story Maria Teresa written by Cuban writer Delia Fiallo The series lasted for 221 episodes and was distributed internationally

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    Dafydd ab Hugh is a U.S. science fiction author. He is known for writing fiction in media franchises in the 1990s, including several novels for the Star Trek.

    Dylan Ababou

    Dylan Ababou

    Dylan Simon Rosales Ababou is a Filipino professional basketball player who last played for the Columbian Dyip of the Philippine Basketball Association. He w.

    Damien Abad

    Damien Abad

    Damien Abad is a French politician who has been member of the French National Assembly since 2012, representing Ain. From 2009 until 2012, he was a member of.

    Dmitry Abakumov

    Dmitry Abakumov

    Dmitry Nikolayevich Abakumov is a Russian professional association football player for Ararat-Armenia.

    Diego Abal

    UTC - 4 2009 - 04 - 17 19: 00 Estadio Tierra de Campeones, Iquique Referee: Diego Abal Argentina 2009 - 04 - 17 22: 00 Estadio Tierra de Campeones, Iquique R.

    Dani Abalo

    Dani Abalo

    Daniel "Dani" Abalo Paulos is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a right winger for Racing de Ferrol. He began his career at Celta, playing almos.

    DJ Abass

    DJ Abass

    DJ Abass is a media & entertainment consultant, broadcaster, DJ & compere based in the United Kingdom. He is the CEO of the entertainment and media managemen.

    Diego Abatantuono

    Diego Abatantuono

    Abatantuono was born in Milan to a father of Apulian origin and a mother from Como. The latter worked as wardrober in a Milanese jazz and later cabaret club.

    Dong Abay

    Dong Abay

    Westdon Martin Abay, popularly known as Dong Abay, is a poet and a Pinoy rock musician. He was the founding member, songwriter and lead vocalist of the bands.

    Dimuthu Bandara Abayakoon

    Dimuthu Bandara Abayakoon is a Sri Lankan politician, belonging to the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna. In the 2004 election he was elected as a representative of .

    Dren Abazi

    Dren Abazi

    Dren Abazi (born 13 February 1985 in Pristina, Kosovo, is a singer-songwriter and a producer of Albanian origin. He is the founder and leader of Zig Zag Orch.

    Dino Abazovic

    He studied sociology at the Faculty of Political Science in Sarajevo where he graduated in 1999. He earned his post-graduate degree from the same institution.

    Dritan Abazovic

    Dritan Abazovic is an Albanian Montenegrin politician, President of United Reform Action since May 2017 and current member of Parliament of Montenegro.

    David Abbasi

    David Abbasi

    David Abbasi, also known as Siyavash Awesta, is a Persian-French writer, journalist, and Islamologist. He lives in Paris and is the son of Zahra Mirzai and S.

    Dakota Abberton

    Dakota Abberton, an Australian surfer, is a member of the Australian surf gang, the Bra Boys. Together with his brothers, Koby, Jai, and Sunny, Dakota Abbert.

    David Abbey

    David Abbey

    David Robert Abbey is an English former first-class cricketer. Abbey was born in Edmonton, Middlesex and played in two first-class matches for Middlesex Coun.

    Dallas Abbott

    Dallas Abbott is a research scientist at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University and is part of the Holocene Impact Working Group. The pr.

    Dennis Abbott

    Dennis Abbott

    Dennis F. Abbott is a Democratic member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, representing the Rockingham 12th District since a special election in .

    Derek Abbott

    Derek Abbott is a physicist esmeralda con lupita ferrer y jose bardina electronic engineer. In the 1969-1971 period, he was a boarder at Copthorne Preparatory School, Sussex, UK. During 1971-1978 .

    Des Abbott

    Desmond Des Abbott is an Australian field hockey midfield/striker from the Northern Territory. He is a member of the Australia mens national field hockey tea.

    Diahnne Abbott

    Diahnne Abbott is an American actress and singer. She played supporting roles in films of the 1970s and 1980s, including Taxi Driver. Abbott was married to a.

    Drew Abbott

    Drew Abbott is an American guitarist, who is best known for playing in Bob Segers Silver Bullet Band, and appears on Bob Segers Seven, Beautiful Loser, Live .

    Daniele Abbracciante

    On 1 September 2014 Abbracciante was transferred to Lega Pro club Grosseto. On 9 January 2015 he was transferred to fellow third level club Ischia.

    Dino Abbrescia

    Abbrescia is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Dino Abbrescia born 1966 Italian actor Joe Abbrescia 1936 - 2005 American painter Alberto Na.

    Dave Abbruzzese

    Dave Abbruzzese

    David James Abbruzzese is an American musician who was the drummer for the American rock band Pearl Jam from 1991 to 1994. He replaced drummer Dave Krusen in.

    Djoueria Abdallah

    Djoueria Abdallah is a Comorian politician. A midwife from Mitsamiouli village, she made history in 2004 by becoming the first woman to join the Assembly of .

    Daoud Abdel Sayed

    Daoud Abdel Sayed is an Egyptian director and screenwriter. He was born in Cairo in 1946. He started as the assistant of Youssef Chahine in The Land. He made.

    DJ Abdel

    Abdel-illa Lamriq, better known as DJ Abdel, is a French DJ and record producer playing hip hop, funk and contemporary R&amp;B on major radio stations in Fra.

    Douglas Abdell

    Abdell was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1947, to parents of Lebanese and Italian origin. In 1970 he graduated from Syracuse University with a bachelor of.

    Dah Ould Abdi

    Dah Ould Abdi is a Mauritanian diplomat who was Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation from 2001 to 2002. Abdi was born in Aleg and attended secondary s.

    Djamolidine Abdoujaparov

    Djamolidine Abdoujaparov

    Djamolidine Mirgarifanovich Abdoujaparov is a former professional road racing cyclist from Uzbekistan. Abdoujaparov was a sprinter, nicknamed "The Tashkent T.

    Djibrine Abdoul

    Djibrine Abdoul is a Chadian diplomat and the Ambassador of Chad to Russia, with concurrent accreditation to Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, the Czech Republic, a.

    Djideo Abdoulaye

    politician Brahim Abdoulaye born 1970 Chadian sprinter Bruce Abdoulaye born 1982 Congolese football right back Djideo Abdoulaye born esmeralda con lupita ferrer y jose bardina Chadian Hisseine Ab.

    Dounia Abdourahim

    Dounia Abdourahim is a French handball player. She plays for the club Toulon Saint-Cyr Var Handball, and on the French national team. She represented France .

    David Abdul

    David Abdul

    David Abdul is an Aruban football player. Currently, he plays for SV Dakota and also features for the Aruba national team. In his early career, he played pro.

    Denis Abdulahi

    Denis Abdulahi

    Denis Abdulahi is a professional football player from Finland. His natural position is defense midfield, but he can play in other positions too.

    Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz

    Princess Deena Ali Al-Juhani Abdulaziz is a Saudi American businesswoman and editor. She is the founder and owner of DNA Store in Riyadh. She married into th.


    Muere Delia Fiallo, madre de la telenovela latinoamericana

    MIAMI (AP) — Delia Fiallo, autora de exitosas telenovelas latinoamericanas como “Cristal”, “Kassandra” y “Leonela”, falleció en su casa en Coral Gables, Florida. Tenía 96 años.

    Fiallo murió el martes apenas cinco días antes de cumplir 97, confirmó a The Associated Press su cuidadora por los últimos tres años, Blanca, al responder el teléfono en la casa de la escritora. La señora pidió sólo ser identificada por su nombre.

    Fiallo, considerada la madre de las telenovelas latinoamericanas, estuvo consciente hasta hace dos días y falleció por la mañana en su casa rodeada de sus hijos, dijo su cuidadora. No supo explicar la causa del deceso.

    “Lucecita”, “Peregrina”, “María de nadie”, “Pobre diabla” y “Esmeralda” fueron otras de sus telenovelas populares. Su obra, traducida a idiomas como el japonés y el checo, llegó a millones de espectadores en más de un centenar de países.

    Actores que alcanzaron la fama internacional interpretando sus personajes no tardaron en expresar su pesar.

    “Querida Delia, gracias por tanto. A ti te debo ser EL PUMA. Veo estas imágenes cuando en marzo de 2020 compartimos en tu casa, y recuerdo esa energía con la que me recibiste. Estoy seguro que nos volveremos a ver. ¡Te quiero!”, escribió en Instagram José Luis Rodríguez “El Puma”quien adquirió el apodo a principios de la década de 1970 en la telenovela “Una muchacha llamada Milagros”.

    “Señora Delia Fiallo. La verdadera Reina de las #telenovelas. Hoy partes a un plano celestial diferente lleno de luz, porque tú siempre fuiste un ser de luz”, escribió la actriz Jeanette Rodríguez, quien protagonizó junto a Carlos Mata “Cristal” y “La dama de rosa”, en la misma red social. “Qué dicha he tenido, poder construir mi carrera profesional a través de tus hermosos y maravillosos personajes, me siento orgullosa y agradecida”, agregó.

    Mata, en tanto, escribió: “Que descanses en Paz, mi querida Delia Fiallo. Mi eterno amor y gratitud. En este momento no tengo palabras”.

    Fiallo terminó “Cristal”, la última de sus 43 telenovelas, hace más de tres décadas. Más tarde, la ohio edison bill pay ohio máquina de escribir que la acompañó tecleando los diálogos de sus personajes ficticios fue testigo de su propia autobiografía, que en 2011 dijo a la AP que había comenzado a escribir a pedido de sus familiares.

    “Estoy disfrutando de mi ocio, de mi familia, y de mi vida”, manifestó Fiallo entonces en una entrevista exclusiva en su acogedora casa colonial. “Durante todos esos largos años que estuve trabajando hice un gran sacrificio, apenas pude disfrutar de nada”.

    Su éxito internacional llegó en 1971 con “Esmeralda”, que protagonizaron Lupita Ferrer y José Bardina, pero Fiallo, nacida en La Habana, inició su carrera como escritora de cuentos en Cuba mucho antes, en la década de 1940. Siguió luego como guionista de radio y telenovelas.

    Admitía que no sabía manejar la computadora y no le gustaba. Por eso utilizaba su máquina de escribir Adler, que compró al llegar a Miami como exiliada hace 55 años.

    Sonriente y de buen humor, solía hablar del éxito que alcanzó como escritora de telenovelas, su niñez como hija única, su afecto por Venezuela — donde se produjeron muchos de sus dramáticos — y su desencanto con algunas adaptaciones mexicanas.

    “La época dorada de mi profesión fue (durante) los años que produje en Venezuela”, aseguró en 2011. “Respetaban mi creatividad, no me cambiaban nada. Yo elegía el reparto, yo elegía la música”, rememoró.

    Fiallo trabajaba desde Miami y todos los días enviaba sus libretos a Caracas, primero al canal Venevision y posteriormente a su competidor, Radio Caracas Televisión. En esos años no había fax ni internet, pero alguien siempre le hacía el favor de llevarlos.

    “Terminaba de escribir el capítulo y salía al aeropuerto a pedirle a un pasajero que me (lo) llevara . y algunas veces lo dictaba por teléfono”, relató.

    Con tanto trabajo, poco tiempo tenía para dedicarle a su esposo, el director cubano de novelas Bernardo Pascual, y a sus cinco hijos. Por eso en 1985, después de escribir “Cristal”, dijo basta y se dedicó a viajar y a estar con su familia.

    La actriz mexicana Lucía Méndez, quien protagonizó “Marielena” en 1992 con Eduardo Yáñez, recordó que Fiallo era “muy alegre, una mujer sumamente creativa, amaba México” y sabía escuchar a quienes estaban con ella.

    “Le gustó mucho trabajar conmigo en ‘Marielena’, estaba muy contenta realmente. Fue una novela que le ha dado la vuelta al mundo”, expresó Méndez a la AP tras recordar que muchas veces iba a su casa a comer.

    Para la actriz, el éxito de las historias de Fiallo está sustentado en la importancia que la autora le daba al amor.

    “Nunca separaba demasiado a los protagonistas. Si los separaba un día, a lo mucho dos, al tercero tenía que haber aunque fuera una bofetada. Ella decía eso”, recordó.

    Fiallo, quien quería ser veterinaria pero terminó estudiando literatura porque su madre la obligó, era menuda y de pequeña estatura. El éxito jamás había pasado por su cabeza.

    Sin embargo, estaba segura de la huella que dejó.

    “La primera que escribió una novela de continuidad en horario estelar en toda América Latina fui yo”, expresó orgullosa de su trabajo. Aquella telenovela fue “Hasta que la muerte nos separe”, que se estrenó en Cuba en 1957.

    Para dejar a sus hijos en una buena posición económica, Fiallo aceptó a comienzos de la década del 2000 una oferta del canal mexicano Televisa y le vendió los derechos de todas sus novelas, de por vida.

    Fiallo será velada el jueves en la casa funeraria Memorial Westchester de Miami, en una ceremonia privada de una hora para familiares cercanos que luego sera abierta a amigos y familiares lejanos, a partir de las 6 de la tarde del jueves.

    El entierro será el viernes a la 1:00 p.m. (1700 GMT).

    La sobreviven cinco hijos — Jaquelin, María, Delia, Diana y Bernardo —, 14 nietos y tres bisnietos. Su esposo, Pascual, falleció hace dos años, dijo Blanca.


    La periodista de AP Berenice Bautista contribuyó a este despacho desde la Ciudad de México.


    In which we have another telenovelalandia discussion while we adapt to the outdoor climate.  Summer's heat and humidity have arrived  and  we give thanks for air-conditioning.     Walking out the front door, these past few days, are like being at the beach.  Warm, humid, breezy.  Thank you (not!) tropical depression Cristobal.  

    List your answers to as many as you can and let's have fun with it.   Some of us might have to consult Mr. Peabody’s Wayback Machine for answering 'A'.     

    This  includes Telemundo and Looneyvision Univision telenovelas.   

    A.)  Which was the first telenovela you watched?  (and which year?)

    B. )  Why did you start watching telenovelas?


    C.)  Why do you continue watching?

    D.)  Favorite telenovela(s)?   

    E.)  What color is your telenovela beanie hat?   

    AND, if you like, please add some more questions to throw into the mix.  Everyone . discuss!

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    Delia Fiolo

    Delia Fiallo (4 de julho de 1924 - 29 de junho de 2021) foi uma escritora e roteirista cubana que morava em Miami, Flórida. Ela foi uma das mais ilustres representantes do romance contemporâneo, mergulhando em vários gêneros que apareceram em sua produção literária. Devido às carter digital radiography and pacs test bank que fez para o surgimento do gênero melodrama no final dos anos 1970 e meados dos anos 1980, ela é considerada a "mãe da telenovela latino-americana". No final da década de 1980, seus programas tinham mais de 100 milhões de espectadores combinados.

    Fiallo estudou filosofia na Universidade de Havana, graduando-se em 1948. Começou a escrever radionovelas em Havana em 1949, fazendo sua primeira adaptação para uma novela com Soraya, que estreou em Cuba em 1957. Deixou o país, junto com sua família, em 1966, para o exílio em Miami, onde escreveria a maioria de seus romances. Ela morou por um tempo na Venezuela, para supervisionar as produções de suas obras pela Venevisión e depois pela Radio Caracas Televisión. Graças ao seu compatriota Enrique Cuscó, ela conseguiu entrar em contato com os donos da primeira, que transmitiram sua primeira novela naquele país, Lucecita de 1967.Fiallo não escrevia uma novela original desde Cristal em 1985, desde o último projeto em que trabalhou, La Felicidad, nunca foi concluída e ela decidiu se aposentar. Naquela época, ela vendeu os direitos de suas obras para a Televisa.Suas adaptações, como ela havia declarado em várias ocasiões, ela não gostou. Ela se casou com o diretor de rádio Bernardo Pascual em 1952. Eles foram casados ​​por 67 anos, até ele falecer em março de 2019. Ela era mãe de cinco filhos e tinha 13 netos. Pelo relato de Fiallo, ela não havia visitado seu país natal Cuba, desde que se exilou nem a Venezuela desde a eleição do ex-presidente Hugo Chávez em 1998.Fiallo morreu em junho de 2021 aos 96 anos, em sua casa em Coral Gables, Flórida. A protagonista da radionovela original é Angelina, uma mulher malvada que se faz passar por uma inválida para reter seu marido Gustavo e, finalmente, após ser descoberta, é desprovida de verdade. No entanto, para atender aos padrões das novelas, em que o protagonista deve ser bom, Fiallo foi forçado a introduzir uma nova personagem na primeira novela – Lucecita, uma camponesa ilegítima filha do pai de Angelina. Ela começa a trabalhar como empregada doméstica e tem um caso de amor com Gustavo. A história pretendia terminar após a morte de Angelina em um acidente, com Gustavo e Lucecita casados ​​e felizes com uma filha, mas esmeralda con lupita ferrer y jose bardina causa de seu sucesso, Fiallo escreveu uma extensão em que Gustavo fica com amnésia após um acidente, e Angelina'A enfermeira Mirtha (que secretamente se apaixonou por ele) leva ele e a garota do interior para fazê-lo acreditar que ela é sua esposa. Enquanto isso Lucecita, sem perder a esperança de encontrar seu marido e filha, vem servir na casa dos Aldamas, uma família de milionários miseráveis ​​que recuperam sua felicidade através de Lucecita. Cinco anos depois, Gustavo, Mirtha e a menina voltam, e Lucecita começa a trabalhar como empregada doméstica na casa deles para ficar perto da filha. Gustavo, ainda amnésico, se apaixona por Lucecita sem saber que ela é sua verdadeira esposa. Esta versão da história é a que permaneceu em todas as adaptações posteriores, todas muito bem sucedidas. Lucecita – Venezuela (1967) com Marina Baura e José Bardina Estrellita,esa pobre campesina - Argentina (1968) com Marta González e Germán Krauss Lucecita - Venezuela (1972) com Adita Rivera e Humberto García Lucecita - Argentina (filme de 1976) Virginia - Venezuela (1984) com Alba Roversi e Miguel Ángel Landa (adaptação muito solta ) Estrellita mía - Argentina (1987) com Andrea del Boca e Ricardo Darín Lucerito - Colômbia (1992) com Linda Lucía Callejas e Guillermo Gálvez Luz María - Peru (1998) com Angie Cepeda e Christian Meier Elena, uma bela professora, chega à mansão de um elegante juiz para servir de governanta. Ela faz maravilhas, inspirando seus filhos e mudando o curso das coisas, trazendo amor verdadeiro por meio de ajuda e compreensão. La señorita Elena – Venezuela (1967) com Marina Baura e José Bardina La señorita Elena – Venezuela (1975) com Ada Riera e José Luis Rodríguez "El Puma" Atrévete – Venezuela (1986) com Caridad Canelón e Pedro Lander Vivo Por Elena – México (1998) com Victoria Ruffo e Saúl Lisazo Emilia, que viveu em abundância por muitos anos, é forçada a viver humildemente por má gestão e má sorte. Usando seu conhecimento de inglês, ela consegue sustentar sua família realizando traduções. Ela encontra o amor nos braços de um jovem de boa reputação e, embora sua avó e irmã não a apoiem, retorna à sua vida de luxo. Rosario – Venezuela (1968) com Marina Baura e José Bardina Emilia – Venezuela (1979–1980) com Elluz Peraza e Eduardo Serrano Tu mundo y el mío – Argentina (1987) com Nohely Arteaga e Daniel Guerrero Fabiola – Venezuela (1989) com Alba Roversi e Guillermo Dávila Segunda parte de Gardenia – Venezuela (1990) com Caridad Canelón e Orlando Urdaneta Paloma – Colômbia (1994–1995) com Nelly Moreno e Edmundo Troya María Emilia, querida – Peru (1999) com Coraima Torres e Juan Soler A secretária de um empresário de sucesso ama secretamente seu chefe e lhe dá lealdade, compreensão e apoio. É uma grande surpresa quando ele sente o mesmo por ela. Lisa, mi amor – Venezuela (1970) com Marina Baura e José Bardina Buenos dias, Isabel – Venezuela (1980) com Flor Núñez e José Bardina Bianca Vidal – México (1983) com Edith González e Salvador Pineda Inés Duarte, secretaria – Venezuela ( 1990–1991) com Amanda Gutiérrez e Víctor Cámara Secretos del alma – México (2008) com Ivonne Montero e Humberto Zurita Amor Secreto – Venezuela (2014) com Alejandra Sandoval e Miguel de León A filha de uma família poderosa é trocada ao nascer com um órfão de um país pobre. Ela é cega, mas muito bonita, e tem a prova de sua origem e fortuna na forma de brincos de esmeralda. Esmeralda – Venezuela (1971) com Lupita Ferrer e José Bardina Esmeralda – México (1997), com Leticia Calderón e Fernando Colunga Esmeralda – Brasil (2004–2005) com Bianca Castanho e Claudio Lins Sin tu mirada – México (2017-2018) com Claudia Martin e Osvaldo de León Uma linda garota que vende flores conhece um pianista que na verdade é um garoto rico escondendo rancor contra uma mulher que ele acha que assassinou seu pai, e que acaba sendo a tia perdida de María Teresa. María Teresa – Venezuela (1972) com Lupita Ferrer e José Bardina Primavera – Venezuela (1988) com Gigi Zanchetta e Fernando Carrillo Rosangelica – Venezuela (1993) com Sonya Smith e Víctor Cámara (adaptação muito solta) Rosalinda – México (1999) com Thalía e Fernando Carrillo Rosalinda – Filipinas (2009) com Carla Abellana e Geoff Eigenmann Uma madrasta se livra da neta do marido, entregando-a a um circo. Anos depois, o circo volta à cidade, trazendo essa mulher que inspira um amor louco em seus dois gêmeos mimados e rebeldes. Peregrina – Venezuela (1973) com Rebeca González e José Bardina La muchacha del circo – Venezuela (1988) com Catherine Fulop e Fernando Carrillo Kassandra – Venezuela (1992) com Coraima Torres e Osvaldo Ríos Peregrina – México (2005–2006) com África Zavala e Eduardo Capetillo Uma garota continua depois de ser o produto de um estupro – uma história um tanto forte na época. Una muchacha llamada Milagros – Venezuela (1974–1975) com Rebeca González e José Bardina Mi amada Beatriz – Venezuela (1987) com Catherine Fulop e Miguel Alcántara Cuidado con el ángel – México (2008–2009) com Maite Perroni e William Levy Mariana é vista na aldeia como uma futura viúva negra porque tem inexplicavelmente azar com seus pretendentes. O que realmente está acontecendo é que seu padrasto malvado é o responsável por se livrar deles até que seu verdadeiro amor chegue para lutar por Mariana. Mariana de la noche – Venezuela (1976) com Lupita Ferrer e José Bardina Selva María – Venezuela (1988) com Mariela Alcalá e Franklin Virgüez Mariana de la Noche – México (2003–2004) com Alejandra Barros e Jorge Salinas Uma menina bonita, por motivos alheios ao seu controle, deixa sua aldeia para a cidade, tornando-se empregada de uma família rica. Ela conhece seu verdadeiro amor, criando um triângulo apaixonado que envolve toda a família. La zulianita – Venezuela (1977), com Lupita Ferrer e José Bardina María de nadie – Argentina (1985), com Grecia Colmenares e Jorge Martínez Maribel – Venezuela (1989), com Tatiana Capote e Luis José Santander (adaptação muito solta) Morelia – México–EUA (1994–1995), com Alpha Acosta e Arturo Peniche Un refugio para el amor – México (2012), com Zuria Vega e Gabriel Soto Sempre pronta para superar, embora sua mãe tenha tido muito azar no amor e viva na miséria, Rafaela se torna médica e conhece o amor de sua vida, descobre que é filha de um médico rico e vive feliz. Rafaela – Venezuela (1977) com Chelo Rodríguez e Arnaldo André Roberta – Venezuela (1987) com Tatiana Capote e Henry Zakka (adaptação muito solta) Alejandra – Venezuela (1994) com María Conchita Alonso e Jorge Schuber Rafaela – México (2011) com Scarlet Ortiz e Jorge Poza María Celeste cresce sozinha sem a proteção de um pai ou mãe. Ela não sabe que sua mãe perdeu a cabeça depois de ser estuprada pelo malvado Leonidas Parra Montiel e vagueia pelas ruas da vila desesperadamente procurando por sua filha. O belo Victor Manuel Galindez chega e se apaixona por Maria Celeste. Ao mesmo tempo, Victor Manuel resgata do mar uma bela mas estranha mulher. María del Mar – Venezuela (1978) com Chelo Rodríguez e Arnaldo André Mar de amor – México (2009–2010) com Zuria Vega e Mario Cimarro Por causa da irresponsabilidade de um homem que a traiu, Ligia Sandoval se torna mãe solteira e vive em um bairro residencial humilde com sua madrinha e uma irmã adolescente. Para todos, o filho de Ligia é seu irmão mais novo. O protagonista masculino é Luis Gerardo, um jovem médico dedicado à pesquisa que tem um caso com Lissette, que consegue trazê-lo ao altar. O casamento está condenado desde o início. Ele decide se divorciar, mas infelizmente um acidente de carro cega ele e sua esposa. Ligia Sandoval – Venezuela (1981) com Lupita Ferrer e José Bardina Todo Por Tu Amor – Venezuela (1997) com Jeannette Rodríguez e Jean Carlos Simancas (adaptação muito solta) My Best Friend - Venezuela (1981) com Flor Núñez e Félix Loreto Cristina, uma menina órfã, deixa sua humilde aldeia para Caracas e a bank of hawaii credit card application status de sua tia malvada Luisa Zambrano e seus primos. Ela espera se tornar uma marionetista de sucesso no hospital infantil ortopédico, apesar de ter uma deficiência em um pé. Ela não sabe que é filha de Ezequiel Zambrano, um poderoso empresário que a procura desesperadamente há anos. Zembrano a leva para conhecer o amor de sua vida, o advogado Alfredo Mendez que busca vingança por seu passado que o assombra dia e noite. La heredera – Venezuela (1982) com Hilda Carrero e Eduardo Serrano Guadalupe – EUA–Espanha (1993–1994) com Adela Noriega e Eduardo Yáñez Milagros – Peru (2000) com Sonya Smith e Roberto Mateos Esta história foi trazida para a tela pela primeira vez quando a Venezuela tinha uma lei que limitava o número de capítulos nas novelas. Seu sucesso fez com que uma sequência fosse planejada, mas acabou não sendo feita, deixando a novela com um final aberto e incompleto. Em versões posteriores, a segunda parte inédita foi adicionada, contando toda a história. Querida mamá – Venezuela (1982) com Hilda Carrero e Eduardo Serrano Marielena – EUA–Espanha (1992–1993) com Lucía Méndez e Eduardo Yáñez Soledad – Peru (2001) com Coraima Torres e Guillermo Pérez Marta y Javier - Suntrust bank credit card customer service phone number (1982) com Mayra Alejandra e Carlos Olivier (adaptação muito solta) Extensão do Cuidado com o anjo - México (2008–2009) com Maite Perroni e William Levy Esta novela foi apresentada, em sua primeira versão para tela, em duas partes com títulos diferentes – Leonela e Miedo al amor. Na versão posterior, as duas partes foram adaptadas em uma telenovela. Leonela – Venezuela (1984) com Mayra Alejandra e Carlos Olivier Miedo al amor – Venezuela (1984–1985) com Mayra Alejandra e Carlos Olivier Leonela, muriendo de amor – Peru (1997–1998) com Mariana Levy e Diego Bertie Cristal mora com seus amigos e sonha em se tornar modelo. Ela consegue isso em uma casa de moda proeminente, onde ela encontra o amor de sua vida nos braços do enteado do proprietário. A dona hsbc credit card login sua mãe, que passou anos procurando por ela desde que sua avó paterna a levou embora. Cristal – Venezuela (1985–1986) com Lupita Ferrer, Jeannette Rodríguez, Carlos Mata e Raúl Amundaray Bellísima – Venezuela (1991–1992) com Emma Rabbe, Víctor Cámara e Nancy González (adaptação muito solta) El Privilegio de Amar – México (1998–1999) com Helena Rojo, Adela Noriega, René Strickler e Andrés García Cristal – Brasil (2006) com Bete Coelho, Bianca Castanho, Dado Dolabella e Giuseppe Oristanio Triunfo del amor – México (2010–2011) com Victoria RuffoMaite Perroni, William Levy,e Osvaldo Ríos (adaptação solta) Monte calvario - México (1986) com Edith González, Arturo Peniche e José Esmeralda con lupita ferrer y jose bardina Te sigo amando - México (1997) com Claudia Ramírez, Luis José Santander e Sergio Goyri Aquele que não podia amar - México (2011) com Ana Brenda Contreras, José Ron, e Jorge Salinas Minha irmã gêmea - Venezuela (1975) com Lupita Ferrer e José Bardina Wuthering Summits - Venezuela (1976) com Elluz Peraza e José Bardina Laura y Virginia - Venezuela (1977) com Mary Soliani, Alejandra Pinedo e Luis Abreu Pobre diabla - Argentina – Venezuela (1990) com Jeannette Rodríguez e Osvaldo Laport Www walmart one com diabla - Peru (2000) com Angie Cepeda, Salvador del Solar, Arnaldo André, Rossana Fernández Maldonado e Vanessa Saba Um prêmio "Deusa das Telenovelas" foi criado em nome de Fiallo na 9ª Cúpula anual da Indústria Telenovela em 2011. Delia Fiallo no IMDb

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