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    Amazon customer service chat help

    amazon customer service chat help

    They told me that “I” had a conversation with Amazon support? What the hell? It was a text-chat, and they emailed me a transcript. We're sorry for the wait. We'd like to have our Operations team take a closer look into your delivery. Please contact us via phone or chat here. Your online account gives you access to these features: · Find Care and Costs · View Claims · Manage Spending Accounts · Update Your Profile · Download the myCigna®.

    : Amazon customer service chat help

    Amazon customer service chat help

    Amazon has grown to become the biggest e-commerce retailer in the world. According to, 206 million people shop on Amazon every month.  The wide range of products, competitive prices, and convenience are some of the factors that make Amazon a go-to online shopping platform.

    Amazon Q&A

    Number of Amazon reviews – 7.8k

    Amazon rating*- 2.2⭐⭐

    Claimed losses - $5.1M

    Successful calls – 15%/40K

    In the recent past, there have been numerous complaints regarding the Amazon customer service on PissedConsumer. This article explores the best and easiest ways to contact their customer service. It also addresses the following top consumer questions to Amazon:

    1. Is Amazon customer service good?
    2. How to contact them by phone?
    3. Can I contact their customer service via social networks?
    4. How to contact seller on Amazon?
    5. Is there a help page to contact?

    1. Is Amazon Customer Service Good?

    Amazon positions itself as a customer-centric e-commerce platform that is committed to operational excellence, invention, and long-term thinking. While many customers have had a great experience shopping and selling on the platform, others have reported their disappointment with the Amazon customer service.

    According to reviews, the top Amazon support complaints are in regards to:

    • Difficulty getting through to the Amazon support.
    • Rude delivery staff.
    • Being put on hold for extended periods when customers contact Amazon via phone.
    • Mishandling of products by Amazon delivery men.
    • Items that are out-of-stock being listed as available.

    Other common Amazon complaints include:

    • Poor quality or defective products.
    • Being overcharged especially on the Amazon prime membership.
    • Wrongful billing on orders.
    • Delivery of the wrong items.
    • Unexplained change in delivery dates.
    • Difficulty returning items and getting refunds.

    These complaints seem to come up across the various company portals, including, Amazon India, and Amazon UK. For instance, in an Amazon review on PissedConsumer, the customer complained that the company was delivering refurbished goods that were defective and positioning them as new products. On five occasions, the customer received defective vacuum cleaners until she decided that was enough and asked for a refund.

    While Amazon customer service chat help refunded her, she expressed her disappointment in the company for selling low-quality products to customers online.

    5 times and two different sellers (two different brands) delivered defective/broken machine. Amazon india runs a scam of selling products that are not genuine to consumers online

    That said, Amazon ratings vary across different review platforms. On Pissed Consumer, the rating is 2.2 stars, Glass Door gives it 3.9 stars, and the majority of Amazon reviews on BBB have a 1-star rating.

    2. How to Contact Amazon by Phone?

    As evidenced in numerous reviews on PissedConsumer, customers would like to know how to call Amazon. The challenge that most people experience is amazon customer service chat help the right Amazon phone number to call or being put on hold for too long. Yet, some issues are easier resolved by talking to a real person.

    There are different customer service numbers depending on your location and issue at hand as follows:

    • Amazon toll-free number: (866) 216 -1075
    • For legal issues: (206) 266 – 4064
    • For payment issues: (866) 216 -1075

    To find out the accurate Amazon phone number to call, visit the company’s help center, scroll down on the page, and click on “Contact Us”. 

    Amazon contact us

    Select a category under which your issue falls. You will be prompted amazon customer service chat help provide more details about the issue by choosing even more categories from the drop-down menus. Scroll down to the “talk to someone” segment and click on “phone”.

    Provide your country and phone number. If your country is on their drop-down list, you might be asked to specify your number for an Amazon customer service representative to call you. Otherwise, the company will provide you with a phone number to call.

    Before you contact Amazon customer support, ensure to have all the information about your account at hand including your full name, address, credit card information, and details about your last purchase. In addition, the Amazon customer care representative will send a verification code to your haveanicebank login online banking at the start of the call and you will be required to confirm the code.

    3. Can Amazon customer service chat help Contact Amazon Customer Service Via Social Networks?

    Most international companies are quick to respond to their customers via social media pages. That is the case for Amazon. The customer service representatives can be reached through the various social media pages including @Amazonhelp on Twitter or direct messaging on them on the Amazon Facebook and Instagram pages. 

    The Amazon customer service chats on Twitter reveal that on this social media platform customers get responses promptly. So, if you don’t know how to call Amazon, you can either tweet or direct message the customer service representatives on their page. If the issue involves providing your personal information, it is best to directly message the Amazon Help Twitter page amazon customer service chat help avoid exposing your information to scammers.

    Amazon Help twitter post

    As for Facebook, it is not clear whether Amazon customer care responds promptly since you can only direct message them. The other option for contacting the Amazon support is to send them an email. The main Amazon customer service email address is: [email protected]

    According to some Amazon reviews on PissedConsumer, customers indicated that they didn’t get a response to their email. Hence one of the most Amazon FAQs is “which is the best Amazon email address to write to?” One reviewer indicated that they got a prompt response when they reached out to Amazon via the [email protected] email address.

    If you are looking for immediate assistance on your issue, it is best to cuba national holidays 2020 Amazon via phone or reach out via the @AmazonHelp Twitter page.

    4. How to Contact Seller on Amazon?

    Customers often wonder how to call Amazon seller. Whether you want to enquire about a product, to change your order, or to provide feedback, there are three main ways to contact a seller on Amazon.

    1. Through the “sold by…” link

    Amazon provides the name of the seller under the product description. If you click on the “sold by…” link, it will offer you an option to ask a question. You will be probed about whether you are enquiring about a product you have already ordered or otherwise. Then, you will choose a subject category and provide details about your question or issue.

    When contacting a seller using this method, your question or message goes directly to Amazon, and then the company forwards it to the seller. Amazon does not reveal your personal information to the seller. It takes up to 3 business days for the seller to respond.

    1. Through your order page.

    You can seek assistance from the seller for products already ordered through the “your orders” page. To do so, login to your account and go to “your orders” page. Click on the order that you would like to contact its seller. On the right side, you will be presented with several options including a “problem with order” or “get help with order”.  Click on it and follow the prompts to provide details about your issue.

    1. Through the Amazon review

    If you already received your order and you would like to give the seller feedback, you can do so by writing a review and rating the product.

    With that said, some Amazon complaints indicate that customers did not get a response or their issue resolved by the seller.  In such a case, it is best to contact Amazon support directly. To speak to a customer service representative, call the appropriate Amazon phone number. 

    5. Is There an Amazon Help Page to Contact?

    The Amazon "Contact us" page is the starting point for contacting the their customer service. On the page, you are provided with 7 categories to choose from including:

    • A delivery, order, or return;
    • Prime Membership;
    • Payment, charges, or gift cards;
    • Login, address, or phone;
    • Device – FireTablet, FireTV, Echo etc.;
    • Digital Content – Kindle Books, Music etc.;
    • Something else.

    Once you choose the category you need help with, you will be prompted to provide further details about the issue by selecting from the provided drop-down menu. Amazon then provides you with relevant information in regards to the issue and some ways you can resolve the matter. They then proceed to offer you an option to talk to someone either by email, phone, or chat.

    Amazon Help page

    If you click on the email option, you will be provided with a window where you can specify details about the issue. Once you send the email, you should get a response within 12 hours.

    If you select the Amazon Live chat option, you will be led to a live chat page where a customer service representative will be available for you to chat with. For the phone option, you will either be provided with a phone number to call or you will be asked to provide your phone number for a company representative to give you a call.

    Finally, the company has a comprehensive help center that contains articles on most common customer issues and answers to the top Amazon FAQs.

    Some customers find the process of contacting a customer service representative too complicated. Amazon complaints indicate that you have to go through numerous steps before being able to get in touch with a real person.

    Amazon offers various ways to get in touch with their customer service team, including email, phone, live chat, and social media pages. Besides, the help center provides comprehensive information on the most common customer issues and Amazon FAQs. With that said, customers have reported experiencing difficulty in speaking to a real person both on the phone and live chat.

    How has your experience with the Amazon customer service been? You are welcome to share your experience by leaving a review about Amazon by clicking the button below.

    write a review

    *The company ratings on the PissedConsumer website are calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in the company’s profile. The algorithm parameters are: users’ rating, the number of resolved issues, the number of company responses and more. The PissedConsumer algorithm is also subject to change in the future.


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    Chioma tests customer service chatbots

    One of the ways Amazon continues to work towards its mission of being the “Earth’s most customer-centric company” is through a commitment to best bb guns on amazon customer service. To help our customer service agents provide support in new regions and with new customers, we’ve begun testing two neural-network-based systems, one that can handle common customer service requests automatically and one that helps customer service agents respond amazon customer service chat help customers even more easily.

    Most text-based online customer service systems feature automated agents that can handle simple requests. Typically, these agents are governed by rules, rather like flow charts that specify responses to particular customer inputs. If the automated agent can’t handle a request, it refers the request to a human customer service representative.

    On, we’ve started phasing in automated agents that use neural networks rather than rules. These agents can handle a broader range of interactions with better results, allowing our customer service representatives to focus on tasks that depend more on human judgment.

    In randomized trials, we’ve been comparing the new neural agents to our existing rule-based systems, using a metric called automation rate. Automation rate combines two factors: whether the automated agent successfully completes a transaction (without referring it to a customer service representative) and whether the customer contacts customer service a second time within 24 hours. According to that metric, the new agents amazon customer service chat help outperform the old ones.

    At the same time that we’re testing a customer-facing neural agent, we’re also testing a variation on the system that suggests possible responses to our customer service representatives, saving them time.

    Nuts 'n' bolts

    We described the basic principles behind both agents in a paper we presented last year at the annual meeting of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (NAACL). In that paper, we compare two approaches. One uses a neural network to generate responses to customer utterances from scratch, and the other uses a neural network to choose among hand-authored response templates.

    In our internal system, we’re testing both approaches. In the customer-facing system, we’re using the template ranker, which allows us to control the automated agent’s vocabulary. American state bank online as we test and refine the generative model internally, we plan to begin introducing it into the customer-facing system as well.

    The templates in the template ranker are general forms of sentences, with variables for things like product names, dates, delivery times, and prices. In the natural-language-understanding literature, those mankato childrens clinic are referred to as slots and their values as slot values.

    Rule-based systems use templates too, but the neural template ranker has an advantage because it can incorporate new templates with little additional work. That’s because the template ranker — like the generative model — is pretrained on a large data set of interactions between customers and customer service representatives. The template ranker has seen many responses that do not fit its templates, so it has learned general principles for ranking arbitrary sentences. Adding a new template to a rule-based system, on the other hand, requires a researcher or team of researchers to reconceive and redesign the dialogue structure (the “flow chart”).

    The two neural models we describe in our NAACL paper have different structures, but in determining how to respond to a given customer utterance, they both factor in the content of the preceding turns of dialogue (known as the dialogue context).

    We trained separate versions of each model for two types of interactions: return refund status requests and order cancellations. As an input, the order cancellation model receives not only the dialogue context but also some information about the customer’s account profile — information that might be useful to a human agent, too.

    In addition to the context and the profile information, the response ranker receives a candidate response as input. It also uses an attention mechanism to determine which words in which previous utterances are particularly useful for ranking the response.

    It is difficult to determine what types of conversational models other customer service systems are running, but we are unaware of any announced deployments of end-to-end, neural-network-based dialogue models like ours. And we are working continually to expand the breadth and complexity of the conversations our models can engage in, to make customer service queries as efficient as possible for our customers.

    amazon customer service chat help

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