Exploring a home in virtual reality affords a development team the opportunity to identify changes and preferences on a project digitally rather than in the field – which saves the two most important assets of a project, time and money. Not to mention it is just flat out fun and cool.” Jason Somers, President of Crest Real Estate

“Thank you for the spectacular job you did in creating and presenting our project in Virtual Reality. I could literally spend all day telling you how extremely beneficial this was to our design and planning process. The Owner, his family, the design team and I were thoroughly impressed by the beauty and accuracy of the VR Model and were so glad to be able to walk-through the project to more fully appreciate the look and feel of what we were planning to build. Because of the VR Model we were able to identify a few things that we needed to alter and adjust that may have only otherwise come to light during construction. We are all relieved that we were able to make these adjustments to the plans well before costly changes would have had to have been made in the field. The VR Model put everyone on the same page so that we could proceed in an efficient manner with the confidence that what we were doing was correct, accurate and approved. We will definitely be using the VR Model throughout construction and look forward to your VR Modelling on future projects.” Justin Kunkle, Republic Investment Company¬†