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    Amazon affiliate sign in

    amazon affiliate sign in

    When all is said and done, Amazon Associates is a tried and true program that has created thousands of successful affiliate marketers. Log in to your Amazon Associates account. Notes: · Select the relevant affiliate program (i.e. Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, etc.) · Hover over your email address at. How to enable Amazon One Link for your Affiliate Website. Step 1. Sign up for the Amazon US program.

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    Amazon Associates: Are The 2021 Commissions Worth It?

    The fact that one of the biggest companies in the world also runs one of the biggest affiliate marketing programs out there, comes as a surprise to none. The Amazon Associates program is responsible for creating passive income streams for bloggers, YouTubers, influencers and other social media marketers.

    But in April 2020, affiliate marketers took a big hit when Amazon decided to change the payout rates. While this issue might seem insignificant in light of the pandemic-induced economic crisis, it is worth noting that the people who were dependent on this stream for their income have been at the receiving end of some serious and devastating losses.

    To understand whether the commissions are worth the effort, we must first understand how affiliate marketing works and what changes in rates for the Amazon associate program are all about.

    How Does Amazon Affiliate Marketing Work?

    When a person earns a commission for advertising a company’s or another person’s product through their content or marketing campaigns, it is known as affiliate marketing. Lately, the process of promoting the products has become easier due to Amazon Associates. The affiliate only has to search for the product that they like and include it in their blogs or videos via a specialized link provided by Amazon.

    Now, every time someone buys the product through that link, the affiliate gets a small piece of that profit. The eligibility for the payout may vary from customer to customer- some might get paid per click, while others get paid for the number of leads they are generating, but most of them get paid per sale.

    Program Rates

    The reason for the change of rates is still unknown. But there are few assumptions that are doing the rounds on the internet. One of the major assumptions is that the sellers on amazon requested Amazon to reduce the rates to help them cope with the pandemic. Some others are saying that Amazon just wanted a bigger piece of that sweet profit cake. Amidst all this speculation, the real reason behind the changes coming into effect continues to remain elusive at large.

    The following table sheds light on some of the pre-pandemic rates:

    CategoriesPrevious rates
    Physical video games and video game consoles1.00%
    Televisions and Digital Video games2.00%
    Amazon Fresh and toys3.00%
    Various amazon devices, watches, jewellery, luggage, shoes and handbags4.00%
    Digital music, Grocery, Physical music, digital videos5.00%
    Furniture, Home improvements, pantry, lawn & garden8.00%
    Luxury beauty, amazon coins10.00%


    During the pandemic, Amazon not only changed the payout rates but also made new groupings of products. They are reflected in the table below:

    CategoriesCurrent rates
    Furniture, home improvement, lawn and garden, home, pantry, pet products,3%
    Beauty, headphones, musical instruments, business, and industrial supplies3%
    Outdoors, tools3%
    Baby products3%
    Health and personal care1%
    Amazon Fresh1%


    Amazon used more vague terms to describe the product categories. Amazon doesn’t need new marketers to promote the sale, it can very well do it on its own. The product marketers and the affiliates are upset because they were directly responsible for generating traffic on this website and are the reason for the growth of this company in the first place.

    Below we have compared the commission rates of Amazon Associates with the affiliate programs of some of its competitors:

    Furniture, home improvement, lawn and garden, home, pantry, pet products,3%4%4%
    Beauty, headphones, musical instruments, business, and industrial supplies3%4-5%4%
    Outdoors, tools3%1%4%
    Baby products3%1%4%
    Health and personal care1%1%4%

    Amazon Associates Commissions: Still Worth It?

    In the greater scheme of things, one can possibly argue that something is better than nothing. Even though Amazon has reduced the rates, it has also removed the 0% commission clause from its programs. Therefore, you can still generate revenue.

    The more established content creators and marketers might be unbothered by this because they will still generate a ton of traffic through their content, which in turn will generate a good amount of commission money. Besides, there is always an opportunity to run an independent campaign using affiliate software with integrated management and analytics. These bloggers and content creators might as well collaborate directly with the product brand and pocket a larger commission themselves.

    However, the narrative is somewhat different for the amateurs and the budding content creators and social media marketers out there. They might not have enough traffic on their own content to collaborate directly with the bigger brands, so they have to rely on the Amazon affiliate program to generate revenue, notwithstanding the low revenue generation.

    The setup for the affiliate program is fairly easy and offers valuable information. There is no black or white answer to this question. As long as you can generate traffic on your website, you can generate revenue through the Amazon affiliate program.

    Alex Sysov is CEO and CoFounder of PromotionStep

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    Become a
    Google Workspace Affiliate

    Why should I join the Google Workspace Affiliate Program instead of the Google Workspace Referral Program?

    The Affiliate Program is designed for high volume referrers (those who refer at least 100 users per year qualify). The Referral Program is best for lower volume referring, and rewards are capped at 200 users per year.
    Those who fit the qualifications of the Affiliate Program will receive additional benefits beyond what the Referral Program offers, like higher baseline commission rates for each new user referred, 1:1 account support, promotional resources, and more.

    Not sure which program to join? See this comparison table or fill out our program selector to help.

    In which countries/regions is the Affiliate Program available?

    The Affiliate Program is available to members based in these countries.

    What is CJ Affiliate?

    CJ Affiliate is the trusted third party affiliate network that provides resources, support, and payments to our affiliates. You’ll sign up for the Affiliate Program on the CJ Affiliate website and be in touch with our dedicated Google Workspace team at CJ if you have any specific questions about the program.

    How much will I earn for each referral eligible for payout?

    You’ll receive a cash payout for every new eligible user that you refer to Google Workspace. Google Workspace has three editions that are available for customers to sign-up online: Starter, Standard, and Plus. You will be rewarded based on the editions that you refer. For example, if you refer one account that signs up for ten Google Workspace Standard users, you are rewarded for all ten users at the commission rate for the Standard edition. Commission rates vary by the referred account's country and edition.

    Who can become a Google Workspace Affiliate?

    Once you apply, you will be notified if you are accepted to the program or if additional information is needed. Here’s what we look for when evaluating applicants:

    Performance Potential: Consistent traffic and an audience intending to engage with products or services that help businesses.

    Quality: Content that is engaging, tasteful, authentic, fresh, and non-polarizing.

    Relevance: Themes that are related to Google Workspace and its users.

    Aesthetics: A visually pleasing design aligned to Google’s brand values.

    For more information, see our terms and conditions.


    What is the Amazon Affiliate program (Amazon Associate) to earn money?

    If you are doing any kind of content creation and want to make money through it then affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize your business. Content creation business is not technically a business until you start making a profit out of it. There are some ways to monetize your business like Google Adsense, PPC, etc but earning through affiliate links is a must tool you should pick for earning. Learn

    The moment you think about Affiliate marketing, one of the first affiliation programs you should get is the Amazon Affiliate program. It is also known as Amazon Associates. It does not matter if you are running a blog site, Youtube channel and any social media page like Instagram or Facebook with good followers count it is essential for all. Even if you are looking for a side income or building any business it can help you to earn some good cash if you can use it properly.

    Learn: 9 Best alternatives to AdSense for blogger

    Definition of affiliate marketing

    It is nothing but a system that you can use for referring your followers or customers to some products to purchase via a link called affiliate link provider by the product seller to get a commission from selling.

    An online e-commerce site or any online service provider often provides a unique product link to affiliate marketers to promote and sell their products. In return, the marketers get a commission on that product if anyone purchases the product via that affiliate link.

    You do not need to do anything else, just promote the product links and drive your customers to buy it using the link, that’s it. So it is a good way of earning money simply by using the method. Any social media influencer, blogger, or Youtuber just needs to get an affiliation program to start affiliate marketing for various products.


    Definition of Amazon Associates or Affiliation program

    It is just an affiliation program from Amazon to sell their products via affiliation links on your website or social media platforms. The free-to-join program is very simple for the users.

    You need to create an associate’s account on Amazon and generate affiliate links of products you want to sell on your site to earn commissions from it. When someone would buy an Amazon product using your link, you will get a selling percentage from Amazon.


    Why the Amazon Affiliation program? Some benefits.

    There are some benefits available in Amazon Affiliation with some good reasons.

    • Amazon is one of the largest and well known online platforms for selling an immense amount of products.
    • You can easily find the products that suit your website niche for selling.
    • There are big and good brands available which provide quality products.
    • It is Amazon. So, there is no room for scams or illegal practices. You can trust it for sure.
    • You can get up to a 10% commission on selling any product via an affiliate link.
    • Customer service is there to assist you in any situation.
    • People can trust easily because of the name-value of Amazon so, it might be easier to influence them to use the links to purchase.
    • Amazon affiliate cookies last for around 24 hours in the browser of any person who will use your affiliate links. In that time if the person buys anything then you will get the commission.
    • To get the Affiliation program, you do not need to know any technical stuff. It is very simple to create, join and maintain.
    • On-time payment of earnings.

    The process to become an Amazon Associate is very simple and you can complete the process pretty much comfortably. You can do it by yourself. Just follow the steps we are about to mention.

    How to become an Amazon Associate

    1. Create an account using the Amazon Associates ‘sign up’.
    2. Fill up the form with the necessary details.
    3. First, the fill-up payee name, address in the account information.
    4. Then enter the business website or mobile app name next.
    5. After that create a unique store ID in the profile section.
    6. There also put business URL, niche, suited topic of your site, etc.
    7. Then complete the ‘Traffic & Monetization’
    8. Lastly, finish the payment and tax part properly to complete it.

    How to become an Amazon Associate


    Brief description of the application process

    Anybody can apply for Amazon Associates to earn money from affiliation. But, it is best for the people who own a website in blogging or have a YouTube channel or any social media influencer with a good subscriber count. If you want to earn through it then open a website or use your social media account to show it as a business and try to sell things via this.

    So, just getting to the process

    • You must have a website or social media account to show it as a business.
    • Simply type Amazon Associates on the Google search engine and you will find the Signup link at the top where you can create the Amazon Associate account.
    • Or, you can go to the Amazon site, and at the bottom of the page, you will get the option of ‘Become an affiliate’ to use it to direct you to the signup page.
    • If you want to create an account with your smartphone then just scroll to the bottom of your mobile version of the Amazon page where you can see ‘Go to desktop site’ Use it to get the desktop version of the Amazon page to get the Become an affiliate option.
    • Sign up with your email ID and a password. After that, you would get an OTP in your mail to verify the email address. After verifying it you will enter the page of ‘Creating Your Amazon Associates Account.
    • There you need to feel the account information. Here enter the ‘Payee name’ Write the exact name you have in your bank account to avoid any inconvenience in payment. Then fill in your address and other things.
    • Then comes to next part which is ‘Website and Mobile App List’. Here, you will find two boxes, one for the website and one for the mobile app. Enter your website URL or the YouTube channel address or your social media account address. You can add multiple URL(s) of websites and pages. And if you have any mobile app then you can add URL(s) of it also.
    • The next step is ‘Profile’. In this section, the first thing you need to add is a Store ID. That will be your unique Amazon Associates ID so make a unique ID according to your choice. For example, you can create it using your name and numbers. Say your name is Sam. Then create an ID like Sam4732 or Sam0987 etc. You can create any combination.
    • Then on the same page, add what is your business all about like whether it is tech relates or travel-related, etc. Then select the topics that best describes your website from the options like tech, gaming, books, etc. Fill in all the things carefully that righteously describe your business type.
    • In Traffic & Monetization section pick the suitable options according to the information you need to deliver. How do you drive traffic, how you generate income using the website, how you build links, the reason for joining Amazon, how did you know about Amazon, etc types of sections is there to fill.
    • After finishing it, you would get a page along with the Store ID with congratulations and thank you note. The bottom of that page Enters our Payment and Tax Information section will be there with Now and Later buttons. When you click now, it might direct you to enter the password you created in the beginning. After doing so you would get an OTP on your phone for verification.
    • Then it will show you that you would get the payment after reaching the minimum bar with a number of the amount. Agree to this and fill in the required bank details and tax information. After finishing this you would enter in your Store account or the dashboard with all the information and options for your use to maintain it as an Amazon Associate.

    After completing the whole task and becoming an affiliate partner with Amazon, the main question arises that how do you create product affiliate links to share or promote. Well, it is one of the simplest tasks to get any product links on Amazon.

    • Log in with your Associate account on Amazon.
    • You can see a SiteStripe bar which will be there in any Amazon Associate account. Get into any product page you would like and use the get link option from that bar to generate an affiliate link for that product.
    • Copy the link and share wherever you want. You can get the text link or with image link.

    Search and create link for any Amazon productQuick link Search product on Amazon AssociateAmazon Affilate product link generation


    • Use Product Linking and Product Links from the top.
      ASIN Amazon Standard Identification Number
    • You can use the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) of any product or can search with the related keywords to get a specific product and tap the Go button. Get the ASIN from any Information section of the particular product.
    • Then you get the link by using the Get Link option to copy the product affiliate link to use it on your business platform.

    So, the whole process of applying for Amazon Associates and generate affiliate links is very simple for anyone to perform. When you would do the task you can understand the procedure very easily. Everything is there to guide you or assist you in doing any activity. And you will get all the information from your dashboard with stats. It is that much user-friendly and without any obstacles to boost your income with affiliate marketing.

    Use this with a better plan and channel it out to drive your customers or followers to use your link to purchase any product. Inspire them to click the link even for a product visit so you can get any commission if they purchase any other product within the 24 hours timeline.



    Amazon One Link: How to set up Universal Amazon Links in 2021 (No JavaScript!)

    By Monica Lent · Updated Jan 5, 2021

    You might be wondering: what happens when someone who's not from the United States clicks on my Amazon Affiliate link and buys something?

    Unless you've set up Amazon OneLink or another geo-redirection tool, you won't see see that commission, even though you clearly earned it.

    If you have a fair amount of international traffic on your Amazon affiliate website, setting up OneLink to create Universal Amazon links is a no-brainer.

    In this article, you'll learn:

    What is Amazon One Link?

    Amazon One Link allows Amazon Associates to use Amazon affiliate links on their website, and automatically send visitors from outside the United States to their local, Amazon store while still earning a commission.

    For a long time, Amazon's One Link required you to install a JavaScript snippet called OneTag.

    As of April 2020, you no longer need JavaScript code to use Amazon One Link to monetize your international traffic to your affiliate website.

    This makes setting up Amazon OneLink easier than ever. Here's a simple 5-step process for setting up Amazon OneLink for your website.

    How to enable Amazon One Link for your Affiliate Website

    Step 1. Sign up for the Amazon US program

    It is only possible to link international accounts to a US account. So if you haven't done it yet, make sure you have an Amazon US account.

    You can sign up for one here:

    Step 2. Open OneLink and choose which country to connect

    Go to Tools > OneLink and then click on the first option to link your accounts.

    You'll see a list of six possible stores you can connect. Amazon only supports OneLink for a few specific countries (for example, Australia has an Amazon Associates program but is currently NOT available through OneLink).

    Choose the first country you want to connect. Ideally, choose the country where a decent percentage of your visitors are coming from:

    Next, we're going to sign up to an international Amazon store.

    Step 3. Sign up to different international Amazon affiliate programs

    Click the option that says Sign up here and it will send you directly to the signup flow for that particular country's Amazon program.

    Here's a handy list of all the Amazon programs, but you can also just visit these by clicking the links inside the Amazon Associates Portal.

    As you go through each program, the form will be largely pre-populated with the data associated with your account.

    Yes, the signup form is the country's language but you can use Google Chrome's translate feature and you'll have no issue submitting the form afterwards.

    At the end, you'll have an Amazon Store ID! You will eventually copy/paste this into the OneLink settings inside the Amazon US Associates Portal.

    If you already have an Amazon Associates account in another country, or you are logging back in after finishing the signup, you can always find your Store ID in the top right corner.

    Step 4. Repeat for as many countries as you want

    Do keep in mind, for each country you add, you will need to make a minimum of three sales in the first 90 days in order to keep the account open.

    This is exactly the same as the normal Amazon program.

    If you're signing up for EU programs, you can easily join the remaining ones after setting up a single EU program. You'll see a list under your finished signup form with a bunch of buttons for each country:

    If you just click each one, it'll sign you up for them with zero effort.

    Step 5. Copy your store IDs into OneLink

    Finally, you just need to copy and paste those store IDs into the OneLink settings. Just click the name of the country, paste your Store ID into the box, and push "Link Store".

    Once you do that, you'll see the other store verified and linked to your account.

    One important factor here is that if you are tracking Amazon affiliate links with custom tracking IDs, One Link will not allow you to link a US-store based tracking ID to a foreign store.

    For example, if you create a custom tracking ID called in the US Amazon store:

    You have no way to link that to a Tracking ID called in the French Amazon store. This becomes important if you want to be able to attribute Amazon affiliate sales to a specific page on your website, like we do in Affilimate:

    If you want this level of control over your links, this is exactly what a geo-redirection URL shortener like Geniuslink is designed to help with.

    This will allow you to pick the exact product and tracking ID used in your Amazon links clicked by users outside the United States.

    While it might not make sense for every single link on your website, you can start by finding the most profitable products on your site and start by localizing those by hand:

    This report, combined with a little knowledge about your audience location from Google Analytics, can give you an 80/20 formula for the best tracking, conversion, and revenue.

    Amazon One Link Not Working?

    In my experience, it is extremely difficult to see that One Link is working. Even with a VPN in incognito mode, there's a good chance Amazon still won't redirect you.

    But that doesn't mean Amazon One Link is not working.

    My recommendation is that after you've done the setup, give it some time, and then check your earnings reports and international reports for evidence of activity (like clicks and conversions).

    To see your international revenue, click Reports > Earnings Report.

    There you will see earnings from different countries.

    Even if you just added a new country here, it will not show up by default.

    Check back in a few days and see whether it shows up, and whether you have any clicks or sales in that particular dashboard.

    Does Amazon OneLink work on YouTube?

    Now that Amazon OneLink no longer requires JavaScript, it should now work on YouTube :)

    More tips for getting the most from your Amazon links

    While you're tweaking the Amazon links on your site, don't miss these easy mistakes that could be costing you conversions.

    • Regularly check for broken Amazon affiliate links.Try our Amazon Link Checker to regularly check your affiliate links and prioritize which ones to fix or replace on your website. It also works with a bunch of different Amazon stores.

    • Try a geo-redirection tool. If you see revenue coming in from OneLink, think about localizing your most profitable products using a link shortener like Geniuslink. This can give you better control over the product selection in other Amazon stores, plus control over Tracking IDs.

    • Set up unique tracking IDs for your Amazon links. If you haven't done this yet, it's super important! Even though you cannot link unique Amazon affiliate tracking ids between different stores, it works well enough if your audience is predominantly in one country.

    • Supplement your earnings with alternative affiliate programs. Amazon is prone to introduce changes on relatively little notice, and we always advise people to make sure their site isn't too locked into a single affiliate network or merchant. Our list of Amazon affiliate alternatives are data-backed options you can experiment with instead.

    • Make sure your links are nofollow AND do not have "noreferrer". This is such a common mistake on Amazon affiliate WordPress websites, you wouldn't believe it. Don't get banned by the Amazon affiliate program, make your affiliate links nofollow and be sure to strip the "noreferrer" tag.

    Ready to go further?

    If you're not using Affilimate yet, click here to start a free trial and start improving your affiliate revenue in a data-driven way!

    Thanks for reading, see you next time.


    How to Become an Amazon Associate

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    amazon affiliate sign in
    amazon affiliate sign in
    amazon affiliate sign in

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