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    Deposit cash to usaa checking account

    deposit cash to usaa checking account

    However, many banks or credit unions will cash a check if: It is written by one of their account holders,; There is money in the account to. This is great news—so long as your bank account gets paid, too. Here is an overview of your best bets for cashing checks and making deposits. You can deposit cash using USAA ATMs, or you can turn the cash into a money order and then you can deposit it through UPS. We work hard to show you up-to-date.

    Deposit cash to usaa checking account -

    To continue enjoying all the features of Navy Federal Online, please use a compatible browser. You can confirm your browser capability here.

    • Withdrawals
    • Deposits
    • Loan payments
    • Balance inquiries
    • Transfers between your Navy Federal Credit Union accounts

    Find an ATM near you

    CO-OP ATMs

    Don't spend your money to get your money. CO-OP Network, owned by credit unions, offers more than 30,000 ATMs located at credit unions and retail locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Just look for this symbol on the ATM.

    There are no fees1 for members who use their Navy Federal Visa® Debit Card or CUCARD® at CO-OP Network ATMs.

    Use your Visa Debit Card or CUCARD to make free:

    • check and cash deposits at participating CO-OP Network ATMs
    • cash withdrawals
    • transfers among your Navy Federal accounts (not available at all ATM locations)
    • balance inquiries (not available at all ATM locations)

    Funds from any deposit may not be available until the fifth business day after the day you make the deposit.

    The daily deposit limit at a CO-OP ATM is $10,000 per card.

    To find a CO-OP Network ATM:

    • Use the CO-OP Network ATM Locator
    • Call 1-888-SITECOOP (748-3266)
    • Use your cell phone to text2 your location—address, intersection, zip code or city/state— to 91989.  You'll receive the location of the nearest CO-OP Network surcharge-free ATM. Text "more" for additional locations.

    Non-Navy Federal/Non-CO-OP Network ATMs

    You can access over 1.7 million ATMs in our network. When using a Navy Federal Visa Debit Card or CUCARD® at a Non-Navy Federal/Non-CO-OP Network ATM:

    • A $1.00 ATM service fee is assessed by Navy Federal for all transactions. This includes transactions that exceed the daily limit for withdrawals, are rejected for invalid PIN or have insufficient funds.
    • Certain network ATM owners may charge an ATM surcharge. This fee is in addition to the service fee that is assessed when using a Non-Navy Federal/Non-CO-OP Network ATM.
    • All surcharges and service fees appear on your statement.
    • ATM fee rebates at Non-Navy Federal/Non-CO-OP Network ATMs—up to $10 per statement cycle—available with Flagship Checking, Free Easy Checking and Free Campus Checking. Up to $20 per statement cycle for Free Active Duty Checking®. The rebate is credited to your checking account at the end of your statement cycle. 

    Fees will be imposed for deposit discrepancies and adjustments made at CO-OP Network Vcom-owned ATMs in the United States. For deposits made at CO-OP ATMs, the owner will impose a fee of $2.00 per item if an adjustment is processed due to one of the following discrepancies in the deposit: the currency appears to be counterfeit; the deposit contents do not equal the deposit amount in U.S. dollars, as entered into the ATM; an item is unsigned by the maker; an item is dated more than six months prior to the date of deposit; the numerical and written amounts do not agree; the deposit is over $1,000 and contains an obvious alteration. For each adjustment initiated for deposit items processed and subsequently returned, the ATM owner will impose a fee of $6.00 per item at the time the adjustment is processed. The standard daily limit at CO-OP ATMs is $10,000 per card, per business day.


    We offer this service free of charge. Your mobile carrier will apply standard text messaging rates. Message and data rates may apply. Terms and Conditions are available.


    USAA Classic Checking Account Review

    USAA Classic Checking Account WebsiteUSAA Classic Checking Account

    USAA is a financial services company that was founded to serve members of the armed services and their families.

    By limiting the customers that it accepts, USAA is able to focus on providing the best customer experience possible.

    USAA offers a variety of services, including insurance, banking, investing and lending.

    One of the accounts that USAA members can open is the USAA Classic Checking Account. This is a basic checking account that charges no monthly fees and comes with a few extra features.

    If you’re shopping around for a checking account, this review will tell you everything you need to know about the USAA Classic Checking Account.

    No Monthly Fees and Free ATMs Across the Country

    The whole point of a checking account is to give you a place to store your money, while still having a convenient way to access it.

    The recent rise in account fees makes it hard to justify keeping money in a checking account when banks will charge you for the privilege.

    USAA does not charge any monthly maintenance fees on its Classic Checking Account, so you won’t have to worry about your balance decreasing over time.

    USAA Classic Checking Account Pros & Cons

    • No monthly maintenance fee
    • No minimum deposit required
    • Great mobile banking apps
    • Free ATMs nationwide with fee refunds
    • Special benefits for military personnel
    • Requires U.S. military affiliation
    • Very low interest rate
    • Very limited access to physical branches

    To keep more of your money working for you, USAA takes the no-fee concept further. USAA has a network of 60,000 ATMs across the United States that you can use with no fees.

    If you can’t find a fee-free ATM, USAA will reimburse up to $15 in ATM fees each statement, so long as those fees are charged by ATMs in the United States. USAA will not reimburse fees for ATMs outside the country.

    These two benefits mean that you’ll never pay for the privilege of accessing your own money. That lets you keep the money in the account and working for you.

    The USAA Classic Checking Account is easy to open also -- requiring an initial deposit of just $25.

    If you’re a new recruit to the military, even that requirement will be waived, letting you open the account with no deposit at all.

    Once the account is open, there is no minimum balance required to keep it open. There’s also no monthly fee on the account, so you don’t have to worry about fees causing your balance to shrink over time.

    Benefits for Military Recruits

    USAA is dedicated to providing financial services to members of the armed forces. So it’s no surprise that members of the military get a few extra benefits.

    One benefit is that new recruits do not need to meet a minimum deposit to open the account.

    If you’re just joining the military and do not have enough money to open a bank account, USAA understands and will help you get your financial life going.

    Another benefit for new recruits is that USAA can give you your paycheck ahead of schedule.

    If Defense Finance and Account Services sends USAA your pay information early, USAA will deposit the funds to your account early.

    When it comes to your money, there’s no reason to let it sit in someone else’s account rather than yours. This benefit can put the money in your pocket just a bit faster.

    Interest Rates Are Not Impressive

    Most checking accounts do not pay much in interest, instead focusing on convenience features that make the account easier to use.

    The USAA Classic Checking Account is no different. You’ll earn a small amount of interest, but it is not significant enough to be a draw for the account.

    Also, to earn interest, your account’s balance must be $1,000 or greater.

    If you’re concerned about the return you can earn on your money, you’d be better off opening a savings account.

    Overdraft Protection

    Overdrafting on your checking account is one of the worse things that you can do with a checking account.

    On top of seeing your balance go negative, your bank will charge you a fee for spending money you don’t have. That causes your balance to go even farther in the red, making it difficult to dig out of the financial hole.

    If you open a USAA Savings Account, you can set up overdraft protection using the account.

    If you would overdraft your checking account, money will automatically be transferred from your savings account to cover the expense.

    The best part is that there is no fee for an overdraft transfer, so it’s a huge savings over paying the overdraft fee.

    This can save you the embarrassment of having your debit card declined, or from the pain of overdraft fees causing your account balance to go far into the negative.

    ATM Access

    USAA has a vast network of more than 60,000 ATMs across the United States, so you’ll never be far from a place to get your cash.

    Still, there are always times when another ATM may be more convenient to use.

    Oftentimes, these ATMs will charge a fee for the privilege of using them. USAA wants to make sure that you can get cash when you need it, so you can get up to $15 in ATM fee reimbursed each statement.

    Other Fees

    The USAA Classic Checking Account does charge some other fees, though you’re unlikely to encounter most to them in your day to day life. Some of the fees that you might encounter are:

    USAA Classic Checking Account Fees

    TypeFee amount
    Monthly Maintenance Fee$0
    Out-of-Network ATM Fee$0 for the first 10 withdrawals per month
    Overdraft Fee$25
    Overdraft Transfer Fee$0
    Returned Item$29
    Stop Payment$29
    Deposited Item Returned or Cashed Check Returned$5
    Incoming Domestic Wire Transfer$0
    Incoming International Wire Transfer$0
    Cashiers Check$0

    Other USAA Checking Options

    If you're interested in becoming a USAA banking consumer but aren't sold on this checking out, consider one of these other checking accounts also offered by this bank:

    USAA Cashback Rewards Checking

    If you're interested in a checking account that features cash back for purchases, then the USAA Cashback Rewards Checking is the account for you.

    In addition to all of the great features USAA offers their standard banking consumers, customers of this account can earn 10¢ on every debit card purchase.

    That may seem small, but if this account is your main checking account that's used for bills, recurring purchases, an everyday spending, that 10 cents per purchase will add up, and can be redeemed for some money back.

    In addition to the cash-back rewards, this account includes:

    • No monthly maintenance fee
    • No minimum balance requirement
    • No out-of-network ATM fee for the first 10 transactions

    One important thing to note about this account, is that it's only available in the following states: AL, AR, AZ, CO, CT, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, KS, LA, MD, MI, MN, MT, ND, NM, NV, NY, OR, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX and WA.

    We've highlighted the main fees and features of the account below:

    USAA Rewards Checking Account Fees

    Monthly Maintenance Fee$0
    Minimum Opening Deposit$25
    Non-USAA ATM$2 (waived 10x/month)
    Overdraft Fee$25
    Returned Item$29
    Account Closing Fee$0
    Overdraft Transfer Fee$0
    Stop Payment$29
    Deposited Item Returned$5
    Domestic Wire Transfer (incoming)$0
    International Wire Transfer (incoming)$0
    Cashiers Check$5


    The USAA Classic Checking Account offers a number of features that make it very convenient to use.

    One of the main convenience features is its great ATM access. With a huge ATM network and a generous ATM fee reimbursement plan, you’ll almost never have to pay to withdraw cash from your account.

    If you prefer to pay for things online instead of using cash, USAA offers free bill pay services. Just tell USAA who you have to pay and how much to pay them, and they’ll take care of the rest.

    That saves you the effort of writing out checks and mailing them in every month.

    You can manage your Classic Checking Account in your local USAA branch or online.

    USAA offers a smartphone app and web portal that lets you check your balance and see your transaction history. You can also set up transfers, and access other features of the account online.

    Eligibility Requirements

    USAA was founded with members of the armed services in mind. To ensure that it can provide the best customer service it can, USAA restricts who is allowed to become a member of the institution.

    Members of the following groups are eligible to open accounts at USAA:

    • Active duty members of the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, or Coast Guard
    • Persons who retired or were honorably discharged from one of the above branches of the military
    • Spouses and children of a USAA member
    • Attendees of a US service academy
    • Students in advanced ROTC or attending college on a ROTC scholarship
    • Office candidates within 24 months of commissioning

    People who are not in one of these groups cannot open accounts at USAA. These restrictions help USAA focus on providing services tailored to the unique needs of members of the armed forces.

    How Does It Compare?

    The checking account is the most common type of bank account in the United States.

    It’s easy to see why, given that they let you store your money safely, but still have easy access to it.

    Because the checking account is so popular, there are lots of options to choose from. You should take the time to make sure you find the right checking account for your needs.

    When you are comparison shopping for a checking account, it’s important to look at options beyond the local branch of a national bank.

    Online banks are cheaper to run and they tend to pass those savings on to their customers with low fees and good interest rates.

    When comparing accounts, make sure to look at the fees you’ll be charged and how hard it is to get to your cash. Also look into the following factors:

    • Minimum deposit
    • Monthly fee
    • Fee waiver requirements
    • Interest rates
    • ATM access

    The Final Verdict

    USAA is a great bank for people who are eligible to open an account. It provides top-notch customer service and understands the unique needs that members of the armed forces have.

    The Classic Checking Account is a no-frills checking account, so if you have basic checking needs, it is a good choice.

    It’s ATM fee reimbursements and special features for military members give it a leg up on similar accounts.

    Where it falls short is in providing premium features like debit card rewards or high interest rates. Another bank may be able to provide a more premium experience if that is what you’re looking for.

    More:Best Checking Accounts of the Year

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    If you need to deposit cash into your bank account, you have several options, including your local bank branch or an ATM that accepts deposits. While it isn’t possible to make deposits directly to most online banks, there are often workarounds, like using a money order or an in-network ATM.

    Although many financial transactions are now cash-free and lots of people keep track of their finances digitally, cash is still important for many individuals.

    When you need to deposit cash to your checking or savings account, there are a number of safe and convenient options, including local bank branches and certain ATMs. Online banks don’t usually have a straightforward way to deposit cash, but there are a few ways to get cash into your account even without a physical bank branch.

    Jump ahead to learn more about how to deposit cash in your specific situation:

    • How to Deposit Cash at a Bank
    • How to Deposit Cash in an ATM
    • How to Deposit Cash With an Online Bank

    How to Deposit Cash at a Bank

    If you belong to a regional or national bank, you can make a deposit at any branch. If you are part of a credit union, you can make a deposit at your home credit union or another branch if your credit union is part of a larger network.

    Making a cash deposit at a local bank branch or credit union takes just a few steps:

    • Fill out a deposit slip with your account number.
    • Place your cash and deposit slip in an envelope.
    • Hand your envelope to one of the tellers.

    After making a cash deposit at a physical bank or credit union, the cash will be counted and the funds will become available in your account immediately in most cases.


    If you aren’t able to get to your bank’s branch for any reason, you may be able to make a deposit at an ATM instead.

    How to Deposit Cash in an ATM

    Many banks allow customers to deposit cash directly in an ATM, but the process varies from bank to bank. Nowadays, depositing cash in an ATM is generally as simple as using your debit card at an ATM and placing the cash directly inside. That said, there are a few things to keep in mind when making cash deposits at an ATM.


    Some ATMs Require Deposit Slips

    Each bank has different ATMs, and some require a deposit slip or envelope for cash deposits. Make sure to read the ATM prompts carefully and use a deposit slip to note your account information and deposit amount if necessary.

    Make Sure to Count Your Cash

    If your bank allows for cash to be deposited directly into an ATM with no envelope, make sure to count your cash before placing it in the machine. While ATMs are generally accurate, they can occasionally make mistakes in counting and scanning bills. If you know the correct amount ahead of time, you can verify that the ATM has counted correctly after making your deposit.

    If there are any issues, make sure to note the ATM’s location and the time that the mistake occurred to help resolve the problem.

    Funds Aren’t Available Immediately

    Unlike deposits made with tellers, the funds from cash deposits at ATMs are not always available immediately. Funds can take more than one business day to show up in your account, so be mindful of this if you need the money in your account right away. In general, ATMs directly outside of bank branches will process funds to your account more quickly.

    Even if you have an online bank with no physical locations, there are still options for depositing cash.

    How to Deposit Cash With an Online Bank

    If you have an online bank with no physical locations, there are still options for getting cash into your account, but the process will vary based on your bank and specific circumstances.


    Try some of the following methods as alternative ways to get cash into your online bank account.

    Transfer from Another Bank Account

    If you have another bank account with physical branches, you could deposit the money in person, then make a transfer to your online bank account.

    Use a Prepaid Debit Card

    Some prepaid debit cards can be loaded with cash at retail stores. After loading cash, you can use the debit card’s online portal to transfer money electronically to your online bank account. That said, some prepaid debit cards involve fees, so you’ll want to be mindful if making small deposits.

    Purchase a Money Order

    You can purchase a money order at the post office as well as other locations, which allows you to send your cash deposit electronically to your account. Money orders may require a flat or percentage fee, so check in advance whether this is the right approach for you.

    Find an In-Network ATM

    Many online banks include a network of ATMs, which you can use to make a cash deposit directly to your account. Look into whether this is a possibility for your particular bank.

    No matter how you deposit cash, make sure that you account for the funds when managing your budget.


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    Minimum deposit to open


    APY0.01% on balances of $1,000+
    Fee$0 per month
    Minimum deposit to open$25
    ATMsFree at 60,000 ATMs nationwide (USAA, Allpoint, MoneyPass, PNC)
    ATM transaction fee$0
    ATM fee rebatesUp to $15 in other US banks' ATM usage fees; not applicable for the month in which the account is closed
    Out-of-network ATM fee$2
    Foreign transaction fee1%
    Overdraft fee$29
    Nonsufficient funds fee$29
    • Mobile/remote check deposit

    Review by

    Megan Horner

    [email protected]

    Megan Horner is the banking and credit cards Group Publisher at Finder. She's passionate about helping you find the best credit cards and bank accounts to meet your financial needs — whether that's earning great rewards or improving your credit score. Megan's expertise has been spotlighted on Lifehacker,, American Banker and featured on news broadcasts across the country. Before working at Finder, Megan worked at Credit Karma and QuinStreet.

    Expert review

    If you’re affiliated with the military and looking for a checking account with no monthly fees, the USAA Classic Checking account could be an ideal solution. It offers easy access, the ability to earn interest, personal budgeting tools and a number of other features that make it a great everyday account.

    But it has limited branches and puts a long hold on deposits.

    You can apply for the USAA Classic Checking account online or by phone.


    1. Click Apply now.
    2. From the USAA website, click Products, then Checking Accounts under the banking column.
    3. Select your state and click Continue.
    4. Click Get Started under USAA Classic Checking.
    5. Log in to your current account or click Join Online to sign up for a new USAA account if you’re not already a member.
    6. Enter all personal information, then continue to funding.
    7. Read and verify all information, then sign the tax document and confirm the account.

    By phone:

    If you don’t have a reliable Internet connection or would rather speak to someone, you can apply by phone at 800-531-8722.


    Applying for a checking account requires applicants to meet at least ONE of the following:

    • USAA member
    • Active, retired or honorably discharged personnel of the US military
    • Cadet or midshipman
    • Joining the military
    • Parent had, or currently has, a USAA account
    • Spouse had, or currently has, a USAA account
    • Spouse served in the US military

    Required information

    Have this information on hand when you sign up for the USAA Classic Checking account:

    • Full name
    • Residential address
    • Marital status
    • Birth date
    • Phone number
    • Email address
    • Social Security number or tax identification number
    • Proof of employment and income amount

    In addition to being a secure, interest-earning account with no monthly fees or minimum balance requirements, a USAA Classic Checking account also offers:

    • Free transfers. Bill payments and direct deposits are free as well.
    • Low minimum deposit. Open an account with just $25. This minimum is waived for new military recruits.
    • Quick deposits. Deposit checks at ATMs, through the [email protected] app or by setting up direct deposit.
    • Easy access. Manage your account from anywhere using the mobile app or USAA website. Plus, get access to 60,000 USAA-preferred ATMs.
    • Personal budgeting tools. View balances and statements, get alerts about your spending, set up a spending plan and more.
    • Multiple ways to send money. Choose from bill pay, Zelle, Mobile Wallets and other options.
    • Overdraft protection. Link another account to ensure your balance never falls below $0.

    Members of USAA get free access to a nationwide ATM network that includes more than 65,000 Allpoint, MoneyPass and PNC Bank ATMs. Plus, USAA will refund up to $15 per month in usage fees when customers use other banks’ ATMs. However, there are some fees to be aware of:

    • Withdrawals: The first 10 transactions are free, then $2 per subsequent transaction, regardless of which ATM is used.
    • Foreign transactions: You’ll pay 1% for debit card or ATM transactions at a merchant or ATM in a foreign country, which is cheap compared to other banks and credit unions.

    In addition to needing military ties to be eligible for an account, you’ll want to be aware of a few other potential limitations:

    • Overdraft and NSF fees. Overdraft fees are lower than they are at other institutions, but you’ll still pay $29 each time you overdraw — up to two times a day. You’ll pay $29 for every check or withdrawal returned unpaid.
    • High requirement to earn interest. You’ll need to maintain a minimum $1,000 balance to earn the subpar 0.01% APY advertised for this account.
    • Long holds on deposits. Deposits made by Deposit Mobile, Deposit Home and Easy Deposit may be held for up to seven days.
    • Withdrawal fees. Customers can make 10 free withdrawals per month, but will be charged $2 per transaction after that.
    • Limited branch locations. If you prefer banking face to face, you can visit a financial center, but there are only five nationwide. Those USAA locations include:
      • Colorado Springs, CO
      • West Point, NY
      • Highland Falls, NY
      • Annapolis, MD

    If you aren’t affiliated with the military and want an account with more perks, you’ll want to keep looking. As always, compare your options when choosing a checking account.


    How to add money to my N26 account?

    We make it easy to fund your N26 account. You can add money via several methods, including direct deposit, transfer from external bank, and debit card transfer, to name a few. Please see below for more information.

    Direct Deposit: If you intend to fund your account via direct deposit, you have a few options.

    1. Simply provide the sender (your employer, financial institution, Armed Forces, Social Security, etc.) with our ABA routing number (122287675) and your personal N26 account number. You can locate your account number by clicking on the “My Account” option on the top right side of the website (and the mobile application) after logging into your N26 account.
    2. You can fill out a direct deposit form directly in the N26 mobile application and print it or share it electronically. Find out how here (new tab).
    3. In case your employer needs a physical direct deposit form, you can download one here (new tab).

    Transfer From External Bank: Transfer funds from your external bank into your N26 account, conveniently, from within the N26 mobile application. To transfer funds to your N26 account using the N26 mobile application, follow these steps (Note: If you have not yet linked an external bank to your N26 account, please read our article "Transfer from External Bank (new tab)” to find out how):

    1. Launch your N26 mobile application.
    2. Tap on Add Money.
    3. Tap External bank transfer.
    4. Select the account to use to transfer funds from.
    5. Enter the amount you want to transfer.
    6. Tap Continue.
    7. Enter your 4-digit Confirmation PIN.
    8. Tap Confirm transfer to initiate the transfer.
    9. A message will be displayed in your Transaction List indicating that the transfer is scheduled.

    ACH transfer: Transfer funds directly from your primary bank account into your N26 account with an ACH Transfer. (Note: This method is different from Transfer from External Bank in that you will initiate the transfer from your third-party bank account. This funding method may be a good option if you were unable to set up Transfer from External Bank successfully.)

    1. Log into your financial institution's online banking platform or mobile app (if applicable).
    2. Locate the “External Transfers” or “Transfer Money” or “External Account” or similar option and add your N26 checking account as a new account. (The bank account originating the transfer does not have to be under your name. However, please make sure that the recipient’s name is your full name as entered during the account sign-up process).
    3. Input our ABA routing number (122287675) and your personal checking account number. (You can locate your account number by clicking on the “My Account” option on the top right side of the website or by clicking the icon in the mobile app, after logging into your N26 account).
    4. Your financial institution may make a small test deposit(s) into your N26 account, within a few days, to verify your account. Typically, to complete the process, you may have to confirm the test deposit(s) with the originating financial institution.
    5. Upon completing the initial process, you should be able to transfer funds in or out of your N26 account using the third party banks fund transfer feature.


    • Please be advised that these are general guidelines and your financial institution’s requirements may differ.
    • Some banks may experience issues processing money transfers to the routing number 122287675. At this time, ACH bank transfers from Capital One and from USAA are not available to fund your N26 account. If you encounter this issue, please use another bank account to transfer money into your N26 account.

    Top-Up: You can use a debit card (via manual entry, Apple Pay®*, or Google Pay®**) to instantly fund your account right from the N26 mobile application. This is the fastest way to add money to your N26 account. We charge no fees for your first transfer by this method, but we do charge a fee for subsequent such transfers. In addition, if the account associated with the funding debit card contains funds insufficient to cover the transfer, the debit card’s issuing bank may charge you an overdraft fee or decline the transaction. You can find out more about Top-Up here (new tab).

    MoneyBeam: Instantly send money to (or receive money from) other N26 members. Find additional details in our "What is MoneyBeam?" article.

    Third party payment processors: Put money into your account using these services. (Please note that you must have an active N26 debit card to fund your account with these method.)

    1. Cash App (new tab)
    2. PayPal (new tab)
    3. Venmo (new tab)
    4. Zelle (new tab)®
    5. Ingo Money (new tab) (mobile check cashing service)

    Apple Cash®: You can transfer money from Apple Cash into your N26 account.

    How to link my N26 Visa® debit card to Apple Cash?

    You can link your N26 card to Apple Cash by following these steps:

    1. Open Wallet on your Apple device.
    2. Select Apple Cash.
    3. Tap the three dots on the upper right-hand corner.
    4. Select Add Money.
    5. Select Add Card.
    6. Position your N26 card in the frame to scan.
    7. Tap Next when the scan is complete.
    8. Enter your card's 3-digit security code.
    9. Tap Next.
    10. Your card is now linked.

    How to transfer money to my N26 account from Apple Cash?

    Transferring money to your N26 account from Apple Cash can be achieved by following these steps:

    1. Select Transfer to Bank.
    2. Enter the amount you want to transfer.
    3. Select how quickly you want the money transferred.
      1. Instant Transfer. There is a fee associated with this option.
      2. 1-3 Business Days. There is no charge for this option.
    4. Done.

    *Apple, Apple Cash, and Apple Pay are trademarks of Apple Inc. For a list of compatible Apple Pay devices, see (new tab).

    **Google and Google Pay are trademarks of Google LLC.  For a list of compatible Google Pay devices, see co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid&hl=en (new tab)

    deposit cash to usaa checking account
    deposit cash to usaa checking account

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