Month: March 2018

AVR CEO Ignacio Rodriguez Speaking at Dwell on Design 2018

Come join us at Dwell on Design April 7, where AVR Studio CEO Ignacio Rodriguez will be presenting the panel "Leave it to VR: Technology's Expanding Role in the Modern Design Practice."


Come Visit Our Booth at VRLA May 5!

AVR CEO Ignacio Rodriguez will be speaking on the panel "VR Valuation: What Drives ROI." AVR Studio will also have a booth, location TBD. We look forward to seeing you there!


Architects & Artisans - An Interview with AVR CEO Ignacio Rodriguez

Check out this link to the latest interview our CEO, Ignacio Rodriguez, gave to online publication Architects & Artisans:



AVR (Architectural Virtual Reality) Studio is a virtual reality (VR) studio specializing in architecture, launched by Los Angeles-based architecture firm IR Architects. Led by CEO Ignacio Rodriguez and AVR’s team of professional VR developers, seasoned architects and interior designers, AVR will produce interactive VR walkthroughs of real-estate properties, ranging from concepts to in-progress previews, for their upscale clientele. The virtual renderings of properties will also incorporate detailed interior designs, providing a virtual staging of the space and most accurate representation of a finished blueprint. The VR property models allow clients to experience a new property prior to breaking construction ground, allowing for approvals, edits and additions, ultimately saving out-of-pocket costs and time on future revisions.


AVR Studio stems from the needs of IR Architects’ clientele, who required a better way to visualize their property beyond traditional renderings, in order to cut down on costly revisions.  Clients, developers and financial investors can experience future properties at their leisure with a VR head-mounted display. Viewers are immersed in a fully interactive three-dimensional environment that provides a virtual representation of the building as a whole, including every room and hallway, down to pieces of furniture within. Some of the highest-level VR models allow viewers to maneuver throughout the property and open doors, turn on the television, experience future poolside and city views. With expert guidance and collaboration from the lead interior designer on a project, the virtual environment can also provide textile choices, countertops, floor designs, and other specific decor features that bring the space to life. AVR’s models will illustrate every detail of a property, from the countertops and floors to lighting and property planning, while also providing accurate scale, depth, and spatial awareness.


AVR Studio also collaborates with leading real estate agencies in the Los Angeles region to produce VR models of their current and future property listings to communicate the design to potential clients and beyond.


Rodriguez is a self-made and visually-driven architect with an impressive slate of multi-million dollar properties and estates throughout the Hollywood Hills and Southern California that are amongst the largest properties in America. He is a vigorous force in the highly-competitive world of Los Angeles luxury residential architecture and is pushing to disrupt long standing architecture and real estate business models with the use of innovative technology.